The Great British Power Grab


“Scotland has one of the most powerful devolved parliaments in the world.” D. Mundell

What is given in loan can be taken back with interest. This is truest in the relationship England with Scotland. The Tory regime, elected by few in England, like a pickpocket pretending to look the other way as he avails himself of your wallet, ignores Scotland to rob Scotland – they are taking back control of our political systems. We are not ignored, we’re systematically robbed while wasting energy wailing we’re cold shouldered, as if that comes as a surprise.

Scots at Westminster 

Equals? The Union is sold to us, Mafia style, as protection from the vagaries of foreign incursion and economic recession, yet Scotland is invaded regularly by Whitehall stealth and impoverished by Westminster’s economic agenda.

There’s a carpetbagger in almost every major Scottish institution loyal to the south side mob keeping watch for signs of rebellion.

Retaking Scotland’s powers. 

We face what amounts to a wholesale power grab, a continuation of the greatest heist in human history, theft of Scotland’s North Sea Oil, effectively enfeebling Scotland from functioning as a nation. Look at Item 95 on the List below, ‘Public sector procurement’ – three words that spell out the end of Scotland’s National Health Service, our valued assets sold off by Westminster.

By holding all democratic power over institutions and mechanisms, England holds the aces if and when we sit at the negotiating table to demand full reinstatement of civil rights. They aim to take back what we fought for, for over 300 years. We always have had to fight for what is ours. We were never given it as a right.

English politicians are working on the last stages of extreme neo-liberal economics –  gathering wealth into the hands of the few, and taking back control of Scotland. And they mean to do it with a vengeance.

Europe without wars

When you read the list below – if you can stomach reading beyond a dozen items – you get a queasy feeling. English sentiment does not want to be part of Europe. The SNP will never alter that mentality. By a policy of assisting English nationalism to retain power the SNP is helping to give sustenance to English colonial ambition.

Scotland must remain part of the EU. Look at the evidence why this is a crucial necessity for it isn’t only an economic urge. We are at a dangerous place we were before, in 1939. Racist demagogues such as Bill Cash, Jacob Rees-Mogg, Nigel Farage and the thoroughly obnoxious Tommy Robinson, rise to the surface, given a platform by Britain’s state broadcaster. They are everywhere imitating Oswald Mosley and Enoch Powell.

Who remember the British Fascist Party changed its name in 1936 from the British Union of Fascists and National Socialists to the British UnionEnglish politicians are translating loss of empire into regaining lost territory – Scotland must be held fast. They talk of Ireland rejoining the United Kingdom, and are serious.

Any attempt to appease English imperialism is disastrous for us all. A liberated Scotland can become the antidote to English vanity. And believe me, Ireland will be happy to support us in that endeavour.

The List, Nothing But The List

Here is a list of known powers to be removed from Scotland, post-Brexit, and it isn’t an exhaustive list by any means. In my view, those in red are of primary significance.

