Westminster’s Repeater


The Winchester Repeater Rifle – at heart all right-wing Tories think they’re John Wayne

Starting pistol fired, the march to a second plebiscite on Scotland’s future has begun.

Scheduled to take place probably late in 2018, England’s association with the European Union ended in death by hubris, Gibraltar tossed to Fate, old and new Empire loyalists will know what they have gotten in return for mass hysteria, xenophobia, and believing every word they read in the amoral Daily Mail.

Painfully, moronically May repeats endlessly, “Now is not the time! Now is not the time!” as if there is a right time. 2018 is not now. A Glaswegian replies, “Yer a wee bi’ previous, hen”. To nobody’s surprise May treats Scotland with contempt.

I repeat – repetition is all the rage

The ghastly ‘Brexit means Brexit’ remains Number One mantra shouted by the hard of thinking at the hard of hearing. Mindless slogan follows mindless ungrammatical utterance with garbled syntax: ‘Better Together’, ‘Stronger in the UK’, “There’s no oil left”, brazen lies spoken by England for England.

By ironic coincidence slogan (clan Logan) is derived from the Scots, a war cry. Slogans uttered by England’s queasy quislings are flaccid. There’s no narrative, no impressionistic reverberation, just sleep inducing patterns.

Designed to stimulate an emotion but not cogent thought, you make your own personal interpretation, your intellect treated like an iPhone gathering fashionable apps.

Westminster propaganda is loaded and fired like a Winchester rifle, a weapon improved over the original Henry rifle by two Englishmen from Norfolk, Mr Smith and Mr Wesson. “That damned Yankee rifle they load on Sunday and fire all week!” Plainly that’s the action opponents of Scotland’s progress intend to emulate. They load the slogans on Sunday and fire them all twenty-four hours a day.

To the unwary, and to empty skulls, repeated lies can have an adverse effect on the perception of truth.

Like an authoritarian parent who tells their child what to think, “You’re not hungry!” rather than letting it think for itself, the Right-wing of England’s power keeps berating Scotland as if a child that refuses to eat its greens. In fact, skirt wearers refusing their vegetables is a repeated joke we hear most days of the week.

Unionists will wipe the slate clean to chalk the same crapology upon on it. We’ve no excuse taken by surprise. Be prepared. The weapon to out-shoot a Repeater rifle is a Gatling Gun. Use it without remorse.


Here are the expected attacks on Scotland’s integrity and our intelligence.

Red Brown and grey all over

Gordon Brown will appear yet again to ‘ask’ the UK government for more powers for Scotland, as if somehow that’s what he always wanted when Prime Minister. He could have given Scotland the lot but resolutely did nothing. A soon as he speaks Theresa May and her cabinet try hard to stifle their laughter. He will say the powers he requests will make Scotland the biggest, widest, deepest devolved power in the entire galaxy. What he won’t say is, they can be removed overnight in a House of Common’s sitting by seven Tories, (two fast asleep) and six bitter Labour MPs whose careers amount to nothing more than a baggy suit and a baggier face. Without much enthusiasm the press will report his oesophagus croaking dutifully. His self-elected role as town crier marks the umpteenth time he has intervened to call for the ‘final, final, final solution’.

Scotland is too poor

GERS – Government Expenditure and Revenue Scotland – is a con trick. It was designed as a con trick. They are long discredited imagined figures waved under our noses like a wobbly sausage as evidence Scotland is a basket case. The contradiction won’t occur to liars and dissemblers that 300 years of Westminster rule must have placed it in that perilous state. In reality, any number of eminent economists, Nobel winners among them, state GERS is a bag of slippery eels. Scotland is economically wealthy more so than England with its £1.7 trillion debt. Our oil revenues are a bonus, even a pound a barrel. We would begin reinstatement of nationhood without a penny debt. Colonialists will counter that we can’t use the pound, but denied toilet paper, we might have to. The depiction of Scotland as a permanent mendicant is a load of cannonballs.

