The Benefits of Brexit


The atrium headquarters of Lloyds of London

By no stretch of the imagination is this an exhaustive list of every casualty of Middle England’s rampant xenophobia and catastrophic decision to ditch its European partners to become a delusional, renegade state free of foreigners.

Whether you agree with a company’s activities, poor tax returns, or its very existence, is immaterial. Jobs, livelihoods, and entire communities are soon lost to the United Kingdom, the entity Unionists say they wish to preserve. Companies listed here are the big names, most small ones won’t get the same publicity. Many high street stores have already closed, small-time retailers bankrupt. Napoleon’s remark about England being ‘a nation of shopkeepers’ is fast losing force. What we have now are charity shops, tattoo parlours, pizza take-aways and Poundland.

The car giants are crashing out the UK one by one. Japanese have a long history of  being at the losing end of the west’s broken promises. The Try guarantee none will want to leave, ‘they need us’ is bunkum.

More names will be added as and when companies announce closures or decamp from the UK to Europe or Ireland. Without independence and statehood, Scotland is impotent to stop the rot. It has nothing it can offer them, no sanctuary, but we will be adversely affected by the departures, critically so, with massive unemployment, and a rapier wound to our economy. 

The British Government displays serious schizophrenia when even the crazed mind of arch Brexiteer and right-wing zealot Jacob Rees-Mogg of Capital Management – ensuring its Dublin branch keeps its money safe – warns that the UK’s departure from the EU will cause “considerable uncertainty”, a very English understatement from a loopy toff financially well padded against the Ides of May.

[Updated 30 August, 2019]

  1. Aberdeen Standard Investments: Company decide to make Dublin their EU base.
  2. Airbus: Chief executive Tom Enders warned in January that the firm could be forced to start shutting down UK plants and attacked Theresa’s May’s government for the prevailing state of chaos, saying: “It is a disgrace that, more than two years after the result of the 2016 referendum, businesses are still unable to plan properly for the future.” The aerospace group employs 14,000 people in Britain, including 6,000 jobs at its main wings factory at Broughton in North Wales and 3,000 at Filton, near Bristol, where wings are designed.
  3. Arquebus Solutions: Coventry-based security consultancy tracking trafficking of illegal firearms, moved part of the company to Malta to stay inside the EU.
  4. Aviva: Britain’s second-largest insurer announced in February it will move £7.8bn worth of assets to Ireland as it prepares for Brexit.
  5. Bank of America Merrill Lynch: The US lender is spending $400m (£306m) to move staff out of London, Paris its new European HQ.
  6. Barclays: The British bank has moved £166bn of its clients’ assets to Dublin stating that it could not wait any longer to implement Brexit contingency plans. Barclays has also set aside a cool £150m in anticipation of Brexit chaos.
  7. Beazley Insurance: Enlarging its Dublin office to retain access to the single market.
  8. BBC: BBC considering setting up an international base in Belgium if No Deal Brexit.
  9. BMW: Germany’s premier car maker of executives saloons threatens to move its engine making plant from the UK to Austria. It has already announced a shutdown of its MINI factory if a No Deal is eminent.
  10. British Army’s: new Ajax fighting vehicles to be made in Spain using Swedish steel.
  11. British Steel: announced in late last year Brexit could undermine the company’s stability. In June this year the company went into administration, with an estimated loss of 4,000 jobs in its plants and another 20,000 in the supply chain.
  12. BUPA: Has plans to establish a centre in Dublin to stay in the single market.
  13. Credit Suisse: The Swiss bank has moved 250 bankers to European financial hubs.
  14. Dyson: Sir James Dyson arch Brexiteer relocated his company’s headquarters to Singapore, and bought two mega-expensive properties there.
  15. European Banking Authority: moving from London to Paris, including 180 jobs.
  16. European Medicines Agency: moving from London to Amsterdam with 890 jobs.
  17. Jim Ratcliffe (Sir): The chemical engineer turned financier and industrialist, chief of INEOS, has relocated to Monaco for tax purposes.
  18. Ford: US motor giant will “safeguard its interest” including closing plants. A no-deal Brexit will cost Ford $800m (£613m). Also announced closure of its one remaining engine manufacturing plant in Bridgend with the loss of 1,700 jobs.
  19. Goldman Sachs: Goldman states it is reaching the point of its Brexit contingency planning where it will start making irreversible business decisions over how many people it will move to the Continent. Announcement soon.
  20. Hiscox Insurance: Another making Dublin their EU base.
  21. Honda: The Japanese car giant to close its manufacturing plant in Swindon in 2021, culling 3,500 jobs, plus service companies.
  22. Jaguar Land Rover: UK’s Biggest car manufacturer cuts 4,500 jobs. More forecast.
  23. JP Morgan Chase: “Past the point of no return”, 4,000 of 16,000 UK staff go to EU.
  24. Lloyds of London: Transferring all European Economic Area (EEA) business to new Brussels subsidiary before the end of 2020.
  25. MeddiQuest: regulatory affairs management company has completed relocation to Republic of Ireland to ‘avoid the complications of Brexit’.
  26. Michelin: The tyre manufacturer to close its Dundee factory with a loss of 850 jobs.
  27. Moneygram: US money transfer giant moved its European HQs to Brussels.
  28. Muji: Japanese retailer moving to EU base in Germany.
  29. Nissan: Car maker will not make its new X-Trail SUV in the UK, relocating manufacture to Kyushu in Japan, and threatens to close Sunderland plant if faced by a hard Brexit.
  30. Panasonic: The Japanese consumer electronics giant announced it is moving its European headquarters from London to Amsterdam in the Netherlands to avoid potential tax issues linked to Brexit.
  31. P&O: All P&O ships operating in the English Channel will be under the Cypriot flag, not the British flag to keep tax arrangements in the EU and reduce risk of extra inspections and delays.
  32. Philips: Philips is closing its only UK factory, at Glemsford in Suffolk. All operations and 430 jobs will transfer to the Netherlands.
  33. Rolls-Royce: The engine maker announced 4,600 job cuts at its Derby plant by 2020, a move would help save around £400 million a year. The company also confirmed it is pressing ahead with plans to shift design approval for large aero engines from Derby to Germany.
  34. Schaeffler: Automotive and industrial supplier Schaeffler is to close two sites in the UK, with “uncertainty” surrounding Brexit. Sites in Plymouth and Llanelli, South Wales, will close within two years with up to 500 jobs affected.
  35. Sony: Like Panasonic, the Japanese electronics giant is moving its European HQ from London to Amsterdam. According to the Dutch government, up to 250 companies were in talks to relocate to the scenic canal city as a result of Brexit.
  36. Steris: Derby-headquartered medical supplies and microbiology testing firm with an annual £3 billion turnover has announced that it plans to redomicile to Ireland.
  37. Toyota: Toyota slashed its profit forecast for 2019 and warned it will be impossible to avoid the harmful effects of a no-deal Brexit. It is ‘monitoring’ the situation.
  38. UBS: Switzerland’s biggest bank chose Frankfurt as the base for its EU operations after Brexit. “We are operating on the assumption that there is no agreement.”
  39. Unilever: Consumer giant, makes everything from Marmite to Domestos, decides to scrap its dual-headquartered structure and make Rotterdam its main base.
  40. XL Insurance: Plans to establish a centre in Dublin to stay in the single market.

