Salmond: Justice Seen To Be Done

Alex Salmond complainers claim government 'dropped' them - BBC News


“This is my third and final public statement on the subject of the parliamentary and Hamilton investigations and the Dunlop Review.

The Inquiries are over and despite their manifest limitations, the findings are in and must be accepted, just like the verdicts of juries and the judgements of courts.

A year ago, outside the High Court, I said that there was evidence which I wished to see the light of day. Some of that key material, including the government legal advice, eventually emerged through the Parliamentary Committee. Much of it did not.

A month ago, I gave public evidence to the Parliamentary Inquiry itself. I called for some in leadership positions to consider their position. It is in the public interest that such action be taken to prevent a damaging erosion of trust in the institutions of government. As the record shows I did not call for the resignation of the First Minister.

I have waited to see the response from those individuals to the publication of the Inquiry reports. Unfortunately, it appears that the clear intention is to carry on regardless.

Thus I intend to take two specific actions which emerge directly from the findings of these reports.

First, the Parliamentary Committee has made clear that the catastrophic failures in this matter are not just systemic, but can properly be laid at the door of individuals, and in particular, the Permanent Secretary. (para 599 Committee Report)

I was previously forced to take the Permanent Secretary to the Court of Session over the illegality of her actions and was successful. Despite being found responsible for that unlawful and unfair process and incurring a vast and avoidable cost to the taxpayer of over £600,000 in legal expenses, the Permanent Secretary did not offer her resignation on January 8th 2019.

Now, more than two years later, and despite the most damning condemnation from a Committee in the history of the modern Scottish Parliament, the Permanent Secretary still refuses to accept real responsibility.

Instead, the waste of public resources has continued to grow as has the impact on all the people concerned.

This cannot stand. I have therefore taken legal advice and will shortly be instructing my lawyers to bring proceedings in the Court of Session arising as a direct result of the conduct of the Permanent Secretary. I hope it is the only legal action that I am required to take.

I have complete faith in the outcome of that Court process, coming as it does with all the proper powers of recovery of documents and thus the ability to properly interrogate those individuals responsible, the absence of which so restricted the Parliamentary Committee.

Secondly, the report of Mr James Hamilton makes clear that the question of the leak of the story of the original complaints in August 2018 was not part of his remit but should instead be referred to the Police.

The Parliamentary Committee Report was fully condemnatory of that same leak noting the extreme level of damage to all concerned. I agree. (para 17 of Hamilton Report , paras 408-414 of Committee report)

I will accordingly now make that complaint to the Police and allow them to discover who within the Scottish Government was responsible for passing these details to the Daily Record newspaper. I have every confidence that Police Scotland will pursue that matter with rigour.

I intend to make no further public comment on these issues and will leave the police and the courts to do their job.

Instead I intend to move on, just as Scotland should now move on to debate the key election issues before us all, principally economic recovery from the pandemic and the future independence of our country.” ENDS

NOTE: The reason for Salmond’s extra-legal action lies in the report of James Hamilton – although Hamilton adds he has no jurisdiction to do more than he did, and also in the Holyrood Inquiry, as shown below.


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11 Responses to Salmond: Justice Seen To Be Done

  1. peeliewallie says:

    The last paragraph is perfect.

  2. duncanio says:

    Alex needs at least somebody to be sanctioned and to have it all the truth out in the open in order that his name is cleared.

    No ranting. No raving. Scotland first and foremost. A class act.

    Nicola Sturgeon – nah!

  3. Grouse Beater says:

    As you say, a class act. Evans has no choice now, but to stand down while a court case sits on her shoulders.

  4. katielass04 says:

    Soooo… do I understand that this may have been the reason for your bright ray of optimism yesterday? 😉 Well done you keeping THIS a secret! I couldn’t have! With so many folks feeling so down & jaded, I think I’d have blabbed! LOL! 😀

    It is good news that this woman will, if not found guilty (though I’d be surprised if that was the verdict), she may well have reason to be ‘sent homeward to think again!’ ALL the evidence needs to come out & people need to know EXACTLY what went on, without redactions that cover people’s asses. It’s time to clean house! And I’ll certainly support Mr Salmond if he needs funding.

    This news has certainly done the job of putting new life into old, seasoned soldiers! I’m seeing many happy people about, just now! And some not so happy – indeed, quite annoyed. Oh dear… how sad. NEVER MIND. 😉

    Onward & upwards!

  5. Grouse Beater says:

    Yes, onward! 🙂

  6. Molly's Mum says:

    Och you – at least you cheered me up yesterday, and now I know why 😂

    I would have burst if I’d known this was coming – I love the bit where he says :

    “The Inquiries are over and despite their manifest limitations, the findings are in and must be accepted, just like the verdicts of juries and the judgements of courts”

    That is 100% Alex Salmond gold, how I miss him – he puts the current leadership tae shame

    Do you think he will need a crowdfunder because I seem to have some ex-SNP subs lying around, they would happily jump into his piggy bank 😊

  7. Lulu Bells says:

    Leslie Evans is in post because of her gender not her abilities. An old boss of mine, himself a bit of a waste of space, but who had been in the right circles long enough to know who was capable and who was not just shook his head after he met her.

  8. diabloandco says:

    Can anyone tell me why, after losing a case ,anonymity is allowed to continue in perpetuity?
    It seems to me to be hideously unjust, but then it seems that so much is hideously unjust right now.

  9. Grouse Beater says:

    According to Senior High Court Judge, Lady Dorrian’s emphatic instruction, anonymity disappears attached to anything not directly related to the Salmond case.

  10. diabloandco says:

    Whoohoo! You did suggest that there was hope on the horizon – I am attempting to stick some money in that new pot but it is slow. I hope that is indicative of HUGE numbers attempting to donate.

    Good to see you posing the question and getting a few digs in at the SNP.!

  11. sadscot says:

    I was glad to see this announcement.

    As yet, I cannot believe that a First Minister was able to utterly trash the findings of a Parliamentary Committee.

    To see Mr Harvie backing her up was more sickening still. He called last night for the resignation of the Committee Member who had leaked some information to the press but defended the right of the Permanent Secretary, who conducted a corrupt investigation in the Salmond case, to stay in her job. He also seems unconcerned about the leaking of the actual Salmond Investigation report to a journalist.


    Today’s further announcement by Salmond is also welcome. The SNP’s response was deeply undignified. The strategy appears to be the politics of smear. I think they are being very foolish indeed.

    As yet, Sturgeon and her Party seem completely unaware of the damage done to them. That is extraordinary.

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