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David Mundell, another in a long line of spineless Secretaries of State eager to serve the ulterior motives of Tory colonialists


David Mundell, another in a long line of spineless Secretaries of State for Scotland, slavish servants of Westminster

What a pile of pusillanimous cockroaches are Westminster’s unionist MPs.

A fresh start for Scotland must be crushed, together with its spirit.

The Scottish Bill as approved effectively sabotages the will of the people. It even betrays those who voted No hoping it might entice greater powers to democratise Scotland.

The debate of the Scottish Bill at Westminster saw treatment of Scotland similar to that meted out to a whingeing child in a supermarket demanding sweeties from a harassed mother. Scotland’s SNP MPs complained and were told to stop mewling and puking.

In essence what is offered is a well-crafted undermining of governance by Scotland’s elected administration, with the agenda that, no matter how the Scottish Government try to use the ineffectual powers, it will impoverish Scotland’s income and so drive the electorate back to traditional parties and the Union. Wayne David MP said as much:

That is not to say that the government has delivered on absolutely everything. They clearly haven’t. This Bill does not deliver all the powers in the Smith Commission.”

Any talk of  correction when the Bill reaches the House of Lords is ignorant of the obvious; to my knowledge not a single lord or earl, baron or baroness, is an SNP sympathiser.

Our overlords believe Scotland can only survive as a vassal of England. There is no other way to interpret the resistance to change. Hardly any MPs were present for the debate. They trooped in en masse from the terraces and the bars to vote amendments and clauses  down and out, pushing their paunches before them. Then they trooped out again back to the Commons bars and cafes.

What little left from that genteel tea party called the Smith Commission that managed to find its way into the Scotland Bill, Labour voted down, or abstained, which is the same thing. ‘Stain’ is part of that word. In Labour’s case, indelible.

They hate the SNP so much they’d rather Scotland suffer.

Labour could have defeated the savage cuts, yet preferred to see Scotland’s government struggle to make ends meet faltering under a fast diminishing budget, Labour and Tory  united in their detestation of Scotland’s ambitions. The perception of the Scots sense of social identity is a whingeing sub-sect of Brit.

Full fiscal autonomy was not going to be the solvent to allow the Scottish government a chance to snap its choke and chain. Hope and full democracy had to be extinguished. If anybody wanted cast iron, empirical evidence of how much Labour detests democracy at work in Scotland they only needed listen to the sneering and braying arrayed by key politicians in the debate.

Observers were forced to listen to Wayne David, Shadow Secretary of State, dragooned from Wales – there being no other Labour MP in Scotland – a Welshman telling the Scots they were no good, boyo.

Ian Austin, Labour MP and party stooge for Dudley North. Austin is a Class ‘A’ political troll. He exists to defame and provoke. Normally there are two, one to lead the antagonism and goading, a second to back him up while pretending to have no association with the first. In this instance the other was Graham Allen, MP for Nottingham North.

Alberta Costa MP

These days Labour identifies unashamed with Conservative dogma. And so it came to pass a pint-sized, unbearably smarmy Tory supported Austin. Alberto Castrenze Costa stepped forward, (it was hard to see if he had stood up) a character straight out of Central Casting’s, ‘Mafia Section’, MP for Leicestershire South.

Every Mafia gang has a second banana on the right.

Anglicised Scot, Al Costa, began by thanking the Right Honourable Member for Moray, only he pronounced it ‘Maw-Ray’ proving immediately his in eligibility to speak on behalf of Scotland on any subject. “I’ve lived in England for fifteen years“, he said in half-baked apology, “And one’s accent does change“.

Showing he did not know the difference between one’s accent and one’s pronunciation he tried his hand at comedy. The Bill will make Scotland “One of the world’s most powerful devolved parliaments”. Smart readers will perceive he did not say ‘nation’. In any event, there’s nothing powerful about Scotland that a quick Bill through Westminster couldn’t  make weaker.

If ever famous, he is the kind of man to sign off the dole if he thinks he will be recognised.