And so it continues…..over 500 companies in talks with France, Germany, Belgium and Ireland. Sadly, not Scotland. We missed the the prize by a mile.



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2 Responses to The Benefits of Brexit

  1. angusskye says:

    But, GB, we’ll have a People’s Vote, Remain will win and we’ll go back to as it was before. In fact, everything will be better than it was before 2016, climate change will be reversed, the whales will be saved, the UK will gloriously lead the world in absolutely everything you can think of.

    The proponents of a People’s Vote in Scotland are fiddling whilst Scotland burns. Nothing will ever be the same again. Even if the UK remains in the EU, these companies you have listed will not return “as you were”. The EU institutions that have relocated will not come back. No-one will ever trust the UK again – God knows why they ever have!

    Billions have been spent so far on this criminal farce. More than ever we need to get away from this UK bunch of amoral shysters, their shady international backers and this rabble of incompetents who do their bidding.

  2. I’d like to leave this here as a thought for your readers.

    It seems to me that the real benefits of Brexit to the Establishment are twofold: first the obvious advantages to rampant, venal capitalists – the like of whom are either good pals with or are in the government – of a trade deal with the USA; secondly and in my opinion much more dangerous even than chlorinated chicken is the the stamping out of Scotch sedition.

    I imagine than in coming months USA trade deal lobbyists will make an absolute fortune selling the message to a labile and gullible UK public. And at the same time the increasingly offensive language used against supporters of Scottish independence will crank up further – Fluffy’s claim than the SNP are “saboteurs of the Union” is an appalling characterisation of a democratic political party with a very large measure of popular support, and yet it will be allowed to pass so that upon its shoulders even more offensive language will be used.

    It is almost as if the Brits are deliberately provoking a reaction that would justify sending in the police and the army. How long will it be before we are branded terrorists? The real benefits of Brexit are to a crumbling empire, making a last ditch attempt to wield anachronistic power over the bumptious northern colonies upon which it has been economically dependent since its inauguration in 1707.

    Just a thought 🙂

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