Twilight of the Emperium


A small country

How entertaining to watch England make its self smaller and weaker while attempting to recreate patriotic feelings of grandeur and conquest. At the rate its leaders are throwing off international friends as if old socks, it will atrophy to amoeba size before too long still crying God for Harry, England and Saint George!

The empire strikes

Empires expand voraciously in a never ending search for sustenance, the greater the  number of nations they control, the greater the need for food and provisions to keep the natives happy with their invaders, and the invading soldiers left there to keep control. The flaw in pursuing universal domination is the one emperium overlook – in time, the centre of the empire implodes. Just ask the Romans.

There comes a time in history when empires cease to exist and become symbolic. It begins with a disintegration of social systems, the poor getting poorer, the rich richer, food shortages, spiralling costs of everything, the circulation of money becomes scarce while ever increasing taxes are spent on acquiring more and more armaments, the wealthy protecting their privileges by pulling back to safe ground. Corruption is endemic. People of ability and conscience withdraw from the fray. With the strain of conducting wars around the empire’s borders and putting down internal skirmishes in the territories, the best talent is sent to quell the uprisings leaving the mediocre to take over positions of power at the empire’s centre.

When dire warnings of the coming of Goths or Reds stop frightening the populace you invent internal demons out to destroy our harmonious lifestyle and steal our pensions. Muslims we brought to Britain are our current evil. It used to be the Irish. Battered by so many existential spectres, governed by people of high ambition and low ability, who’d never be employed anywhere in positions of authority, respect for leadership collapses, and in turn leaders turn against the people.

Reds, why do those pesky critters get elected to parliament? Some politicians cannot tell the difference between communism and socialism but it doesn’t matter, as far as they are concerned they are one and the same, ready to create a minimum living wage, protect the national health service and labour unions, all calculated to derange the capitalist system.

Laying a wreath

We are witnessing the demise of England’s empire, the last derelict sunset, with only Scotland yet to be set free. I can’t see Wales wanting free of England, they are too English in spirit and reliant on tourism. The Irish will be plain daft to subsume Northern Ireland in the Republic taking on its poverty and religious bigotry and screwing their recovery from the 2008 bank crash. A United Ireland is a fine ideal, but drive across the border south to north and to my eyes even the quality of light degrades. The European Union will need to fork out a lot of cash to assist north unite with south without too much pain. People will accept the inevitable if they see their streets improve, education lift their spirits, and the council plant trees and create parks where once was derelict ground.

Almost every civilisation except the Chinese, more concerned with keeping ‘big nose’ Europeans out,  ‘you all look the same to us’ –  has tried to build and retain an empire and lost it, but not before impoverishing the lands it left behind, scorched and burned, removed of its treasures. The treasures of Venice’s Doges Palace is a prime example of how imperialists steal everything. Scotland stands in jeopardy of the same fate if it is not clever and swift enough to block England’s power grab.

The Spanish in South America is a case in point. Spanish conquistadors all but wiped out one civilisation after another, by sword and syphilis. The French, pretty well linked to the emperium, was once the dominant power in Europe under the gifted general of generals, Napoleon, and then a second empire overseas, the eastern seaboard of Canada, and easy pickings states of north and east Africa. Chased out of Mozambique by the forces of independence derided by the British ever-scathing of basic justice, the Portuguese wasted everything they left behind them. Hell, everybody’s had a go at colonialism one time or another.

The only reason Britain got to own a few thousands scattered Aborigine tribes and a lot of kangaroos, collectively called Australia, was because Captain Cook notified the Admiralty of French ships sniffing around the Great Australian Bight. That was warning enough for the English government to send thousands of cheap and not so cheerful convicts from England’s over-crowded prisons to colonise that great continent, laying claim to it for the British Crown, two aims achieved in one simple colonial move.

The French kiss

To have an empire you first must convince the populace they are under attack from outside sources; their taxes best spent in making weapons and sending legions of soldiers and sailors to faraway lands.

Here we are with England rekindling it hatred of the French, and anything remotely European it cannot patronise. This is a massive contradiction in the English political psyche. The scouting wing of western expansionism, NATO, warns of Russian evil while it itself expands as far as its useless aircraft carriers can take it. England withdraws from Europe while paying for NATO to protect Europe of which the French are a large part.

NATO was created so that the United States could dominate western Europe militarily, politically, and economically. When the Soviet Union’s economy collapsed, NATO had no role, so it found another while continuing to do the same job. At its July 11, 2018, meeting, NATO approved new steps to contain Russia. Those include two new military commands and expanded efforts against cyber warfare and counter-terrorism. No wonder Russia under Putin is reactive.

We help pay NATO’s annual budget. NATO tells us the Russians are coming again and again so we pay up without demur. The more European nations pay NATO’s costs, the more they come under American control. As I said, the centre collapses into itself while the edges of the once impenetrable empire stretch and stretch and get thinner and thinner. Paying for NATO’s upkeep is ruinous but it helps deluded politicians feel they still have an empire, and the coffers of America’s expensive weapon makers like Lockheed Martin filled to the brim.

Battle of the Dullards

Observing England’s petty politicians battling among themselves for absolute power and control, and lying to secure it, is an ignominious sight to behold, carrion crows squabbling over the carcass of a rotting sheep.

People who spent all their adult life believing in contradictions usually find it impossible to deal with reality when it befalls them. And that, as disc jockeys are apt to say, is a neat segue to the Tory and Labour parties who show equally they are incapable of governing and yet proclaim themselves the best qualified to do so.

