Boris Johnson, prime minister of mirth, with a slogan fit for the side of a bus

I cannot think of a worse time in this planet’s history, a pandemic, for so many countries to be landed with a right-wing demagogue as prime minister or president. We have Boris, a man the worth of a pitcher of warm piss. The vision of the fate of Britain, of the world in the hands of so many sociopathic buffoons, narcissistic, self-serving thieves and liars, is deeply depressing. The worst think we will come out of the coronavirus pandemic in weeks, the charlatans clamp down on human rights.

Tories, useless in a crisis

Here we are, weighed down by a Tory party in a world crisis handing taxpayer largesse to major corporations without any conditions attached. If ever there was an opportunity to alter society this is it. We could have demanded worker participation, an end to low wages, all bank accounts to be held in the country of activity even if a foreign owned company, and so on and so forth.

Instead, BoJo, the bad Churchill impersonator, hands millions to two companies who back his party, Dyson and JCB, to supply ventilators to the NHS they have yet to test and manufacture, ignoring offers from companies that already make and sell them. What a coincidence both wanted out of the European Union, and JCB’s boss thought Scotland should remain a subservient region of the UK.

The same sociopaths are exploiting the pandemic to pull back the small advances in environmental protection, even to the point of keeping the worst polluting companies working, coal burners and all. Orange Man Trump and his minions are among the worst criminal offenders but others closer to home might surpass even his lick-spittle cabal.

Worse than a virus

Coronavirus is bad enough, but we are bound to fear there is worse to come. We are racing to an abyss that easily outdoes the forays of the Grim Reaper’s scout.

Taking into account the stupidity of Orange Man tearing up of the Arms Control Treaty, a regime that helped halt or reduce stockpiles of nuclear weapons, we have the threat of world war rekindled by idiotic despots and Little Hitlers. Just as great a threat is the continuing destruction of the planet from mankind’s indiscriminate exploitation, poisons and plastics. We can recover from coronavirus, but hardly from the other two catastrophes.

Around the world, authoritarian administrations are in charge of events. In Russia, authorities have turned up the pressure on media outlets and social media users to control the narrative amid the country’s growing coronavirus outbreak. Under the guise of weeding out coronavirus-related “fake news,” law enforcement has cracked down on people sharing opinions on social media, and on media that criticize the government’s response to the outbreak. In Poland, people are worried about a new government smartphone application introduced for people in home quarantine.

In Scotland, cocky SNP politicians demand lock-down on internet cybernats, backed in that censorship by the Scottish press. Scotland has no way of holding checks and balances on Westminster power. Scotland’s elected leaders can only shout how it is terribly unfair, and stamp their feet.

We are completely unprepared for a pandemic. They had us suffer austerity so they could hand our precious medical services to the tyranny of private companies, where even in Scotland our own government is forced to pay £1 million to a private consortium to allow free parking at Edinburgh’s Royal Infirmary.

Be scared, be very scared

There are too few ventilators to go around. The UK government wants us scared and to stay scared. Media and press echo the warning: our neighbour may be our death.

There isn’t near enough face masks to give everybody peace of mind when shopping. Use your scarf. There are not enough beds to hold the sick and the dying. We do not have enough nurses to help. Stay at home, alone if need be and die alone. A decade of austerity policies has the old and the sick dying alone. 

In Belgrade soldiers patrol the streets with their fingers on machine gun triggers. Serbia’s president warns residents that Belgrade’s graveyards won’t be big enough to bury the dead if people ignore his government’s lock-down orders. There is a 12-hour police-enforced curfew imposed and people over 65 banned from leaving their homes. With a Tory government that has no respect for democracy we stand to follow Belgrade’s example. In the UK Westminster passed an emergency Bill that deprives us of our human rights for a minimum of two years. Why two years? Why not three months, renewable?

BBC propaganda tell us to stay indoors but does not question why billions of our tax money is being shifted to the wealthy, yet again. Overpaid television front men and women say nothing of bank bosses paying themselves huge bonuses a few days before the bank of England issues instructions to stop the practice. They speak no ill of extraordinarily wealthy individuals making millions by selling shares on the stock exchange just before lock down.

The tragedy of 2014

“A state of emergency — wherever it is declared and for whatever reason — must be proportionate to its aim, and only remain in place for as long as absolutely necessary.” Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe chief, Ingibjörg Sólrún Gísladóttir.

Over 300 years of England’s power Scotland has remained resilient to the strictures of the British state. In many ways we are as resilient as Cuba which has survived decades of brutal US sanctions. How much longer can we pretend we are not a colonised country?

The pandemic is a painful illustration of how easily Scotland’s parliament is overruled. Bojo wants to make Britain safer for us. My question is very simple, how much safer can Scotland afford to have him make us?

The perfect dictum of the British state was coined by England’s most patriotic poet, Alfred Lord Tennyson: “ours is not to reason why. Ours but to do or die”.



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7 Responses to Pandemic

  1. Derek Grainge says:

    “ours is not to reason why. Ours is but to do or die”.
    And get patched up by Florence Nightingale (how apposite) if your luck’s in.

  2. Andy Law says:

    Although, to be fair to BBC Scotland- I know, I know – they did give Jonathan Leitch prime airtime on Friday 3rd’s GMS just after 8 to explain/expand and give clear answers on Coronavirus. So much so he got a clear run free of bullshit presenter questions. Listen if you didn’t hear it and be be glad the Prof is an about things in Scotland.

  3. paul botler says:

    Re: The coronavirus bill

    Given that the westminster cabinet could not collectively read a 350 page legislative document, let alone draft it in the time given, why hasn’t the ‘beeb’ or anyone else questioned its genesis.

    This particular microwave ready bill is likely just a cut and shut of all those years of planning for a ‘no deal’ brexit.

  4. Very well summed up, very true and sad at the same time. We are governed by an idiot in Westminster and idiots sycophant in Scotland.

  5. A6er says:

    Reblogged this on Tory Britain!.

  6. Anthony Devlin says:

    The worst aspect of this for me is the SG doing what it’s telt. Health is devolved, but you wouldn’t know it.

    Sturgeon is toast as far as leading the independence movement. She is simply a manager of devolution, not a leader of Scots. She is allowing Scots to die by allowing the Tories to set our strategy. You could not put a cigarette packet between London’s and Edinburghs strategy. That is very telling.

    Boris will carry on with the Brexit Scots voted against. But we have to put Scotland’s ambitions on hold.

    Whatever crisis comes along. It’s always an excuse to delay independence. That sums up Nicola. Her judgement on the staff she employs is also questionable.

    The UK is heading for the second worst death rate in the world. The SG are still being told to follow London’s rules. This is utterly shameful.

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