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This article is reproduced by kind permission of Barrhead Boy and the author herself, ‘Gayle Miller’. She describes herself as an ‘author and a human rights activist’. (Her short biography adds “Scythian, pro-indy, lover of scifi and fantasy, and numpty.) From what she has written it is obvious she supports the movement for civil liberties by calling on a free Scotland to take possession of what is wrongfully controlled by Westminster.

First, important to state the obvious, publishing the views of others doesn’t mean this site agrees with them in whole or in part. What it implies is an affinity. Reproducing the views of someone using a pseudonym is against site policy, but an exception can be made in this instance because what ‘Gayle’ has to say is well-considered and sincere. As Professor Alfred Baird comments: “Gayle is right, to be an independent nation our leaders must assert our sovereignty. And that is what a national party is elected to do. It is not elected to act as a colonial administration, as the SNP seem to believe.

Therein, lies the nub of Scotland’s predicament. By decades of colonial propaganda it assumes we are tied to England’s power permanently, we cannot throw it off. Some people rationalise this by suggesting we are too small a nation to be independent once more, the very stuff of mass indocrination. At the very least, ‘Gayle’s’ views indicate people are better informed than could be said in past years. Knowledge is a powerful weapon.


by Gayle Miller

Scotland wasn’t annexed into a greater England though it sure as hell acts like it due to both Scots and their representatives treating Scotland as such. Even the language they use would suggest they buy into the English narrative of Scotland being extinguished and subsumed into a greater England albeit under the new name of UK.

What it had was a government who, in order to maintain their wealth and assets in a foreign country, permitted a fundamental breach of the Treaty of Union under the guise of quelling any uprisings by banning all things Scottish.

To this day most Scots, their government and indeed their representatives, act as though this breach is 1) legitimate and 2) still in place. Any time, a Scot, their government or representative talks about Scotland and its authority it is through the prism of being an English region under English dominion.

Greater is not always better

The excuse of “greater MP/population/parliamentary sovereignty” is trotted out as though that proves the point. Yet the trade Agreement that was ratified in 1707 by both parliaments ensured that both countries were legally equal partners with equal authority to the state of GB and that both countries upheld ALL of their rights prior to and after the signing. The English establishment referring to itself as “UK” did not alter that fact nor did it bestow upon them absolute dominion.

They have none in and over Scotland bar that which the Scots themselves grant and therein lies the problem. The Scots are all too happy to bestow that authority on a foreign country and then whinge when that country’s government enacts policies that are detrimental to Scotland and to the Scots. Instead of demanding that their own government and representatives act in the capacity they were elected – to govern the sovereign country of Scotland as the equal partner with equal authority to the state, they make excuses and attempt to transfer blame. But the buck stops here, in Scotland!

When the French government acts against the people do the French complain about the government of Germany, Luxembourg or Spain? About those countries policies? No, they hold their own to account because as a COUNTRY the buck stops with the French. So too, in Scotland. The difference is Scots have been trained not to rock the boat. Not to question, and simply to do as they are told like compliant children. This has to change. As the quote states “live as though you are living in a better nation.”

We are a nation

First the Scots must recognise that they are a nation, a sovereign nation, next that they are in a sovereign country and last that they have all the authority they can ever need. That they only need apply it. Not ask, not win, not gamble. Simply assert the authority that they already have.

It should also be pointed out that the Declaration of Arbroath was not a declaration of independence but of war. Its stated aim was to inform the pope that if England should dare to infringe upon the sovereign people of Scotland and their country that they would go to war to protect their independence at all costs. The ancient laws and customs of Scythia (from whom the Scots descend) were made clear “it is not for riches, honour nor glory that we fight but for freedom alone which no honest man gives up but with life itself.”

This was no mere threat but a statement of action. Over the years the Scots Scythian ancestry has been omitted from their education and very few Scots actually know about their Scythian heritage and as part of this omission the history of the declaration has been revised to claim it as a declaration of independence. The fact is though it was the union of the Scythians and Picts that created Scotland and its independence as a country has been enshrined since the 800s. Long before the declaration was ever penned.

Removing the stain

I agree that the removal of the Scottish government from the parliament of Great Britain should take place but it should be done after making a proclamation. The gradualist approach only permits the English establishment to further damage Scotland and folks lives whether they work, study, train, or are unable to do so for any number of reasons. It also permits the English government to REMOVE folk from Scotland because the Scottish government that Scotland has it utterly useless and beholden to the English government, as they see them as their superiors and not their equals. Even with the climate conference which is coming up the Scottish government are acting as though they need England’s permission to attend!

Why bother voting at all for a Scottish government if they are NOT going to act in the capacity they were elected? Why pretend to have a Scottish government if they are going to defer governance to the English government? What an insanity!

Supporters of the English establishment and its narrative (of GB being a greater England under the new name of UK) falsely claim that Westminster is sovereign yet as myself and many others have pointed out for years this is simply not true.

There is absolutely nothing in the treaty Articles that transfer English parliamentary sovereignty onto the parliament of GB and the English ceded their sovereignty when the parliament of England was ABOLISHED in order to create the binary parliament of Great Britain. Scotland, however, retained its sovereignty as the sovereignty of the Scots did not and does not rest with parliament but the people and is enshrined in perpetuity in its ancient laws and customs which are also held in the Scottish constitution. (One can read the old parliamentary records of Scotland to learn this and more.)

The Welsh view

It was also reiterated by Carwyn Jones who represented Labour in Wales who in a recorded session on clause 38 pointed out that parliament is not sovereign, and it is only now that the English government are/were seeking to write it into law. That they sought agreement from Wales and Scotland to do so but that he was unable to back it as the Welsh are sovereign as are the Scots but that it was a fight for the Scots to take up.

He also pointed out that it was a fundamental breach of the treaty of union. And yet, the Scots act as though English sovereignty takes precedence over Scots.

Sovereign and yet servile

One cannot be sovereign and be ruled over. Sovereignty is the highest authority! Now, added to the fact that the new English Act of Union (2017-2019) Bill looked unlikely to pass they went about enacting it in all but name. The last piece they needed was the IM Act which fundamentally breaches the treaty of union as it gives a veto over Scotland to the English making them the sole authority of GB and not equal partners with equal authority to the state and in clear violation of Scots law, Scots constitution and the terms of the treaty itself.

I agree one-hundred percent that Scotland not only should, but must, assert its sovereignty. Treating Scots sovereignty as empty rhetoric does not cut it. The Scots must act, and they must demand that their government and representatives do likewise with immediate effect.


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4 Responses to SNP – Westminster’s Proxy

  1. duncanio says:

    In a nutshell: “Get Off Your Knees Scotland!”

  2. duncanstrachan says:

    This message and that of Professor Baird should be read out in our westminster pseudo parliament just prior to shutting it down and marching up the road and taking over the uk offices and forming our citizens assembly, organising our referendum without external interference from the english(sorry british) and taking over control of all our resources and taxations, forming our own central bank and currency and tearing up the union.

  3. Michael W says:

    Does Boris have something on Sturgeon? Her insouciance towards independence and her dog like acceptance of Boris’s dictates give the impression that the British state has some hold over her.

    A quick read of Finton O’toole’s book on England’s Brexit would be enough for any introspective politician to realise that at the very least Boris cannot willingly agree to a vote for potential Scottish succession when their ambition is clearly a Anglophone union to circumvent what they perceive as a Vierter Reich in the guise of the EU.

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