Response To Inquiry

This is the 15th March 2021 letter from Alex Salmond’s legal counsel to the Holyrood Inquiry expressing bewilderment at the members of the Inquiry for deferring to the Crown Office by not asking for the documents they hold currently to assist Salmond’s evidence. They are asking for reasons for what is an effective block of critical documents.

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5 Responses to Response To Inquiry

  1. Is it inevitable there needs to be a Judicial Review now in order to decide whether the Crown has powers to supersede Holyrood’s s. 162 of the Criminal Justice & Licensing Scotland act 2010?

    I’m no lawyer.

  2. Grouse Beater says:

    Can’t see any other course.

  3. You have a few Big Beasts who will agree with you. This speech more than any single commentary succinctly states the ruinous evidence that undermines the current SG.

  4. sadscot says:

    It just gets worse and worse. This Committee “Inquiry” is a joke! MSPs should never have been allowed near this when they clearly don’t have the clout to demand co-operation from all parties or penalise those who refuse. Sturgeon’s government has gone to extraordinary lengths to defy the Committee by withholding documents, repeatedly. In addition, the Committee invariably falls along Party lines. The SNP contingent are stubbornly refusing to see what has gone on and, incredibly, Wightman appears happy to help. The Convenor is the SNP’s Fabiani. They all seem determined to collude and, by doing so, they bring the Parliament into disrepute and turn a blind eye to actual corruption. (I can’t believe I’ve just typed that, but it’s true!)

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