Independence chatter is divisive

That gripe will come in two forms (a) no one wants another referendum, and (b) it’s tearing families apart, James Dean fashion. Both gross exaggerations are presented in the collective: a lot, many, most, a majority of voters, or the tourist generalisation, Scots everywhere. The reverse is the truth. Recent polls show that a good majority feel the Scottish Parliament the only institution to decide on referenda and should decide as it thinks fit. Voters expect their parliament to take decisions, or its an impotent talking shop. All political debates, especially the radical kind, are argumentative by nature. People should expect their sensibilities to be outraged. If you think discussing our constitution divisive you ain’t seen nothing yet! When it’s all over and self-governance won we will bang heads passionately absorbed in forming an exciting new society.

Scotland will be open to terrorism

Scotland has never been a terrorist target. Only Fred the Shredder of bank savings was ever a target. Our politics are diametrically opposed to London’s. Radicals the world over detest the British state, meaning England, not the Scottish mainland. There’s no sense attacking a country that makes clear it does not want to attack other countries. Look what happened to two local extremists who ran their burning SUV into a side window of Glasgow airport some years back. The driver got beaten up whilst still in flames, thumped stupid by an angry young man. We have plenty of angry young men where he came from.

What currency will we use?

The pound sterling – after Brexit the UK Treasury needs all the friends it can get to dump a measure of its vast debts. Then again, we might choose not to use it. “You’re not getting sterling” is a threat fast losing … currency. We might create our own from the start, as we did the first paper pound note. We can name it the Bawbee, the Saltire, the Salmond, or the Scotfree. And to those shouting “We want answers!” hit them hard with the 650 pages of the White Paper, the dorks.

Why trade rule from London for rule from Brussels?

That question presupposes London rule is as bad as many English think Brussels’ rule. To answer directly, it’s fairer, it carries huge benefits, financial, cultural, and in trade. We get to walk around Europe unmolested by bureaucracy. It’s our choice made by free will and not a Tory government foisted on us decade after decade. Indeed, we don’t need to use the Euro. The claim that the Euro is obligatory is repeated ad nauseam, even after showing proof other EU countries have dispensed with it. British nationalists hate to acknowledge the obvious. They’ll explore every avenue until only common sense is left.

Spain will veto Scotland’s re-entry to the EU

This was shot to pieces months ago by Spanish politicians and EU officials. To Unionist’s dismay, the EU has stated it will not block Spain’s approaches to appropriate Gibraltar now that the British Government has thrown it and its 30,000 inhabitants to el perros. Spain was never worried by Catalonia’s pitch for autonomy. That province is not a country. Spain wants Gibraltar. Now it can make its move. The problem is all rUK’s.

There’s no oil left

Another new deposit has been discovered bigger than Greenland. Whitehall has found it impossible to keep the lid shut tight on its existence. By oil field engineer’s own estimates there are billions of barrels for decades to come. Somehow Norway keeps raising millions in revenues a month while our rigs next door plan to become offshore amusement parks for kids, or novelty high-end restaurants, an hour’s luxury boat trip from Trumps golf course.

Known unknowns

So, no surprises in Brit nationalist tactics. Ammunition spent on the first referendum, they ram sticks and stones down the barrel of their repeater rifle for the next.

We can argue anything could happen between now and the autumn of 2018 to deflect politician momentum. Well, it can happen to the other side just as easily, before a second referendum is due to coincide with Westminster’s hope of getting all they had but without paying for it. And something surely will happen.

A war, a small one, mind, is a good way of uniting people under one flag and delaying Scotland’s democratic progress another decade. That could happen, it’s easy to arrange. Best guess; a gunboat sent to Gibraltar to save it from hordes of Spanish and Brit expats.

You can laugh – as many did about Trump becoming president – but dullard May could resign to give way to smarmy Nigel Farage as Prime Minister, he having switched from his shambles of a BNP-EDF pretendy party to the loaded dice side, appointing himself Ambassador to the USA, and permanent guest on BBC’s creaking Have I Got Stereotypes For You.

Heavens above, at the instigation of MI5, Special Branch could release a fake document and attendant story to the press about Nicola Surgeon’s private life as a Russian double agent and femme fatal.

