Cancelling Women


Kevin McKenna is one of the few Scottish freelance journalists the reader can expect to pen articles of good prose mixed with some common sense – and the occasional dash of Catholicism – though one might not necessarily agree with every opinion he presents.

Here McKenna offers an insightful study of the Scottish National Party’s troubled take-over by people with neo-fascist attitudes on what the rest of us should be thinking and doing when it comes to women’s rights, their rights after years of struggle now scuttling backwards thanks to the SNP, a compliant establishment and a lot of female-hating men.

The first signs of the SNP’s lurch to authoritarianism and removal of human rights I encountered was when thrown out of a party I had left months earlier, a reminder that numbskull gangsterism usually carries with it the hallmark of administrative incompetence. Still, it was deeply disturbing. Overnight, ‘guilt by accusation’ became the watchword of the SNP. Others feel foul of SNP belligerism, some their own colleagues. The worst was to come when no one in the SNP saw the injustice, or if they did, did anything about it, an indication of the hardening of attitude by a political party fearing no opposition. The democracy people thought they saw before them was a mirage, the representatives they trusted, uncaring and arrogant.

The SNP’s obsession with the sex live of others is something I hoped was a passing faze. What is worring is a perverse conflict has been created that has traces of becoming eternal, with the pretensions of those who want to be turned into women without modifying their bodily appearance or genitalia, for their sole desire to ‘feel‘ like women. 

If things are uncertain for me, a man used to the cut-and-thrust of wasted competitiveness, how do women feel seeing their rights withdrawn by a party many women voted for to help create an enlightened, tolerant, better Scotland, one led by a woman running a promised ‘open’ government, who appears untroubled by the profound unhappiness she is causing left in her wake?

The word ‘gender‘ has replaced those of ‘women‘ and ‘men’; ‘gender violence law’ has replaced patriarchy, feminism, feminist struggle. So far, women are forced to expend a lot of time and trouble to stop the path that this nonsensical ideology has travelled, the absurdity of passing laws that eliminate the material reality of women and men. 

Scotland’s Political Elites

by Kevin McKenna

THE new chi-chi idiom favoured by Scotland’s fake liberal elites is ‘down the rabbit-hole’. It sits with another one, ‘alt-Nat’. Each conveys a smugness born of narcissism: look at me; I know things.

They’re the sort of phrases you use when you want to exclude people whom you consider to be your intellectual inferiors. They’re as artificial and contrived as the liberalism and progressiveness of those who favour them; the platinum membership cards of an odiously conceited clique.They’re often commandeered in the treacherous and dangerous terrain on which the current debate about the rights of transgender people proceeds. And specifically when feminists, women whose liberalism is real and not ornamental, wish to defend their sex-based rights.

Simply for pointing out that transgender women are transgender women and never biological women they are deemed to have disappeared ‘down the rabbit-hole’. As though what they believe has been born of ignorance and fantasy and not the unalterable truth – underpinned by the laws of the universe – it actually is.

Transgender rights

Yet, what if this isn’t ultimately about transgender rights at all? What if we’re seeing the start of a dystopian experiment in government by group-think? Sure, the old party names remain but only to serve as a veneer of democracy; an echo of it: one that signals to the outside world there’s nothing to see here. A Caledonian Handmaid’s Tale with a touch of Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

Thus Scotland is added to that list we were all once told about. You know: those countries whose citizens fear the 2am knock. China with its one-child policy was always on that inventory and East Germany too, a place where all your neighbours were in the secret police.

Have you heard about Scotland? They’ve cancelled women and have state-approved misogyny. Mis-gendering can never be accidental; only criminal. The crime of rape is now maybe not rape at all if you claim the asylum of womanhood. A woman can get collared if she demands that an intimate medical examination is conducted by, you know, an actual woman. Visit Scotland by all means – the scenery’s great – just maybe avoid it if you’re more than eight months pregnant.

This abduction by stealth of what it means to be female has all happened because the police; the judiciary and certain sections of the press have been complicit in it. Even the churches and trade unions – traditionally the conductors of grass-roots resistance when basic human rights have been trampled – are curiously silent.

The words we use

In a dictatorship of the mind the primary targets are the very words we use. Once a ruling class has safely distorted the language so that it can mean anything they want it to mean, it becomes easy for them to turn it against undesirables; to criminalise and to target them. If you are the unchallenged source of all funding and all appointments then 14 years (and counting) of soft influence can also be used. Those who don’t participate in this public genuflection before the new super-class can be taken in the second sweep once the laws have been changed.

You hesitate to call this dystopian because ‘dystopian’ indicates something that’s far in the future. But this is happening now, sponsored and manipulated by the highest levels of government and in the main bodies where a government gets to exercise punitive and exemplary power.

The very concept of womanhood is being slowly eroded here by men. All the protected characteristics of women are disappearing, including the words exclusive to them – especially those specific to reproduction, sex and sexual health. These are being replaced by an ugly suite of contrived portmanteaus designed specifically to erode much of what wakes women women. If a government can successfully do this then the rest is easy. Nothing can be considered beyond its absolute control.

Where is the opposition?