  1. Agricultural Support
  2. Agriculture – Fertiliser Regulations
  3. Agriculture – GMO Marketing & Cultivation
  4. Agriculture – Organic Farming
  5. Agriculture – Zootech
  6. Animal Health and Traceability
  7. Animal Welfare
  8. Aviation Noise Management at Airports
  9. Blood Safety and Quality
  10. Carbon Capture & Storage
  11. Chemicals regulation (including pesticides)
  12. Civil judicial co-operation – jurisdiction and recognition & enforcement of judgements in civil & commercial matters (plus B1 rules and EU conventions)
  13. Civil judicial co-operation – jurisdiction and recognition & enforcement of judgements instruments in family law (including BIIa, Maintenance and civil protection orders)
  14. Civil judicial cooperation on service of documents and taking of evidence
  15. Criminal offences minimum standards measures – Combating Child Sexual Exploitation Directive.
  16. Control of major accident hazards
  17. Cross border mediation
  18. Data sharing – (EU fingerprint database (EuroDac)
  19. Data sharing – European Criminal Records Information System (ECRIS)
  20. Data sharing – False and Authentic Documents Online (FADO)
  21. Data sharing – passenger name records
  22. Data sharing – Prüm framework
  23. Data sharing – Schengen Information System (SIS II)
  24. Efficiency in energy use
  25. Elements of Reciprocal Healthcare
  26. Elements of the Network and Information Security (NIS) Directive
  27. Elements of Tobacco Regulation
  28. Energy Performance of Buildings Directive
  29. Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Directive
  30. Environmental law concerning energy planning consents
  31. Environmental law on offshore oil & gas installations within territorial waters
  32. Environmental quality – Air Quality
  33. Environmental quality – Chemicals
  34. Environmental quality – Flood Risk Management
  35. Environmental quality – International timber trade (EUTR and FLEGT)
  36. Environmental quality – Marine environment
  37. Environmental quality – Natural Environment and Biodiversity
  38. Environmental quality – Ozone depleting substances and F-gases
  39. Environmental quality – Pesticides
  40. Environmental quality – Spatial Data Infrastructure Standards
  41. Environmental quality – Waste Packaging & Product Regulations
  42. Environmental quality – Waste Producer Responsibility Regulations
  43. Environmental quality – Water Quality
  44. Environmental quality – Water Resources
  45. Environmental quality – Biodiversity – access, benefit sharing of genetic resources
  46. Equal Treatment Legislation
  47. EU agencies – EU-LISA – technological support to make European nations safer
  48. EU agencies – Eurojust – judicial coordination and cooperation between nations
  49. EU agencies – Europol – agency against serious international crime and terrorism
  50. EU Social Security Coordination
  51. Fisheries Management & Support
  52. Food and Feed Law
  53. Food Compositional Standards
  54. Food Geographical Indications (Protected Food Names)
  55. Food Labelling
  56. Forestry (domestic)
  57. Free movement of healthcare (the right for EEA citizens to have their elective procedure in another member state)
  58. Genetically modified micro-organisms contained use
  59. Good laboratory practice
  60. Harbours
  61. Hazardous Substances Planning
  62. Heat metering and billing information
  63. High Efficiency Co-generation
  64. Implementation of EU Emissions Trading System
  65. Ionising radiation 66. Land use
  66. Late payment (commercial transactions)
  67. Legal aid in cross-border cases
  68. Legal aid in cross-border cases
  69. Migrant Access to benefits
  70. Minimum standards -housing & care: regulation of the use of animals
  71. Minimum standards legislation – child sexual exploitation
  72. Minimum standards legislation – cyber-crime
  73. Minimum standards legislation – football disorder
  74. Minimum standards legislation – human trafficking
  75. Mutual recognition of professional qualifications
  76. Mutual recognition of criminal court judgments measures & cross border cooperation – European Protection Order, Prisoner Transfer Framework Directive, European Supervision Directive, Compensation to Crime Victims Directive
  77. Nutrition health claims, composition and labelling
  78. Onshore hydrocarbons licensing
  79. Organs
  80. Plant Health, Seeds and Propagating Material
  81. Practical cooperation in law enforcement – Asset Recovery Offices
  82. Practical cooperation in law enforcement – European Investigation Order
  83. Practical cooperation in law enforcement – Joint Action on Organised Crime
  84. Practical cooperation in law enforcement – Joint investigation teams
  85. Practical cooperation in law enforcement – mutual legal assistance
  86. Practical cooperation in law enforcement – recognition of asset freezing orders
  87. Practical cooperation in law enforcement – recognition of confiscation orders
  88. Practical cooperation in law enforcement – Schengen Article 40
  89. Practical cooperation in law enforcement – Swedish initiative
  90. Practical cooperation in law enforcement – European judicial network
  91. Practical cooperation in law enforcement – implementation of Euro Arrest Warrant
  92. Procedural rights (criminal cases) – minimum standards measures
  93. Provision of legal services
  94. Provision in the 1995 Data Protection Directive that allows for more than one supervisory authority in each member state
  95. Public sector procurement
  96. Public health (serious cross-border threats to health)
  97. Radioactive Source Notifications – Trans-frontier shipments
  98. Radioactive waste treatment and disposal
  99. Rail franchising rules
  100. Rail markets and operator licensing
  101. Recognition of insolvency proceedings in EU Member States
  102. Renewable Energy Directive
  103. Rules on applicable law in civil & commercial cross border claims
  104. Sentencing – taking convictions into account
  105. State Aid
  106. Statistics
  107. Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) Directive
  108. Tissues and cells
  109. Fast-track procedures for civil & commercial uncontested debts, small claims
  110. Victims rights measures (criminal cases)
  111. Voting rights and candidacy rules for EU citizens in local government elections

Now what?

If Nicola Sturgeon is reluctant to lead from the front lest she weakens the dignity of her role as First Minister, let the SNP appoint an independence tsar, someone with oratory skills briefed to do the job – daily. Bar a few of our MPs at Westminster, the SNP is simply not stirring determination enough to beat the fascists and the empire loyalists.

Top of the list of thefts is the artificially delayed right to hold a binding second referendum on self-governance, propelled by the will of the people, their government’s mandate, a wish to remain citizens of the world. The strategy is breathtakingly simple: delay all calls for a vote until it becomes lost and outdated by events.

Powers removed, the far-right of the British state plans to turn the Scottish Parliament into a church social, a place to exchange pleasantries over home-baked scones and tea, SNP children in pushchairs hugging lucky white heather no threat to the day’s chatter.


