My Friend the Ukip Voter



Dartmouth. Devon is blessed with many picturesque harbours

A friend is a friend

I have a fine friend, a hard working, working class, classless in attitude family man who lives in Devon. He’s a skilled craftsman, the kind with an unshakeable pride in his work that motivates him to work long hours to get the job done, not well, but to perfection. We met years ago when he wrote to me in admiration of my writing and sense of humour. Then to my surprise and apprehension he made me godfather to his young son. He has a young daughter too, and a pretty wife, and an easy going manner.

He’s what we call a devoted father. He’s one of those friends you can rely on. He’s so reliable I know if I ever got in trouble with the law and jailed he’d be the one friend guaranteed to visit me. Regularly. (I trust he’s reading this.)

A smart guy

My Devon friend is a smart guy. From time to time he sends me questions about Scotland’s economy and its politics, knowing where he lives the news he gets through the agencies of the right-wing power holders is about as reliable as a multi-national conglomerate promising to pay its taxes in full. He feels Scotland has a right to self-determination. For that, I like him all the more.

I regard him as  a good person. Like us all he has weaknesses, failings, nothing serious, nothing to cause a man to deny you knew him.

Only one weakness stands out. In the last election he voted Ukip.

I did my best to dissuade him but he’s  a democrat and feels compelled to exercise his vote. Before he made the leap across the political midden he called me worried about his ‘only choice.’ “We feel just as remote from Westminster as the Scots” he averred.

“The other party candidates are all crap down here”, he argued. “I don’t have a  choice. The patronising Tories are loathed, and Labour is more Tory than anything. The Lib-Dems are a bunch of idiots, but the Ukip guy is saying things I think too.”

England’s Tea Party

In part, Ukip supporters – to my observation predominantly lower-middle class, working class, less educated – are reacting to the perception, largely accurate, that they have simply been left by the wayside. No matter how hard they work, no matter what they do to better their circumstances nothing improves, and a lot gets worse.

They might manage a new  oven for the kitchen this month, and a better pre-owned car next month, but essentially they feel trapped. I see the same happening to my two talented daughters, neither of whom can afford the deposit for their first home. The social ladder was pulled away from them and thousands more like them twenty years ago. It’s all very depressing.


A Californian man who said he changed his name to Hustusa listens at the Tea Party Express rally in Waco

In many ways, Ukip supporters mirror the American Tea Party, for like Ukip it’s corporate financed, deviously kept afloat to voice the will of the power elite. The Tea party is made up of disenfranchised poor folks mainly from the east coast of America. Among a welter of bizarre beliefs, they feel government over-taxes them. This is true, but they are deflected from the knowledge governments allow global companies to avoid paying taxes, often billions of pounds annually.

Neoliberalism is still the supreme politico-economic doctrine, while our domestic lives and the societies we live in continue to deteriorate as public investment and social programs and services are scaled down further so that the rich can get richer.

Authoritarianism is on the rise

Here, the Tory party  plead with Scotland to stay in the Union and remain a valued member of Westminster, only to marginalise Scottish MPs, and stop them voting on union matters. We can see Golden Dawn in the unionist reaction to a narrow win over Scotland’s democracy, greeted with Nazi salutes. We can see it in the rich and powerful such as Murdoch and Rowling going out of their way to influence democratic rights negatively.

We can see it in Greece, in France, and in power in Spain. We believe Europe is ripe for the emergence of a proto-fascist regime. No wonder so many want out of the European Union. The tragedy is, we have it in Britain already.

Supporters of Spain's late dictator Francisco Franco raise their arms in a fascist salute during a gathering in Madrid

Supporters of Spain’s late dictator Francisco Franco raise their arms in a fascist salute

Our last chance

In Scotland the SNP responds with constructive measures. We have largely avoided the attacks on organised labour and the poor, but each day brings greater difficulties to sustain protection as Westminster twists the economic ties. And Tory or Labour led councils are determined to undermine our elected government and restore pretenders to the throne.

We can see it in the rich and powerful such as Murdoch and Rowling going out of their way to influence democratic rights negatively. We can see it in Greece, in France, and in the right-wing administration of Spain. We believe Europe is ripe for the emergence of a proto-fascist regime. No wonder so many want out of the European Union. The tragedy is, we have it in Britain already.

Demagogues abound

Ukip’s policies have been adopted by all the British parties, craven in their lust to keep votes, with the honourable exception of the Greens, and the SNP.