The absence of any opposition in Scotland – from left or right – places this administration in a uniquely advantageous position. From here it can virtually assume full control by using the tyranny of these words and the laws constructed around them to remove all party and tribal allegiances. Thus, anything can be deemed criminally offensive and the unwary can be trapped on the wrong side of a constantly indeterminate red line that can be moved backwards and forwards to suit.

This government is engaged in the removal of the simplest means of protest – words written and spoken – and the meaning that they once possessed. With them also goes the means to move others. It’s then set to rule for as long as they will it and by any means they deem necessary. This is where we are in Scotland in 2021. Independence, it now seems, was just an ethereal construct to dope up the masses and keep them occupied while the real purpose was concealed.

The chief weapon of marginalisation is a new concept and a sort of philosophical legerdemain; that those defending human rights – specifically women’s sex-based rights – are deemed to be transphobic and reactionary. The contortions required to reach this conclusion are dizzying. They require you to leave behind what you thought you knew and replace it with absolute obedience to a will that believes itself to be almost divinely-appointed.

Most of all though, it simply requires a lie: that defending your own sex-based rights somehow tramples all over someone else’s. That being a feminist is threatening rather than liberating. You must either drop your feminism or change it to mean something else.

Second-rate glove puppets

Nicola Sturgeon and the cast of second-rate glove puppets she’s gathered to herself are leading this. It’s not about the rights of transgender people. It’s about power and how to cling to in perpetuity. This is not equality; this is a kind of fascism.

Many of those engaged in this gender struggle are being used as cannon fodder by a political elite who fear both women and transgender people. If you are a political player and you are weaponising this issue in any way then you should be ashamed of yourself. And if you are deliberately slandering people in public life who seek only to defend women’s rights then shame on you too.


This site has published essays on ‘creeping’ fascism in society:

This article was first published in the Herald Online on Saturday 19 June, 2021.


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8 Responses to Cancelling Women

  1. Another interesting perspective is…

    Could ‘trans’ have been used as a strategy to disrupt independence by whomsoever? Nudge, nudge, wink, wink!

  2. Grouse Beater says:

    ‘Trans’ was created by wealthy white men. So, yes, it has been used as a weapon to scramble support for Scotland’s self-governance.

  3. Kevin McKenna writes:

    “In a dictatorship of the mind the primary targets are the very words we use. Once a ruling class has safely distorted the language so that it can mean anything they want it to mean, it becomes easy for them to turn it against undesirables; to criminalise and to target them. […] This government is engaged in the removal of the simplest means of protest – words written and spoken – and the meaning that they once possessed. With them also goes the means to move others. […] Thus, anything can be deemed criminally offensive and the unwary can be trapped on the wrong side of a constantly indeterminate red line that can be moved backwards and forwards to suit.”

    Robustly brave writing from Kevin. Pertinent and lucid. And much credit to Grouse Beater for his mettlesome solidarity in reposting.

  4. lorncal says:

    At its most fundamental, this is a men’s sexual rights phenomenon, led by Queer Theory, which, at its final destination, is a men’s sexual rights movement. That many women support it is neither here nor there. The handmaidens are also ready to be handmaidens.

    At another level, it is corporate money and corporate interests calling the tune as per (capitalism’s new Big Pharma/Big Tech/Big Insurance/Big Health persona), so, again, it is men at the helm – usually white, mega rich, entitled and some with appetites that are not of the norm, shall we say, but mega large, like their heads, but probably not their appendages. Like Harvey Weinstein in a frock or a nappy.

    At another is pure misogyny – honest-to-goodness hatred of women by men who probably feel like life has done the dirty on them and allowed the bitches too much (see any article by Susan Dalgety in The Scotsman where apoplectic men vomit out their spleen – almost literally, and possibly other entrails as well – on her and female commentators, and accuse them of having no balls); men who, through body dysphoria/dysmorphia feel the need/compulsion to dress as, and act as, their skewed version of womanhood (their inner ‘female gender’); and here also, although not part of the transsexual group, are the men with paraphilias that revolve around their sexually-based submissive feminine inner personae, who practise sexual habits and hold beliefs that may actually be dangerous to society’s most vulnerable.

    Taken all together, this is the trans phenomenon we know today in modern Scotland. The only group that is probably little or no threat to women and/or children is the transsexual who has physically transitioned because his appendage now dwells inside. These men most women can at least empathise with, but we must draw the line, and that precludes all men. Yet, women are expected to kow tow to this stuff and throw the doors of their sex-based spaces and rights open to all self-ID men – transsexuals, misogynists, fetishists, paraphiliacs, predators, and probably worse.

    If any man who supports this stuff, or any handmaiden likewise, can distinguish between who is no threat and who might be, how to prevent our children from being influenced by this shameful lie, he or she will go down in history as the only person in the world who can, please step forward. Remember, we need proof, not a feeling in your head that you know the difference. Real, unassailable, biological, science-based proof.

  5. duncanio says:

    When I hear about self-id for men WITHOUT having had, or intending to have, the appropriate corrective surgery I can’t help thinking to myself “Ah, you fake just like a woman”

    I wonder if Bob Dylan in Blonde on Blonde (1966) was showing his usual foresight.

