Coronavirus Updates


It is understandable readers will want to know who has been affected in their local area in Scotland, which places one should avoid. The best tactic is to stay in doors at home as long as is desirable. However, to answer the anxiety precisely, areas least affected tend to be the remotest areas with the fewest inhabitants, although Shetland proves such areas are not immune.

The ‘Coronavirus Tracker’ site below keeps tabs on occurrences as they are logged and published. As soon as you click on the link, the accumulated titles are animated to keep you up-to-date.

Take it for granted matters will get worse before they get better and the virus contained … in time, as with Spanish Flu, a cure will be found, a cure the medical experts are working on now around the world. Meanwhile, stay safe, think smart.

However, ‘social distancing’ shouldn’t, mean the end of social cooperation. On the contrary, if coronavirus has shown anything it is the necessity of both micro-local and unprecedented trans-national cooperation. Scotland is a keen international nation.






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5 Responses to Coronavirus Updates

  1. GB
    I am now home working and staying in as much as I can. Wife is a medical student and part time care worker and she is working today and has a hospital placement tomorrow for the next two weeks so hats off to everyone of them who are working in those rules. My biggest personal worry is boredom where as care workers it’s their lives. Dundee appears fine so far and people appear to be staying home in the main which is good.

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  2. Grouse Beater says:

    Boredom is a problem, lack of food will be the first motivation, I’m sure, to break the curfew.

  3. We haven’t panic bought and have enough for a week. I did go to the supermarket yesterday and it’s embarrassing to be honest but they had some veg etc. But you’re correct people will have to go out when they need food. Hopefully this will end sooner if people follow the correct advice. I’m working from home but have volunteered to be available to deliver food to kids who get free school meals so might get called out next week.

  4. greig12 says:

    Am I right in saying that only people ill enough to go to hospital are being tested? If so then we have virtually no idea how much of it there is about. It says on the tracker that many more will be infected so without an adequate system of testing in place it’s all extremely inaccurate. Possibly to the point of being worthless in any useable way for us ordinary folk.

    I make this point only because more accurate info gained through more comprehensive testing might’ve helped us ordinary folk decide when to take the calculated risk of when or even if to go out for essentials.

    I don’t know if it’s true but I’ve read that transmission is occurring through petrol pump handles so it might be an idea to wear gloves when filling up.

  5. grumpydubai says:

    greig 12, indeed always carry disposable gloves, wipes or sheets of kitchen roll. I have found both come in handy in such situations or (until recently) in the gym. 😀

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