Unable to contain his delight at being chosen to speak, he lost all control, and began accusing the SNP opposition of ‘gripe and grievance’, how the new powers made the SNP responsible for its decisions, as if eight years of vilification and defamation from the British establishment and its press had never gotten the SNP ultra-mindful.

Costa is what is known as a self-loathing Scot. You just know he wishes he could eradicate his accent completely, elongate his vowels to fit snuggly into a cricket-loving stereotype.

They [SNP/Scots] blaming London and England for all the problems  they create in Scotland“, a charge filled with all the nuance of a man who has become a lowly gamekeeper to the lorded landowner, a casualty of brain blockage.

SNP for Ross, Skye and Lochaber, Ian Blackford, delivered the stinger. “I believe the Honourable Member stood in Scotland. [Angus in 2010.] How did he get on?”

Amid derisory laughter, Costa declined to admit he got trounced in the election before scurrying off to England to reinvent himself. He bleated on and on and on in useless effort to convince the SNP they are misguided in their duty to represent the people of Scotland. He prefers that left to others … but not him.

Costa reminds me of small-in-character men who crave status, who seek it by sitting on every committee existing. Only an MP since May this year, still cabbage coloured around the ears, he trained as a solicitor and somehow got attached to the Treasury solicitor’s department. When the Tory Whip asked for a volunteer for the debate did all Costa’s colleagues take a step back?

Costa played hard to his Tory gallery, but somehow his petulant mode of delivery, together with a pathetic grasp of Scottish-English history, and a febrile keenness for Tory promotion, conspired to make him a sad, clownish figure, Pagliacci in a pin-stripe suit.

Ian Austin Labour MP

Ian Austin is a different Scotland hater.

He has nothing to lose by denigrating a nation’s people and achievements. A University of Essex graduate, (Essex has a university?) he is an adopted child, later a sport and cycling journalist, the sort of grounding all great statesmen require for high office.

Being abandoned and then adopted is not his fault, but his Tammany Hall detestation of the SNP and Scotland’s political self-determination is. He creates his own smog, happy to breath it in. He is, after all, a great pal of Gordon Brown, so he is well-versed in the art of asthmatic wheezing.

Austin wasted ten minutes of the brief time allotted to the debate to tell people the SNP are very, very bad. He wasn’t the longest pontificator but he was easily the most abusive.  He was asked if he thought the powers were as close to a federal state as possible, a question he ducked by restating they were great powers. And off he ranted about the SNP stoking grievance and resentment.

He launched into a bog roll of falsehoods about how terrible life is in Scotland, in education, housing, NHS, breathing, unlike his counterparts out on the streets in London protesting at the English NHS, tenant’s exploitation rights, and gross student fees.

They behave like the nationalist bullies they are”, said the English nationalist doing his best to bully. He insisted on comparing Scottish life with English life as if all Scotland voted for was to be like England, in culture, mores, and political outlook. The arrogant English colonial mentality lives on.

Austin read a litany of lies from prepared notes, showing how incapable he is of good research, something any university lecturer would tell him is his first priority. For example, Austin apologised in 2010 after claiming that a Palestinian human rights group had denied existence of the Holocaust. One would imagine an adopted child motivated to sympathise with the underdog, but not Austen. Life is black and white to him – SNP Bad.

With few exceptions, academic standards in Scottish universities are, and always have been, far higher than English universities, a plethora of minor English universities trying hard to reduce their useless three-year courses to two-years. You could call such courses, fast-track facts.

They might as well offer students  a thank you certificate after enrolling, and take the fees. But had all his gibberish proven true, he saw no contradiction in voting down powers that might improve life in Scotland, such are the massive contradictions and hypocrisy of a discredited Labour party, handmaiden to the Tories.

Westminster, Vindictive, is thy name.

More Power To Your Elbow – Assuming Labour Doesn’t Abstain

In summary:

For all their bluster, Austin and Costa join a long line of politicians who recognise there are two nations legislated in the Act of Union ‘equal and sovereign’, and therefore both have a right to self-determination.

But Austin’s concept of self-determination is strictly limited to whatever Westminster thinks fit to offer Scotland, after scolding it for daring to ask for another bowl of gruel.