The middle-class might revolt on hearing the price of polenta has quadrupled since the UK left the EU. Devastating summer floods caused by climate change storms could wipe out most of Somerset and Perth, supplies of cider and wellies crashing to a critical all-time low. The grinning prime minister of the English Isles, as Britain will assuredly be rechristened, will call for unity, plus his pipe and his pint of warm beer.

Who knows what might happen?

Whatever does happen you can be sure a Tory will have a hand in it.

Remember, they have nothing to say, only to repeat.


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31 Responses to Westminster’s Repeater

  1. ian m says:

    The currency issue will be a scary one for the public to digest.
    I would like to see us retain the Scottish pound and float it ourselves.
    It should be a single release not with other stuff, i e the white paper.
    We should show other countries who have successfully done the same thing.
    Have the answers before questions can be asked.
    If we tie to the UK pound it will be seen that we still “need” the UK.
    If we launch it all at the same time the rUK will just create so much noise that the answers will be drowned out.
    It will be rational v irrational.

  2. Grouse Beater says:

    I think there’s a mood swinging to having our own currency. But if we do retain the pound sterling this time around as the favoured option, however, the UK government is in no position to be school bully.

  3. Andy in Germany says:

    I’m not convinced the recent oil discoveries are as much of a game changer as some hope. So far, the estimates are for 1 billion barrels, which will be burned up within a year.. Estimates tend to be a bit high in any case because they boost investment.
    We also have to remember that west of Shetland is a rather cold, stormy and remote place. The oil fields will only be worked as long as they are profitable and that means a relatively high oil price.
    In a way, I hope that there isn’t that much oil, because then WM will be less interested in Scotland. WM has shown a worrying tendency to send tanks anywhere tha they think threatens their oil supply, and ‘a war, a small one, mind,’ to get hold of the resources in Scotland would then serve two aims.
    Equally, stopping runaway climate change is unlikely to happen if we keep burning every reserve of oil we can find.

  4. Grouse Beater says:

    We shall see. “Dwindling oil reserves” has been denied by oil engineers for a long time, and only contradicted by oil magnates loyal to the Tory party. But the test is how we bat it aside, to use a good English phrase.

  5. Ade says:

    We know the mainstream media fire lots of shots but increasingly these are seen as ‘dummy rounds’ by a Scottish public who have seen the lies spun previously.

    I think the Westminster/ U.K. Gov’s response will get increasingly sinister. & will involve nefarious activities from the ‘security services’ (if they haven’t been involved already!)

    I’ll just mention the case of the campaign for Irish home rule in the 1880’s which was smeared by factions of the UK establishment, detailed here.

    We have got to be aware of such threats in order to recognise and counter them – they will arise as the independence campaign achieves success.

    Great blog – Best wishes

  6. Grouse Beater says:

    Many thanks, and haste ye back! 🙂

  7. Andy in Germany says:

    I can see why this is worrying for some people, but in the last few generations we’ve seen new currencies like the Deutschmark founded and then grow, in a country with not that many natural rescources. The same country then managed to absorb the former east Germeny, which then adopted Deutschmarks instead of Ostmarks with nary a flutter, and then in 2001 much of mainland Europe simply started using an entirely artificial currency. This wasn’t without chellenges, but there were none of the disasters predicted.

  8. Grouse Beater says:

    “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself” said a man confined to a wheelchair in charge of America. (Addendum: His nation has dispensed fear worldwide ever since.)

  9. Andy in Germany says:

    Let us remember that oil engineers have something of a vested interest as well. I could well expect tories to talk down oil reserves in Scotland before independence. What concerns me is that ‘high’ or ‘new’ reserves may not be the good news story we think. If the reserves are higher, and WM knows this, they’ll fight tooth and claw to keep control of them.

  10. TheItalianJob says:

    So very true. I hope that the reality of what Westminster has fostered on Scotland will waken up most of those that voted No in 2014. Of course this will be harder given that the supporters of Westminster are in our midst i.e. Scottish Tory, Labour and LibDem MSPs.

    We need to stand united as we are so culturally and politically different from rUK that we now need to finally push and break free and sing our own song’s so to speak.