They talk of liberty while eliminating freedoms. They extol equality while sowing the seeds of poverty. They talk of transparency while closing doors as fast as they can bolt them. They sell us open democracy while supporting tyrants, despots and dictators. They offer the poor and the vulnerable security while acting like cuckoos in the nest.

It’s tax, you dummy

Our current greatest fear is income tax. It is not the Russians or the Chinese coming to get us, they are here already, investing in our infrastructure. No, it’s the tax man. Capitalists everywhere tell us to pay fewer taxes so we do not need so much government, a clever way of having us make redundant our only democratic protection. Ah, what brilliance! What simplicity. By appealing to out worst instinct, greed and envy, we participate voluntarily in out own downfall.

By 1956 almost 80% of British citizens paid tax. Then some smart ass contrived ways of  avoiding tax, and we all caught on to its legal illegality. Now Britain has the greatest expansion of tax haven colonies in the world. None of the unionist parties have suggested closing them down, merely ‘disciplining’ them. A coincidence the right-wing of a sodden England is taking us out of Europe just as the European Union renders off-shore tax havens illegal. The powerful and the privileged protecting their ass and assets.

Very difficult to see how a footloose British political party will rescue us, now so many corporate entities have such a tight grip on the economy. The British state leaches trillions of our cash out the country that could keep Scotland and all its institutions in clover and every pot hole filled for eternity.

On the disintegration of empires you are sure to have wars. England is having one with Europe. Our warlords are always ready to squander what little savings we have on killing people to keep our nation great. Scotland attaining its independence for the umpteenth time in its ancient existence accelerates the death of England’s empire, puts it out of its misery sooner than later. That can only be a good thing for Scotland and for the rest of the world, good to see happiness overtake English xenophobia.

The emperium is everywhere and nowhere. Scotland’s hopes for self-governance ought to have arrived in 2014 had we been courageous enough to avoid getting sucked into the black hole that is England’s failure to join the league of nations.

Scotland can take England’s place in international affairs. We need only worry about the USA’s renewed day dream of world domination, but as its current leader, given a chunk of Scotland to do with as he pleases, thinks territorial acquisition is accomplished by an accumulation of golf courses, we can give a sigh of relief in our quest for civilised self-reliance, which is the best wisdom I can muster to avoid finishing on a sententious note.



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10 Responses to Twilight of the Emperium

  1. Lanark says:

    An excellent read, when will the majority of people here realise we are a colony?

    Good point on Northern Ireland. I couldn’t believe how poor it is compared to the Republic. It would cost billions to bring just the roads up to Irish standards, do they really want it? Perhaps it’s a very clever British ploy – make it so run down that Dublin can’t afford to take it on. A 21st century scorched earth policy.

    It is starting here.

  2. tonyhendrix9 says:

    Excellent blog again,cheers.
    Regarding the roads, I recall traveling from Dublin to Cork back in 1983 and even then the roads were far superior there compared to Scotland,it really was day and night.
    Strangely,it wasn’t until the SNP gained power that we finally saw a huge difference in our road system especially the Glasgow to Edinburgh route and also the Motherwell/Hamilton areas.
    When Labour was in power it was a shambles and that includes their no new houses policy,well maybe a dozen.
    Folk ain’t stupid,they see the changes being made,that’s why SNP are gaining more support every day,is anyone surprised,no,me neither.

  3. Grouse Beater says:

    Thank you, Tony, and yes, I agree about the roads. After fifty years we’re still waiting for our generous neighbours to upgrade the A1 from a crap dual carriageway to a motorway. But I suppose they work on the basis the best aspect for a Scot is the road south.

  4. tonyhendrix9 says:

    Cracking journey though,the scenery is brilliant if truth be told,but I can see your point of view mind you.

  5. Marconatrix says:

    An interesting perspective on the potential breakup of the UK. I suppose the economics of Irish unification might be compared to German unification? That must have been costly initially but they obviously thought it was worth the price.
    As for Wales, here’s the view of an opinionated Welsh blogger which has just appeared, it would seem that in Wales ‘devolution’ worked out just as WM intended 😦

  6. liz says:

    I think the EU would help Ireland unite financially if asked. It would increase the security in Ireland and further diminish England’s control.
    East Germany was an economic basket case but the West made it work

  7. Grouse Beater says:

    That’s an excellent point, Liz, and thank you for making it for my remark was too terse. I agree with you entirely. And the UK Treasury will surely offer some money over a few years to Northern Ireland to help it in its transition, but the EU will be invaluable in that regard.

  8. Douglas Deans says:

    Excellent piece GB.

    Regarding collective DEFENCE (rather than foreign adventures) there is much to commend a Europe based collective security alliance that has no delusions about dominating far afield (-NATO, are you listening?). It’s much cheaper defending than travelling the world poking your nose into other people’s business.
    P.S. A couple of minor historical points distract in para 8. I think the French lost their colony in Canada before the French Revolution and Napoleon (the French Acadian people then had very poor treatment under the British). Mozambique was a Portuguese colony until 1975. Doesn’t counter your argument but does distract.

  9. Grouse Beater says:

    Much obliged Douglas.

    Must take more time proof reading; no idea how ‘French’ got in there other than strayed from the example before it. I’d already written about the Portuguese in Mozambique here:

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