However, if you lived in England you will see entire areas that are given over to Indian and Pakistani families and shops. Try and imagine a China Town or a Korea Town in every town. These areas are a result of England’s imperialism when countries they invaded were given British passports so people ‘felt proud to be British’. Many of the inhabitants looking for a better life immigrated to Britain because they were told it is ‘the greatest nation on earth.’ Once here they saw themselves as ‘British.’

There are places I’ve visited the poorest, run down areas. They were districts with poor housing conditions before ethnic groups settle there.  They make the best of it, in the same way as Mexicans assume the menial jobs in California, the ones Americans think beneath them, or too arduous to take on.

A good man laid low

The 19th century reactionary opponent of Scotland’s Enlightenment, Joseph de Maistre, criticized the Roman phrase, “man is a wolf to man,” observing that it is unfair to wolves, who do not kill for pleasure. The United Kingdom is riven with political parties who can  base their policies on the dictum:  life is tough, let dog eat dog, let the strongest survive.

They wish to withdraw from Europe, reinstate the Cold War, bomb the hell out of the Middle East and North Africa, fork out trillions to renew weapons of annihilation, and withdraw to Little Piddlington-on-Sea to fish and sail barges up their alimentary canals.

Destructive and suicidal capacities of human nature are balanced by others. Scottish Enlightenment figures as David Hume and Adam Smith, and the anarchist activist-thinker Peter Kropotkin, were absolutely correct in regarding sympathy and mutual aid as core properties of human nature.

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7 Responses to My Friend the Ukip Voter

  1. Andy Mac says:

    My friend the UKIP voter, all my friends, apart from my wife are unionists, I hope you’re friend didn’t attack you for your independence views!

    But your proposition that man the animal will subdue man the thinker, is too dark a view, I think mans stupidity, his destructiveness in attempting to destroy his world, met its determination sometime during the Cuban crisis, from then on, despite setbacks man has backed away from becoming Visnu, “the destroyer of worlds”.

    Throughout history man has tried to gain power by blaming the other, the stranger, the ever constant “them”, from a European perspective, the Hun, the Jew, the barbarian, the frank, dehumanising your enemy is essential to creating an narrative of oppression by some third party.

    Your picture of friendship destroys that narrative, it proclaims man the thinker as the god, and subdues the base man the animal to his ancient Neanderthals beginning.

    Mankinds civic future will always trump his ancestral past, mans future is only limited by the extent of his imagination, from the Wright brothers in kitty hawk in 1903, to the space shuttle in 1981, that is the answer to man the animal. In one generation one lifetime man can reach for the stars.

    Give my good wishes to your friend, and as all men are brothers, and no political or social devision created can alter that unassailable truth, you’re friend the man triumphs always, man the animal.

  2. almannysbunnet says:

    “Here, the Tory party plead with Scotland to sty in the Union”. That’s a crackling Freudian slip 🙂

    Hope you don’t mind help with the proof reading but you have repeated a paragraph twice. It starts with “Concurrently, authoritarianism is on the rise.”

  3. Grouse Beater says:

    I’m grateful, Al. Heavy cold aside, (eyes watering, six sneezes a time) I often move paragraphs for better flow and sense, but on this occasion forgot to delete it from its old place. 🙂

  4. Ken says:

    Where’s the sorting code/a/c/initials. Com’n 😅
    Far right – left usually never win. There are moderates in between, although desperate people do desperate things. Can you no find some other friends than kippers? Oily and to many bones.

  5. Andy Mac says:

    Yes, I second Ken’s request, and my post should read imagination not immigration, oh look that’s a good summation! Don’t worry Grousey, you wouldn’t be embarrassed by the millions, it’s only enough for a nice bottle of wine, as a thank you.
    And I’m Andrew McLean, by the way.

  6. Grouse Beater says:

    I pondered over ‘immigration’- anyhow, sorted now.

  7. Grouse Beater says:

    From MeinDevon

    That was a great piece about your friend.

    I live in lovely Exeter.

    I see the UKIP thing happening but thankfully only a very few in my circle show a liking for their ideas. Funnily enough I have an acquaintance who has a great dislike for UKIP yet is a true blue Tory with a hatred for folk on benefits, unemployed, poor, immigrants, refugees, etc. To me they are almost as bad as each other.

    I struggled with my vote in the GE. I eventually voted Labour, (although it really stuck on my craw) because I was led to believe by Ben Bradshaw himself that the Tories were pretty close to them on the running for Exeter and the Green candidate herself wanted the waverers to vote labour just in case. Both turned out to be untrue. So Greens it is in future.

    I live in hope of, well mainly of coming home one day, but failing that, I hope one day when Scotland gets is independence.

    (Reproduced from Wings)

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