  11. Lenny says:

    I agree GERS is a total con because Scotland but I’ve had arguments with Yoons where they say GERS was used as the basis for our economic arguments in 2014, both in the White Paper and Wings’ Wee Blue Book.

    Now our argument is it was all lies and we just get laughed at.

  12. ian m says:

    Aye Lenny the GERS issue is tricky but it was the only numbers we had because all the numbers are in Westminster
    In a debate I would ask what mechanism is used to assign the amounts to Scotland

  13. Lenny says:

    They’re not though, are they? If that was really the case would the SNP not have made more of it seeing as they’ve been in power for a decade? And if they used them knowing they were false, it doesn’t exactly make them trustworthy.

    We need serious answers about plans for the economy not just burying our heads in the sand. At least that’s what I think.

  14. Grouse Beater says:

    After the SNP’s previous landslide they got the Scottish Office around the table and refused to accept GERS.

    During the Smith Commission – a piece of window dressing if ever there was one – they did the same, demanded sources and accurate figures, but as expected got block by Tory and Labour on the committee. However, they managed a few concessions. In the end they accepted that GERS is all we are going to get.

    The financial figures laid out in the White Paper were NOT the SNPs, they belonged to various economists including two Nobel Prize winners.

    Opponents of Scotland’s progress don’t have an argument against financial predictions. All they have is GERS.

    When push comes to shove you can predict some basics that won’t alter much, but not much more past a decade’s forecast. That’s the same for any country.

    What we do know, and what the SNP recognised is, we need a bigger population, which is why immigration has to remain an open door to allow people to come and go.

  15. Lenny says:

    I knew you’d have an answer Grouse! Is there a link that I can show people? All I can find is this, which doesn’t really support what you’re saying: http://www.gov.scot/Publications/2015/03/1422/5

  16. Lenny says:

    I’ve been looking but I can’t find anything anywhere to support your arguments Grouse Beater. Can you help?

    PS, I don’t think saying the White Paper arguments were not the SNP’s will help anyone take is seriously either.

  17. Grouse Beater says:

    The government established various committees of experts in each field and not independence supporters, to research and analyse all sorts of facts and figures. The case for self-governance had to issue from impartial sources for the very reason any plus was sure to be derided and dismissed – as happened.

    Their findings make up the bulk of the White Paper. To my knowledge, Salmond and his advisers added prefix and suffix items to chapters, and made good a final draft that all committee chairpersons endorsed.

    If the SG was going to convince the many and the doubters self-governance was always possible, only ever denied 300 years, the contents of the White Paper had to be compiled by experts who know their stuff.

  18. Lenny says:

    But those predictions were based on GERS. We can’t simultaneously say the White Paper was brilliant and GERS is complete rubbish!

  19. Grouse Beater says:

    I know what you’re getting at; some figures are accepted as ‘reasonable’ guesstimates, (they can be verified to a certain degree) others immaterial, when placed against under a different set of economic priorities in an independent Scotland. They are a spring board, somewhere to begin.

    For example, with the price of oil so volatile how an you state categorically it will be this or that, you can only take Treasury forecast, which the White Paper did but lowered assuming the price might fall. The Treasury value of oil proved useless, the SG’s lower forecast too optimistic.

    The thing to keep uppermost in your mind is, governments plan their economy on a five year basis, the general lifespan of an administration. They know anything can happen to upset their plans at any time, but they feel they can correct problems as and when they arise. To plan beyond five years is to tempt fate and make yourself seem inexpert.

    A Scottish government is in the same position – some things will remain constant allowing you to quantify them over a period of years, other things will wax and wane.

    Who in 1982 could have planned to avoid – had they been smart enough to see greed take a massive fall – the bank and finance houses collapse of 1988? Only Norway – they have a fat oil fund!

  20. Lenny says:

    Hindsight is a wonderful thing, foresight moreso!

  21. Grouse Beater says:

    Foresight includes have an unshakeable belief in the energy and resourcefulness of your nation to overcome economic or physical obstacles such as floods, their ability to double effort in times of hardship, or create new enterprises to increase shared wealth.