The missing element in this reporting are the voices of the people of Scotland themselves. Outside the SNP MPs given time to speak, they were not heard. A good many were asking one question: is the Scotland Bill as constituted a poisoned chalice?

Should Scotland reject it?

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13 Responses to Call Pest Control

  1. Davy says:

    A very clear and consise article, frankly I believe our government should reject this “rat-trap” of a scottish bill, then perhaps more people will take notice of how bad it is for our country.

    As for the participantes in the scottish bill debate, our unionist ‘cockroaches’ truely showed their feelings for Scotland, surely those that voted NO could not miss the distaste they have for our country.

    If this is how westminster really thinks of our country, we cannot stop or slowdown the fight for independence, keep doing what your doing it makes a difference.

  2. Nana says:

    Indeed Grouse Beater “WM vindictive is thy name” how very true.
    I watched some of that farce and did see Ian Blackford ‘s quick riposte to the clown Costa. I doubt the fool ‘got’ the message behind that barb, I think his sort are unable to see themselves as other’s see them.

  3. Grouse Beater says:

    I try to tell the uncertain and the No’s how the British Establishment – those holding institutional positions of power and influence – think of Scots, as worse than second-class citizens, even less than their cockney cousins, but often I am disbelieved.

  4. Nana says:

    I see these Costa types much like the school clype dobbing their pals in to teacher for a fleeting pat on the back. Met quite a few in my time, all thoroughly sleekit and trying too hard to be liked.

    I do wonder though how Scotland manages to produce so many cringers, there really should be a study done. It’s sure to keep academia busy for some time.

    I will be sharing this excellent article.

  5. Grouse Beater says:

    Ah, thanks, Nana.
    I always forget to ask folk to pass the essay to interested or even uncertain friends. Much obliged.

  6. Justin Fayre says:

    I think I’ve said it before but it is worth repeating – while other bloggers have you laughing out loud or nodding like a Churchill Dog as you read, you sir have the dubious privilege of causing severely raised blood pressure and stomach ache due to the gut clenching anger you instill.

    If this was a Grisham or a Baldacci novel, you just know that the corrupt DA’s office and the crooked politicians, along with their psycho underlings, will get their just desserts.

    Can’t come soon enough

  7. Grouse Beater says:

    I enjoyed your ‘World Economics Explained’ – particularly this last section:
    “A SCOTTISH CORPORATION You have two cows that you think are valuable and worth a lot of money but your neighbour tells you they are past their best and definitely won’t last for very much longer. He even utilises experts to confirm all this.. This makes you sad, dejected and unable to perform to your full potential. Then unable to take the misery any more, you decide, as a last resort, to move somewhere else and try something new. Lo and behold your new neighbour tells you your cows are very valuable and will provide milk for years and years, and years You are now a happy bunny once more.”

  8. Justin Fayre says:

    My God someone actually read the stuff. lol

    Alas my blogging days are over – at least on my own blog spot.

    I wanted to try something different but I don’t think it quite worked partly because I’m not much kop with modern technology, not to mention lack of Facebook and Twitter skills. lol. Will restrict myself to the occasional ‘Guest Post’ if I can….not dropping any hints honest. lol.

  9. Grouse Beater says:

    I quoted it to others at the time.
    (Where’s your distinctive perception duopoly avatar?)
    Some day a clever geek will invent a better expression of good humour for the internet other than ‘LoL’
    LoL. 🙂

  10. Justin Fayre says:

    It’s now become second nature to me after I posted an ironic comment along the lines of ‘SNP must be bad the Daily Mail said so’ and had hordes of people shouting at me for believing what the papers say lol aaargh

  11. Grouse Beater says:

    That got me chuckling.

  12. Justin Fayre says:

    One final comment if I may.
    I stumbled across a book entitled
    ‘Psychopathic Cultures and Toxic Empires’ by Will Black – a mental health professional who also writes occasional articles for the Huffington Post.
    For me it was like completing the jigsaw
    If you get the chance, check it out

  13. Grouse Beater says:

    Will do – just ordered some books coming from the USA on unstable democracies in the hope of some quiet time in the New Year to do more reading and research. Been a hectic year.

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