How to be Scottish and British


I usually compose my own polemic attacking the English press resident in Scotland, quoting the odd line or paragraph, a press with a self-appointed brief to inform against Scotland at will. They strive hard and furiously to undermine the electorate’s confidence in the democratic process, and divert us from any hope of achieving self-determination.

In so many ways and variations we are to be told we are too small, too poor, and too dim-witted to be anything but a tourist destination.

Today, for this occasion, I publish an editorial that speaks for itself, grossly insulting bull crap of an editorial from a newspaper that is so far down the oily tube of closure that it’s hardly worth lobbing a cold dead hamburger at it for its brazen xenophobia.

Here’s the ‘Scottish’ Sunday Daily Express – yes, it has the temerity to call itself Scottish – hiding under the anonymous banner of an editorial – telling Scotland how it’s like, giving two fingers to Europeans, and insulting over 300,000 resident English happy to live and work here.

Incidentally, if we were part of the European Community as a sovereign state there is no obligation to use the Euro, and if there was such a condition, we could not fulfil it for some considerable number of years. The editorial contains lies, lies, hatred and damned lies, too many to explain. Let the abuse and the racism speaks for itself.

The piece could be entitled ‘Stay With Us – Until We Suck You Dry’

In highlighting the possibility of the UK’s demise, David Cameron has an incongruous ally in Scottish Nationalist leader Nicola Sturgeon, usually the Tories’ most bitter enemy but now a fellow advocate of EU membership. Her party the dominant political force north of the border, senses a new opportunity that Brexit could open in the push for another vote on independence. Ms Sturgeon told her party’s spring conference at the weekend that the time had now arrived for a “new initiative” to achieve “the beautiful dream of independence”.  But this kind of rhetoric exposes the profound contradiction of the SNP’s stance on the EU.
And there’s more…
The party shouts of freedom, yet as a bunch of Europhile fanatics, they want to see Scotland subjugated under the undemocratic rule of an oligarchical regime in Brussels.”
Poor nations should stay dumb
The last paragraph reminds readers how much we are considered a poverty-stricken, useless nation living off the wealth of hard working London bankers and financiers, impoverishing them in their very act of helping us, and yet for some inexplicable unknown reason, Westminster wishes to hold onto Scotland’s liberties and social prosperity.
Squandering our wealth
Could trillions of Scotland’s appropriated North Sea oil revenues squandered on emasculating organised labour have something to do with their reluctance to see the light, more still to be had from the oil fields, plus billions in pensions and taxes gifted to rotten crooked banks, our youth for canon fodder in far off lands, among other revenue benefits?
The saddest part of all this isn’t the editorial. The saddest part is, you can find many like it any day of the week, all saying the same thing.
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3 Responses to How to be Scottish and British

  1. Ken says:

    Can’t see the bank details to donate yet. Trying to keep up.

  2. hettyforindy says:

    Wow, you would think that rUKok are no longer going to trade with Scotland should we ‘break away’. The guy misses the point of course, being that our neighbour takes most of our money, and throws us a bit of small change back, saying ‘ha ha, see how you can manage on that, you sweaty scroungers!’ The EU tend not to remove Scotland’s revenues by force while making us pay for all kinds of vanity projects. The yookay even have us paying for their propaganda!

    It may well come to pass, that many nawbags’ will come to realise what a big big mistake they made, because to be shackled to this corrupt, extreme right wing and dysfunctional so called union, is only going to place Scotland in a worse situation than could have been envisaged even 2 years ago. The SNP have a huge task on their hands to stand in front of the oncoming old fashioned, backward train wreck that the UKok is right now.

    Regards oil, there is plenty in Scotlands waters, it might be a bit more difficult to extract, but there is plenty. If we had control over that, we could have already invested even more in renewables.

    It’s the North British, red tory lot who need to take a long look at themselves. Recently had an altercation with such a friend, who says he is ‘North British’ and who says he would vote for brexit just to spite the tories. For me that was very telling, we are no longer friends. He is very much born n bred Scottish, I am from just over the border, we couldn’t be more different now. He might as well vote tory far as I am concerned. Anyway, no love lost, but it is a sad situation to have people running down their own country at every opportunity, who are supposed “socialists”.

  3. Grouse Beater says:

    Indeed, Hetty. It’s remarkable how oil reserves ebb and flow depending on the price of a barrel of crude set by the Saudis.
    And like you, I’ve become impatient with those telling me Scotland is a second-rate nation, and that’s its natural habitat.

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