    And then there’s this:

    Scottish GDP per capita 2015: $43,410. Germany $40,952. France $37,653. Spain $25,843.
    Tell Scotland why it’s supposed to be a basket case.

  22. Lenny says:

    Once you get into GDP you have to start looking at the cost of delivering services in Scotland and we get back to Barnett and the deficit.

    I think in an Indy Scotland the simple truth we will have to tax more, particularly those in the more affluent areas of the central belt. They can afford it!

  23. Grouse Beater says:

    If economic truth was simple we wouldn’t be having this chat.

    Anyhow, I don’t follow you reasoning.

    Opponents of Scotland unfettered always say we will have to raise taxes on achieving autonomy, but on what and how much? Making general statements is as useless as a toffee apple without its stick.

    They can’t say because they can’t quantify debts or deficits in an independent Scotland. And once Scotland shows its wealth they can’t state what taxes can be reduced or even abolished.

    In other words, its all conjecture.

    Countries rejuvenate their economy after devastating floods and fires, but for some reason Scotland is told we have neither the skills nor the gumption to do the same.

    Obviously, that’s all arrant nonsense.

  24. Lenny says:

    It’s no secret that most Scots live in the central belt or it costs more to deliver services to more remote areas.
    If Scotland generates enough taxes to pay for its public services then great, if not then we need to raise more money and those with the most should pay more. Simples!
    Not sure your point about floods and fires. You say economic truth is not simple but then suggest it is! If growing economies was so easy then the deficits and debts would not be an issue for any country.
    As for debt and deficit, they at it’s £15 billion or so a year, which you said was nonsense which takes is back to the the start of this discussion – unless we have a cogent economic case no voters will remain unconverted.

  25. Grouse Beater says:

    The alleged £15 billion veers wildly from as little a £3 billion, depending on which unionists is trying to cause panic, and all figures are based on Scotland now, under Westminster’s Treasury and locked into austerity. Hence, they’re meaningless. Naysayers also conveniently leave out funds to make their figures seem realistic.

    The only figures and opinion we can rely on are the economists who agreed a healthy Scotland easily attainable, and those in England coming out the woodwork now to admit debts and deficits are hogwash.

    For a nation claimed to be a basket case in 1707 – onto which England raised our taxes Year 1 – we seem not to have gone bankrupt at all, but England has, twice, and maybe a third time with its uncontrolled £1.7 trillion debt.

    Then again, Westminster will argue with some justification having a huge burden of debt doesn’t stop them being a wealthy and powerful country … see what I mean?

  26. Lenny says:

    No. You’re making no sense at all. If the figures are meaningless they’re meaningless; and optimistic projections are even more foolish given, as I’ve said, the geographical spread of Scotland’s population.
    My point was the Scottish Government accepts GERS and we need to come up with some serious economics strategies.
    You’ve claimed GERS is meaningless and the Scottish Government disputes them but have no evidence to show this is the case.
    Also, debt is one thing; deficit is another.
    Surely we – and you – can do better than this?
    How can we convince people to vote Yes when, quite frankly, all we can offer is bollocks?
    One economist has questioned GERS but the bulk of opinion, from economists, is we would need tax rises and cuts to public services.
    We should be honest about that.

    Telling the Edinburgh dinner party set to pay more for a fairer Scotland isn’t going to scare off many voters!

  27. Grouse Beater says:

    I don’t claim that – economists, eminent professors, are laying it out in newspaper articles and learned papers. GERS was destroyed months ago.

  28. Lenny says:

    One does. The problem with an appeal to authority is you can’t then ignore warnings fro other authorities about the deficit! http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/politics/top-economists-give-verdict-independent-10143065

    Look, this is your blog and you speak a lot of sense but if we only listen to the voices we want to hear, we’re screwed.

  29. Grouse Beater says:

    Nobody with any common sense and perception quotes the Daily Record as their cast iron evidence! You’re a fifth columnist, Lenny, busted, and I claim my £10. 🙂

  30. Lenny says:

    I am honestly thinking the same thing about you!

  31. Grouse Beater says:

    You do, aye. There’s a ton of evidence for that. Hahaha!

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