  6. steelewires says:

    I posted a version of the following comment. on your June 16th post. I think it’s important. So I hope you’ll permit me to post ti again with some additions:

    Dr Marianne Legato established The Foundation for Gender Specific Medicine because of the differences between men and women which are important in medicine. The foundation has a list of differences which are important for diagnosis and treatment.

    Stanford University established its Be Well Gender Medicine because, “A man can be diagnosed with the same disease as a woman, and yet the course the disease takes in each could prove very different. And a treatment which works for one gender may prove ineffective for the other. Put simply, men and women are wired differently, and thus it is critical to study the impact that sex differences may have on diseases and their treatments.”
    “Gender medicine recognizes that due to sex differences in pathophysiology, being a woman or being a man significantly influences the course of many diseases. By better understanding that clinical manifestations of prevalent diseases differ in women and men, gender medicine aims at better disease management and treatment of both sexes.
    Certain diseases are categorized as “a woman’s disease” or “a man’s disease,” and yet — except for diseases of sex-specific reproductive organs — men get women’s diseases and women get men’s diseases. An example is osteoporosis, which we usually consider a woman’s disease. However, men account for one in three hip fractures — a fact that most people don’t know.”

    Only ignorance of advances in medicine, which are predicated on the binary sex differences between men and women, could lead to a claim there is no biological basis to real, binary sex.
    The main concern is transwomen having access to female only spaces and sports. I have been acquainted with some transwomen and I empathise with the mental and emotional pain they suffer from their gender dysphoria. Even being transwomen does not seem to bring an end to the pain of some. They want to be women with 2 X chromosomes and they and their acolytes are demanding the law be changed to categorise them as women with 2 X chromosomes. The sad reality is that they cannot be women, as Dr. Legato and Stanford University have shown. A doctor diagnosing and treating a transwoman as if she were a woman would possibly be harming her. It seems that we have invented two new categories of humans, transmen and transwomen. Since society has accepted the use of these categories, transwomen should have the rights that are appropriate for transwomen, but not the rights that are appropriate only for women. Vice versa for transmen.

    Until the 1960s the word Gender was as word about other words. Nouns and pronouns had gender, masculine, feminine and neuter. An american psychologist began to use the word Gender in place of the word Sex. An article in the Los Angeles Times in 1993 give the reason why US Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg started using the term gender discrimination instead of sex discrimination.
    “I owe it all to my secretary at Columbia Law School, who said, ‘I’m typing all these briefs and articles for you and the word sex, sex, sex is on every page,’ ” Ginsburg said.
    “Don’t you know that those nine men (on the Supreme Court)–they hear that word, and their first association is not the way you want them to be thinking? Why don’t you use the word gender? It is a grammatical term and it will ward off distracting associations.’ ”

    The Word Gender was considered to have the same meaning as the word Sex. This, however, has caused confusion. Using a word referring to other words to refer to people was imbued with the notion of feeling and social perception. So Gender became to mean something different from Sex. It was no longer a trinity, masculine, feminine, and neuter, as it is in grammar, nor a duality as it in sex, male and female. It has come to have a hundred and more references. The BBC has produced a video teaching children that there are a 100 genders. Doesn’t this make the word Gender meaningless as it is applied to humans? If there are a hundred genders why not 7.8 billion, one for every person on the planet?

    Since the word Gender is being used to refer to persons feelings about their masculinity and femininity, would we not be better using the word Personality? Use the word Sex to refer to person’s biological state of being male or female and the word Personality to refer to his or her state of feeling masculine or feminine or one of a hundred or hundreds, or billions of other conditions of the mind, feelings, and social perception! Stela Morabito, in an article in The Federalist, titled, Why You Should Stop Using The Word ‘Gender’, says, “We should just dump the weaponized word ‘gender’ and say ‘sex.’ It’s the first step back to sanity in this war on our minds and bodies. … The ploy that got us all into the lazy habit of using the empty term “gender” in place of the accurate word “sex” has its roots in gender ideology, which cultural Marxists pushed for many decades. Since cultural Marxism is nothing but nihilism, it shouldn’t surprise us that “gender” can mean whatever you want or don’t want it to mean. In other words, there’s no there there.”

    For the UK Government’s pandering to the Gender Ideologists see,

  7. Robert McAllan says:

    Thanks Gareth for republishing this article and in so doing bringing it to a wider audience.

    In her role as the Arch Feminist General, Nicola Sturgeon has shamelessly invited mysogynists to come aboard her crusade to deny her own sex any meaningful form of protection from predation inherent in the policies she and her SNP led Government are ruthlessly promoting.

    What must raise greater cause for alarm is the eerie silence from within the elected SNP MSPs and MPs. Are they too handmaidens to the cultist elite who seek to deny biological science at the altar of Sturgeon?

    lorncal at 3:41 presents a chilling reality of the Trans phenomenon being foisted on an unfortunately, largely unwitting populace courtesy of this Scottish Government.

  8. diabloandco says:

    Thank you for publishing this , I was once many moons ago, an avid reader of the Herald. I haven’t touched it with a tarry pole since 2014 maybe I have missed some honesty contained therein .

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