The Russians Are Coming!


You get what you see

What a week – assassins to the left of us, assassins to the right, turn and face the monsters, don’t die without a fight.

That aside, there’s something very funny about a fat man called Boris denouncing other fat men who have Russian names. This is the same Tory politician who  refuses to take any action on Russian donations “until evidence is available”. Hilarious, isn’t it?

In England Corbyn is attacked as a friend of Russia. They tried to get him hung as a spy for the KGB. That didn’t stick. Scotland is kinder. We ignore him. He’s the old colonial using a sextant to map a channel through Scotland’s rocky politics, eating straight from a can of beans his most radical act. Autonomy for Scotland would surely freeze his veins.

Somehow I don’t see Corbyn as an agent of the Evil Empire. Instead of choosing Tory constituencies to unseat the candidate Corbyn targets SNP seats, the one party to offer support to Labour, a truly bizarre attitude. He holds court in Dundee the one city that overwhelmingly voted to reinstate self-governance. He’s so bumbly in everything a wonder he didn’t begin his speech saying how wonderful it was to be in Dunoon.

Keep calm and carry on

Captain Corbyn’s own shipmates prevaricate about their loyalty should he dare invest time in that old fashioned pursuit called creating good international relations. What a mutinous crew. In this instance Corbyn shows how to be commander if not master. He did the right thing over the Russian spy scandal and advised the populace to avoid rash judgments until given cast iron proof Putin is the villain of England’s rural peace.

Corbyn is smart enough not to reignite another cold war. He has no wish to build up the forces of aggression and violence. But he is so poor in his steering of SS British Enterprise polls show he can’t beat the most inept Tory administration in generations.

Irrefutable proof? What’s that?

Relishing the resurrection of an old adversary the Tories use the commie slur to smear opponents. Their nursery supervisor Gavin Williamson, defence secretary, tells the entire Russian continent with its 11 time zones to ‘shut up and go away’. Yes, that’ll do it. Tories cannot shake off their in ability to live with any nation that doesn’t play their hallowed game of cricket.

Alex Salmond is next for assassination for daring to sell his politics show to Russian Television, a broadcaster approved and supervised by Ofcom. The Tories would shut down RT in a heartbeat. There shall be no state broadcaster other than BBC, and it too might get the poke in the eye if it harbours too many Lefties.

Boris Johnson chief jester claims it’s “overwhelmingly likely” Russian president Putin personally approved the decision to use a nerve agent to kill the former double agent spy Sergei Skripal on UK soil. “Overwhelmingly” is a wobbly term, a phrase soon thrown out of any court. Johnson is a man who opens his mouth to remove his feet.

Expect reruns of the sub-Animal Farm comedy at a local cinema soon, ‘Death of Stalin’.


BBC’s Newsnight showing how the UK’s state broadcaster reinforces smear and innuendo

Upping the anti in Porton Down

Insiders suggest Boris Johnson failed to pressure Porton Down staffers into putting in writing the lie that only Russians manufacture the poison Novichok, (sounds like a new chocolate bar) the virulent scratch and sniff poison that laid low a former double agent, his daughter, and a police officer. 

Porton Down is Britain’s most secretive and controversial war research institution. We claim to have no chemical weapons, only residual stockpiles to be opened in the event of an attack needing an antidote.

Former UK Ambassador Craig Murray has said, the British government keeps avoiding the direct phrase, ‘a poison developed in Russia’. The programme of destruction of Russian chemical weapons was completed last year under the watchful eye of western inspectors working for the Organisation of Preventative Chemical Weapons – OPCW. The question arises, if OPCW oversaw destruction of all Russia’s chemical weapons and no trace of Novochok was registered, from were the assassin obtain it?

By all accounts the greatest concentration of chemical weapons is in the USA, approximately 40,000 metric tons. They claim to have decommissioned 87%. The Army Medical Research Institute of Chemical Defence in Maryland continues to operate. Their stockpile began in 1917, just as Russian peasants stormed the Winter Palace.

Begin in 1985, destruction of the US’s chemical weapons has been dead slow and stop, hampered by refusals to allow access to some laboratories. Israel has large quantities of chemical weapons too but steadfastly refuses to declare any of them to the OPCW.

I’ve not seen a Russian spy assassinate another spy, but I have seen on hotel video Israel’s secret police Mossad in the throes of assassinating an ‘enemy of the Israeli state’. And we know the US assassinates individuals with impunity. Presidents are prime targets.


Dramatic clobber to protect against sudden death and … nearby a fireman rests easy

 The Russians Are Coming!

The British scare is identical to the one conducted against Trump, now cast as a stooge of the Kremlin same as Corbyn. And yet the one good thing you can attribute to Trump is his intention to improve relations with Russia. Trump is no commie. His only ideology is ‘me’. Full stop. You can bet Trump would turn down the job of Pope knowing it was only assistant to the real thing.

We witness a classic tactic of the neo-liberal extremist – cause a diversion and move in fast with radical change to society’s structure while the populace are engrossed elsewhere. In the UK our Tory press and media co-operate in a striking way with the red scare agenda. The largest part of that co-operation is their insistence on stoking the Russian scandal and making it a major distraction from more significant problems.

The UK is a crock of crap: Brexit is one gigantic catastrophe, May’s men grotesquely unprepared to solve the crisis; England’s NHS is failing for lack of investment; state support called welfare is a bad joke; the British economy hits debt at the £2 trillion mark; the Irish border is an impending wildfire; the power grab of Scotland’s rights is a certainty – best solution, create a diversion you know the right-wing press will follow.

Delivery to Scotland is extra

Corbyn puts May and her rabble to shame. When in Scotland he puts Labour to shame.

Inside Caird Hall, Labour, wrestling with a wonky PA system, the howler of Labour founder and Scot Keir Hardie misspelled Kier “Hardy” writ large on the screen behind, Labour pretended to be a Scottish party. They didn’t wear ‘See me, Jimmy’ hats and wigs, but they might as well have so irrelevant was their annual conference. Their culturally illiterate branch manager Richard Leonard had his say, followed by a few blowhards boasting they were stalkers out to harass the SNP – “we’re breathing down your neck”.

Last time I saw this austere forbidding edifice of Caird Hall it was doubling as a cold, ominous Russian government building in a British spy drama. The despicable British press missed that one, the headline ‘Corbyn in his Kremlin’ lost to posterity

Labour’s latest slogan, a takeaway service ‘Delivering For the Many, Not the Few’, does not include delivery of Scotland to Scotland.

“In Scotland we were told Labour was dying” Corbyn told us, looking every inch a man with one foot in the grave, no chance of ever becoming prime minister in his lifetime.

How sad he didn’t say something more relevant to Scots, “In England we were told democracy was dying, well it’s true, and we have come here to ask for political asylum!” A good many of his countrymen are moving to Scotland for the superior quality of life.

As for which nation attacked a double agent, and Corbyn a KGB recruit, and did Trump or his son met a Russian ambassador – ambassadors are paid to meet people – truth is slow but inexorable. In time it will make its appearance.

We had better get on with protecting the sovereignty of Scotland. That other lot next door are racing toward a whirlpool and we are in great danger of getting sucked under.


The howler that exposes where Labour’s mindset lies, and it isn’t in socialism


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2 Responses to The Russians Are Coming!

  1. Also amazingly, Corbyn’s cloth cap, was photoshopped into a more Russian looking fur hat. This by the supposedly impartial BBC, which is now simply a state propaganda outlet.

  2. Grouse Beater says:

    Indeed. Someone over-stepped the line unaware of the public mood.

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