Kenny MacAskill: A Statement

BBC Parliament - House of Commons, Maiden Speeches - Kenny MacAskill
Kenny MacAskill MP

Dear Friend

I am writing to advise you of a decision I have taken and provide you with my reasoning. I believe that this is the best way to achieve our goal of independence.

This coming election’s vital for our Nation. Brexit has happened with all the social and economic harm predicted. Worse is to come as trade deals are struck, harming our economy and threatening the NHS. Further austerity beckons as the economic costs of the pandemic are loaded on to those least able to afford it.

Finally, the ability to mitigate the hardship and protect our communities is threatened by Westminsters attack on Holyrood powers.The need for Independence has never been greater, yet the opportunity to achieve it is has never been more favourable.

A Prime Minister who is rightly loathed leading an incompetent Government, acting as a kleptocracy. The risks said to apply to independence have been exposed, as EU membership has been lost, the strength of sterling has plummeted and the supposed benefits of global British prestige shown to be false.

Instead the risk is now in remaining in the UK as a nuclear arsenal is increased, a low wage economy  pursued, all as part of the delusion of a New Age of Empire. That’s why not only winning the election but winning it well’s essential. Boris Johnson must not be able to reject Scotlands democratic rights, Scottish democracy must prevail over a Westminster veto.  

To ensure that it’s essential to not only return an SNP Government but to deliver a supermajority for Independence. Thus ensuring that Scotland not London decides. At the moment the electoral system works against that. The regional list system sees SNP votes stack up votes but very few list SNP MSPs returned. Almost a million votes were cast for the SNP in 2016 but only 4 SNP list MSPs were returned, and in just 2 out of 8 regional constituencies. Instead 24 Tory and 21 Labour unionists took the seats.

In 6 Regional list areas no SNP MSP was elected. In Lothian which includes Midlothian and Musselburgh, 118,546 votes cast for the SNP returned no MSP, other regional constituencies were even starker. Even in South of Scotland which includes the rest of East Lothian 3 MSPs were succesful but a victory in the constituency this time, will see likely the loss of a list seat.

It’s why I believe that support for an Independence List Party is essential that can deliver the super majority for independence which will allow Holyrood to overide Londons dictat, removing Unionist MSP and replacing them with those committed to Independence. Currently SNP rules don’t allow that and the HQ strategy opposes it. I think that’s a mistake and harms our cause. So, it is for that reason that after considerable thought, and after over 40 years, I am relinquishing my SNP membership, to support this final push for our nation’s independence.

I will be joining the newly formed Alba Party to deliver that supermajority for independence through the list vote and which I believe’s essential to achieving our nations independence. Some members are doing likewise but it’s a personal decision for us all and I hope you’ll understand my reasoning.

My office will continue operating for constituents and I will continue serving as MP.  Along with other colleagues in Alba I will work with the SNP Group in Westminster in opposing the harm that’s being done to our land by the UK Government. I will likewise continue to work for Paul McLennans election as the constituency MSP at the coming election in May.

Whether in the SNP, Alba Party or Yes Movement, independence is our shared goal. Let us go forward and deliver it.  

Yours sincerely  

Kenny MacAskill MP

NOTE: TV news interview:


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10 Responses to Kenny MacAskill: A Statement

  1. Very well put Kenny. I just hope it gets through to as many people as possible. Unfortunately, there is a lot of closed minds in the sNP., I have found however that there are a lot of open-minded people too and more making it clear by the day, that having thought about it, they see the logic behind the first vote for the SNP and list for Alba. Let’s hope it continues. However, the SNP leadership are setting about alienating even more voters with their rather childish attitude. They really need to get a grip

  2. 100%Yes says:

    For the 1st time is 7ys it finally fells like something is actually going to happen and no thanks to Sturgeon, here’s hoping more jump ship.

  3. millar421btinternetcom says:

    Well said, Kenny.

  4. Ronnie Anderson says:

    Saor Alba well done Kenny I hope a few more will join you Alba party just launched & has a MP in westminster next up Angus Brendan O Neill.

    Gareth i hope this weekend has given your spirits a lift Take Care .

  5. Robert McAllan says:

    Thanks Kenny for the principled decision and for setting out cogently your reasons for embarking on a course you and many others believe will be conducive to positive change within the campaign to achieve an Independent Scotland.

    I note in todays National that you have been slammed by Ian Blackford who incidentally, happens to be the SNP MP for the constituency in which I reside. I believe it can be said without contradiction that he has not seriously campaigned for Scotland’s Independence within this constituency during his tenure in office, other than perhaps refer to it on the election flyers during a Westminster electoral campaign period.

    His performances on the floor of the House of Commons, for that is no more or no less than they are, demonstrate to me a man totally without genuine commitment and quite often acting as a conduit for the humiliation which he brings upon Scotland and her people by failing to deliver the
    POLITICAL arguments in our favour.

    The disgraceful treatment dealt out to Joanna Cherry is yet another example of the debilitating actions which are denying politicians of her undoubted prowess the opportunity to debate on our behalf. It is worth noting that neither Ian Blackford nor Kate Forbes MSP have come out publicly to express any concern over the recent threats made on her personal safety, all the more so when they have come from within the SNP.

    The not insignificant decision you have taken can only but augur well for our journey to Independence, thanks indeed for that personal commitment and thanks Gareth for affording us the platform whereby those opinions can be shared.

  6. sadscot says:

    The SNP, as a Party, really isn’t handling this well. The vicious press release put out yesterday made me wince. Really, “No comment.” would have done but, no, out came the smears against Salmond. We had more of that today from Sturgeon. Then we had Blackford tearing strips off KM. Most undignified. Blackford’s statement was appalling and hot on the heels of his shocking treatment of Cherry. What a nasty piece of work he is.

  7. says:

    Fully support Mr MacAskill’s move — but he might want to review para. 9 where the first two sentences are garbled and then unclear.

  8. Grouse Beater says:

    A para break, now fixed, Michael.

  9. sadscot says:

    It’s extraordinary the amount of media support Sturgeon is receiving. Even John Curtice is rushing to (some might say) warn against voting for Alba!
    This is the First Minister who, in recent weeks, has utterly trashed the Committee Inquiry she set up and taken Holyrood into recess without taking responsibility for anything while still maintaining her confidence in the Permanent Secretary who led an unlawful investigation (with the FM’s approval) which cost us £600,000. And the Scottish media have nothing to say? What is that about?

  10. diabloandco says:

    Delighted to see Mr MacAskill join ALBA , I look forward to many more doing the same.
    These past few days have fair cheered me up and given me a large dollop of hope!

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