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Scotland – a Colony Once More

The Tories make clear they have no respect for the Scottish Parliament. Never again will the line that Scotland is an equal partner in Westminster system be believed. The decision to act without our consent, and the manner of doing … Continue reading

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Jurassic World – a review

On my first visit to a Hollywood studio to pitch a project the executives were sufficiently impressed with the computer requirements in one project to have an employee show me around the premises and meet staff. One of the places I … Continue reading

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Once We Were Anglos

When Anglophiles proclaim they’re British and Scots, meaning not really proud to be Scots but wish they were English, I get an image of a prawn announcing it’s proud to be a Crustacean and a Prawn. Secretly, the Prawn wants to … Continue reading

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Car News: Leccy Bikes

A weekly guide to all that’s rotten about car ownership, plus some good bits A reader wrote asking about electric motorbikes so I thought I should respond to his curiosity and have a look. I’ve often admired motorbike design but … Continue reading

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It’s the Economy, Stupid!

A question and answer interview with Grouse Beater I’ll begin with the obvious. You’re a writer, a creator, not an economist. So why am I interviewing you about Scotland’s economy? I judge what is right and fair and just for … Continue reading

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