No Libel Without Reprisal


No sensible person wants dispute to reach court; but some folk think a lie is the truth

First, a heartfelt thanks to all who have contributed to the fund so far to beat an apology out of the politicians and Daily Record for publishing or mouthing outrageous pulp fiction. You have my gratitude. Your support strengthens my resolve to bite back at falsehood and smear and leave a permanent mark.

Nemo me impune lacessit – reads the legend under the Scottish Law Court’s heraldry – ‘no one provokes me with impunity’. And so it should be for the poor as well as the rich.

For good or ill

Opening your purse or pocket and making the effort to donate should only be done if you are not sacrificing the money for critical things, such as food.

Though the fund is open-ended because no one knows what the ultimate costs will be and when, the initial charges sent to the malignant and the wilfully malicious are costly.

Naming names

My main tormentors are: the Daily Record, a Tory politician, a Labour politician, and a GMB official, all of whom I fully expect to puff up their arrogance to Hindenberg proportions and deny they defamed anybody. (I hope to name them soon.)

The dissembling sods will have my litigation document against their name in the same way that I am forced to come across a handful of manic sociopaths on a social website defame my reputation for sound integrity. No use suing them. The closet psychos desperately seeking vain-glorious praise for being upright citizens don’t have a penny.

It requires legal expertise to compose letters of claim, and not an angry rebuff from me. In these instances, few if any legal expert will work pro-bono, or go to court on the basis of no win – no fee. That one is for accident insurance claims where the solicitor feels confident it’s a slam dunk.

How much?

I still need to reach £5,000 for me to feel confident I won’t have to sell my shirt or my last pair of jeans. This then is a second push for donations. The opponents of constitutional progress rely on their targets being unable to strike back legally because of the financial cost, and indeed that attitude works most times.

What we want to do in this case is two-fold: make the guilty understand they cannot libel without fear of reprisal, and second, have them resort to costly lawyers defending themselves from the truth and fairness they failed miserably to respect.

Where to donate

If you can help me reach the desired £5,000 – an initial sum to cover litigation letters – please donate by name or anonymously. And thank you for taking the time to read this.

Click this for donation site:


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3 Responses to No Libel Without Reprisal

  1. Second donation in Grousy. I long to see you victorious in this tawdry affair. The people of whom you speak (and I think I know at least one of their names already) imagine themselves to be above reproach, I have nothing but contempt for them. Good luck.

  2. Grouse Beater says:

    That’s far too generous, Neil, but thank you just the same. Politicians defile the good name of our parliament when they resort to smear. I shall do my best to place on their reputation the epitaph ‘disreputable sod’..

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