I Am A Man

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I Am A Man

I am a man. I am a man who is fighting for his rights.

I fight for the rights of every man in my homeland.

And every woman and every child, and those who want none,

The apathetic who will be richer from my struggle.

I am the sun’s balm, and the blood that flows within us.

I am the breeze that caresses the rocks and stones,

Whispering chapter, verse, the stories of our ancestors.

I am the scriever and the dominie and the wisdom of ages,

The planter of barley and the harvester of fruit.

I am the protector, and the bringer of hope.

I am your reflection in the flinty peat pool.

I am forever vigilant, the passing shadow of the eagle

Gliding ghost-like across the frost at your feet.

And when I die I shall be the seed in the earth.

I am a man. I am a man who is fighting for his rights.

I am the thistle in the conscience of my oppressor.

I will not be ignored.

(c) Gareth – February 2021

Composed while lying in a hospital bed of the Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh.


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39 Responses to I Am A Man

  1. murren59 says:

    Superb words Gareth. Kindest thoughts and pagan prayers are with you my friend.

  2. peakcrew says:

    Thank you, Gareth – stirring words indeed! I hope the read many more from you in the future. My most potent thoughts and very best wishes to you.

  3. Lulu Bells says:

    Beautiful. Best wishes to you.

  4. Hugh Wallace says:

    Lovely words.

    I hope you are feeling a bit better, GB. Best wishes to you.

  5. scotsmanic0803 says:

    Very beautiful. Thank you sharing that, Gareth, and for all you have done. It will not be forgotten.

  6. Donald McGregor says:

    Great words. Thanks for sharing, and all our very best wishes to you.

  7. diabloandco says:

    Beautiful – thank you .

    I add my pagan prayers .

  8. David Hewitson says:

    Powerful, Present & Pertinent Words – thank you Gareth!

  9. I love you Gareth – for all your powerful love for Scotland and the writing which lifts spirits and strengthens resolve when it is needed most- like now.
    Last week – in despair about Holyrood – I eventually managed to set up a group- Singing for Scotland- on Facebook. It is an attempt to gather people in a great crowd – like they did in Estonia- – to learn sing Scottish Songs- old and new- especially the new independence ones. It was to lift spirits while the mess goes on at Holyrood. We are going to learn Gaelic songs too.
    We are starting Live Sessions tomorrow (Sunday) at 7pm on Facebook- where volunteers present songs from the list of suggestions. Soon we will choose about 20 perhaps that we will all agreed to learn for the Gathering. We have great boss- John Thomson- who is co-ordinating the Live Sessions as a first step.
    Over 500 people have joined in 10 days- which is pretty good – I think people are hungry for something to do to help the YES campaign. That campaign has a big soul – and you are a very big part of that.
    I am going to share your poem on the group page. I would love to think that someone would set it to music.
    Hold on.

  10. Ronnie Anderson says:

    I hope the People who had accused U of anti sen=mits reflect on their accusations .
    Hope your feeling a bit better Gareth all the Bestest to U .

  11. nallyanders says:

    Beautiful words Gareth.
    God bless you.

  12. Dub Wise says:

    Stirring words indeed Gareth. I hope you will be out of hospital soon and back firing on all cylinders. Take care.

  13. peeliewallie says:

    Wonderful words dear Gareth. Thank you.

  14. ladylyon says:

    Beautiful words

  15. socratesmacsporran says:

    Hang in there Gareth. We need Alex, we still need you.

  16. castanet2020 says:

    Beautiful thoughts beautifully expressed . Thank you Gareth . We need you indeed . May the Great Spirit comfort you

  17. xsticks says:

    Thanks for all you share with us GB. I’m very grateful for your presence with us and long may it continue. You are one of the true sons of Scotland.

  18. Donald Baws says:

    Thanks for this. it is uplifting and accurate. And thanks for everything else. Keep going!

  19. agalianou says:

    Thinking of you. Very best wishes.