Powers currently retained by Westminster here:



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13 Responses to The Great British Power Grab

  1. Despite agreeing with most of this, I feel that giving Nicola Sturgeon, the SNP or Scottish government a hard time for inactivity is not quite appropriate, for this is exactly what the establishment requires – that supporters of independence in general and of the Scottish government in particular tear lumps off each other, thereby allowing the fascists free movement and access to power. Divide and rule is the oldest trick in the book.

    For better or worse, we are burdened with this thing called parliamentary democracy, to which we must at all times defer as if it were some sort of God. The truth is though that the nasty parties and their lackeys have absolutely no respect for democracy whatsoever and regard it as just another tool in the ideological armoury, another way of keeping us in our place. Most notably by believing democracy to be akin to a game of football that happened three years ago rather than as a continuing process.

    If it were genuinely possible for parliamentary democracy to speak the truth to power, to overturn ancient and deeply embedded structures of domination, or to stand up to the obvious nonsense of British establishment ideology, then it would be more appropriate to encourage the SNP and Scottish government to take a more vocal and aggressive stance.

    Nevertheless, the SNP in government can do nothing more in public than play the game according to the rules and move as best it can with changing conditions, while of course continuing to do the job of government. Under present circumstances, where things change so quickly that the headlines of my morning paper are already old news by the time it hits the mat, when the mother of parliaments is on her last legs and when the British Empire is finally suffering its death throes, it seems to me that participation in this chaos should be perfunctory, intended only to give the impression that we are all playing the game fairly and happily, prepared to accept the outcome of allegedly democratic processes, but with our fingers crossed firmly behind our backs.

    The role of the Scottish government seems to me obvious. Surely it must now make serious representations to Europe, to seek support, to point out that we did not ask for any of this, to explain that we need help to maintain genuine democracy in our parliament while the British state demonstrably collapses.

    There are many sympathetic voices in Brussels as worried about the rise of fascism in Europe as there are folks within our own borders who fear the future here. If there are spies and quislings at work in our campaigns and movements then we should not be sacred to call them out, to expose them and if necessary – metaphorically of course – to tie them to lampposts with their pants at their ankles. It is also vital to confront the evil sectarian shite that motivates much of the “SNP bad” agenda perpetuated by the British Labour Party, The Herald, the Lodges, the football lobby, the usual toxic masculinity and so forth.

    And surely we should reach out to the very many disaffected English people who are suffering from the same imperialist bollocks as we are, but without pushing them in the direction of UKIP and the fascists – in particular environmental movements and the Butterfly Rebellion. After all, our government is a coalition of SNP and Greens, the only dysfunctional aspects of our parliament arise because its hands are tied economically by Westminster, and many of our politicians do actually behave with a degree of integrity.

    It seems now likely that there will be further extension of the process of leaving the EU, in which case Scotland is in a much more powerful position to consolidate its place in Europe. It even seems likely that elections for the European Parliament will go ahead, in which case the battle lines will move again and the fascists further marginalised. I do not imagine that if European elections do take place and Scotland sends representatives to Brussels, they will pack up their bags and leave when the UK leaves Europe – whatever that turns out to mean. A small vociferous block of Scots hanging around in Europe may wield more influence that so many marginalised members at Westminster.
    Undoubtedly, there has been a tendency for the SNP and Scottish government in public to wait around for the dust to settle before making any moves; I assume however that behind the scenes preparations are being made and contingency plans drawn up.

    I agree absolutely that it is time to act, I do not however believe that the character of the First Minister is at all relevant, for it does no more than pander to the usual bollocks and fuel the flames of sectarian bullshit, giving the fascists within us more ammunition.

    Thank you for this space to rant! 🙂

  2. Graham Rae says:

    ‘Nevertheless, the SNP in government can do nothing more in public than play the game according to the rules and move as best it can with changing conditions, while of course continuing to do the job of government.’ As the ever-increasing madness of the last few years has proved, there ARE no rules to play anymore in any political ‘game.’

    The Tories are just making – and breaking – everything up as they go along, and laughing at Scotland. Nicola Sturgeon has no ‘dignity’ anymore, and neither does Scotland.

    The SNP are just letting Westminster piss all over us now. To use a crude analogy, they’re not even pissing down our backs and trying to tell us it’s raining, they’re just pissing down our backs and laughing at us because they find it hilarious, they can get away with it, and they totally despise us on a base visceral level. Game’s a bogey, to me at least.

    Arguing mindlessly about gender designations on bloody census forms whilst the country goes down the tubes! This is all fast becoming nothing more than a sick. black, bleak joke. As The Smiths once put it, That Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore. It never was, but it gets worse by the day.

  3. Grouse Beater says:

    In reply to Duncan: Never forget, the job of First Minister is a job, same as a plumber, or a brick layer, or a doctor. You’d not accept poor service from any of them, why would you from a politician? Blind faith gets us nowhere.

    “Wheest for Indy” is a loser’s strategy.

    “No politician, no matter how well loved, how much liked, NONE, should ever be above scrutiny, questioning, criticism – asking of our government, the ruling party, WHEN we should expect independence, not how, but when, is a normal thing for a Sovereign people to do”

    That’s from an essay published same day as mine, written by ex-pat, Trish Goosens.

    The rest of it is here:

  4. Marconatrix says:

    I fully understand your anxiety, GB, but all the same I think we need to hold our nerve, for a little longer at least. Duncan Spence does go on a bit above [ 🙂 ] but in fact I endorse his rant for the most part.

  5. Grouse Beater says:

    Marcontrix: if you measure the reaction to Ian Blackford’s statements, for example, and our MEPs too, with Nicola’s statements, you start to question why she gets less of a response, or at least, are not noted in the public’s mind. We can’t, must not, depend on Nicola doing all the work. It is unfair on her and too onerous. Where are the others in Holyrood? Michael Russell gets a better press than Nicola, but the point I make is, our MPs have a platform that the press can’t ignore, no matter how hard they try.

  6. I’d just like to say that under present circumstances independence might happen without there being another referendum. Sorry for going on a bit above and for giving the impression that certain politicians should be
    above criticism. This was certainly not my intention. Only that everything is so up in the air right now that the best strategy is anybody’s guess.

  7. I think you are correct GB – the SNP are trying to be a political party for ALL.

    They have the run of Holyrood and have allowed that job to take precedence over getting Scottish independence. They were elected to fight for Scottish independence but have been half hearted about doing so by favouring their Holyrood jobs. Acting as the leading party in Holyrood, SNP have got themselves involved in trying to save England from itself ,trying to justify ignoring the fact that England voted to leave the EU.

    What the SNP are doing just does not make sense. On the one hand they say a majority in Scotland voted to stay in the EU so that must be respected. Then on the other hand they say do not respect England’s majority that voted to leave EU.

    Nicola Sturgeon in my opinion has lost an opportunity to go all out for independence at a time when Westminster is a shambles.
    Perhaps she being a professional politician has something up her sleeve that will be more effective. I sincerely hope so. Because if she ain’t
    So many of us will feel sorely let down.

    It’s hard maintaining trust when confronted with England’s thievery and ignorance every day of life. I continue to trust SNP ,for now.

  8. Grouse Beater says:

    All we can do is, as you say, trust in the SNP, but we can also agitate for a more robust harrying of our opponents.

  9. NS has missed the boat, imho.

    We should have had the indyref 12 months ago, when the numbers looked good enough to go for it. I agree with you GB that her reputation as a potential future EU president seems more important to her at the moment. I’m past caring what others may think of my view, as I’ve heard from a lot of folk condemning me for not blindly drinking the koolaid, and just…….trust without question.

    The SNP have done, and are doing a fine job running Scotland in its present state, despite the restrictions and challenges gleefully imposed by WM and their Scottish shills at every turn. What is far less certain is the current SNP leadership’s ability to implement the big decision. As a Scot living in the EU, i can’t shake the feeling we’re being cast aside as sacrificial pawns in the “grand plan”, as the pain of a Brexit existence may be seen as a tool of strategy to “get the indy numbers up”. I’m not the first to exercise this POV, and won’t be the last, but it’s a sobering thought just the same, and brings up the obvious question, who can we trust?

    I don’t trust anyone at this point.

    My passion for Scottish Independence remains undimmed. If the SNP don’t have the political courage and intelligence to regularly question and re-examine their own strategy, and the strategists calling the shots, then we may have to wait longer, and work with different faces, sometime well into the future.

    How many of us will still be alive at that point…….

  10. Derek Cameron says:

    A call to action. Scotland stands by while the May / Corbyn shitshow continues to run and Andrew Wilson talks with Douglas Fraser about the six tests…the frog is well on the way to the boil and soon it won’t matter anymore

  11. Just like to point out that no 95 on your list – public sector procurement, will be the beginning of the end for our NHS and should be included in your highlighted powers.

    Can’t say I disagree with anything else you say, although the blame is not just for Nicola, but all those in the higher echelons of the SNP including those advisers in the background that are unknown to us. The SNP have been wrong footed before, I fear they will be wrong footed again, and Scotland will suffer.

  12. Grouse Beater says:

    You’re quite correct, Liz. Item 95 is duly highlighted.

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