  20. Iain Lawson says:

    You are a very special man and a beautiful writer. You enhance our nation.

  21. twathater says:

    Beautiful words taken from the heart and shared with compatriots , thank you for your Life and words

  22. tombkane says:

    Gareth, thanks for everything… Your essays, I particularly love. Your work on the declaration of independence and the discussion that followed was just sublime. Very nice to think Duns Scotia had a peripheral contribution to the text.

    And this poem. This is a keeper.

    Makes me proud to be a man.

    Take best care. Respect, always.

  23. tombkane says:

    Predictive text woes… The great Duns Scotus … Can’t say his name enough… 🙂

  24. Anne Roberts says:

    Powerful as ever Gareth, thank you. I hope you’re feeling better.

  25. katielass04 says:

    Everyone has already said it. Just… beautiful! Thank you for sharing this.

    You are a man, Gareth. And you are Scotland.

    I’m sorry – I’m selfish. I want you to feel better soon & come back to us. You’ve work to do yet. (I’ll let you take rests between times! 😉 x

  26. Don Johnstone says:

    Lovely words and really hope you are OK.

  27. Marjorie McLean Godfrey says:

    Thank you so much for these beautiful words Gareth. Thinking of you at this time and hoping for a positive outcome. x

  28. Fine, stirring words from one of Scotland’s reluctant giants.

    Thinking of you Gareth and sending positive wishes.

  29. The most beautiful and lyrical, patriotic voice in Scotland.

    No matter what becomes of you, of all of us, your time on earth as our movement’s conscientious soul is ‘now’, representative of the great struggle of our nation during the time of Salmond. I am no longer a religious man, but you are blessed among Scots, Gareth Wardell, a man for our times.
    Wherever you next travel to, take a little pinch of ‘now’ along with you and sprinkle it over all of our dark moments here, until independent, that we’ll always have you by our side and always seeing the light.

    Cheers, Grouse dude.

  30. Grouse Beater says:

    I thow in a clunky sentence or two to help readers understand I am not Shelley. 🙂

  31. Shelley was a Helluva clunker, too.

  32. Fearghas MacFhionnlaigh says:

    “How I long to see among dawn flowers the face of God”
    (Matsuo Basho,1644-1694)

    Thanks Gareth for your fine poem. There is zen in it.

    You may – or may not – be in the mood sometime to glance at the ‘Midge’ sequence (c1980). Either way is okay — the wind blows where it listeth.

    Online at –


  33. Howard Cairns says:

    Sorry to hear you are in hospital. Hope your stay is short and you bounce back and get home to continue the discourse. Shirley & I send our love. Howard

  34. “When we can cut man from his own past, then we can cut him from his family, his children, other men. There is no loyalty, except loyalty to The Party… We control life. At all levels. We create human nature. Men are infinitely malleable”. Orwell, ‘1984’.

    ‘Deprived of basic legal rights and representation through a competent defence, men are subjected to an unlawful, secretive process that generally results in the fathers being removed from the family home, leaves them financially ruined, demoralised, depressed and are often cut-off from seeing and being in their children’s lives; many of whom commit suicide as a direct consequence.

    Lord Advocate Wolff knows all of this because he’s one of long line who have presided over it. And also knows that in England & Wales, it’s his equivalent appointment, the Director of Public Prosecutions who from 2008 until 2013 played a key role in burying male victims of domestic abuse via criminal secret Family Courts proceedings.

    That ex-DPP today is none other than the present Leader of the Labour Party – Keir Starmer, who was himself succeeded by Alison Saunders who in colluding with Women’s Aid during her corrupt tenure up until 2018, oversaw and erased the reported incidences of male victims of domestic violence being absorbed by, and included within successive ‘Violence Against Women & Girls’ reports…’

    ‘Manhattan’s Medusa: The Global State of Scotland’ by #GaslightingGilligan https://wp.me/p94Aj4-2kh

    Twitter: @GasGilligan (© 2017) *free download*.

  35. kelticgirl says:

    Moved me to tears

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