Goldilocks and the Insurgency Bears



Mhairi Black and MP and barely out o university 

A braw lass

By unanimous consent, young Mhairi Black gave an inspired maiden speech. She was articulate, confident and generous. She invited Labour to join the SNP to defeat the Tory Party’s bleak policies. Alas, she will soon see how close Labour policies are to Tory.

Other SNP MPs gave excellent maiden speeches, but we are always taken by surprise when wisdom emerges from the mouth of callow youth. Mhairi has given herself a lot to live up to. Then again, a First in Politics from Glasgow University tells us she’s no slacker.

Against all predictions she overturned a large majority of patented-with-the-Paisley-pattern, Douglas Alexander, Labour MP for Paisley and Renfrewshire South, a glum minister’s son and machine politician. Her win was a magnificent accomplishment in its own right, and a signal she is unlikely to disappear into the ranks and out of sight.

BBC the state broadcaster

To its shame BBC Scotland news staying true to its mandate – ‘Always Ready to Rubbish Scotland’. It chose to depict her entry into the Westminster political arena and history as a soured event. It broadcast a single sentence, and then cut to MPs around applauding, and straight to the Speaker of the House rebuking the SNP for applauding. Now we know. Mhairi is earmarked as an insurgent. The bears have her scent.

Insurgents in Westminster are more dangerous than Jeremy Clarkson served a cold meal after a hard day on his arse driving expensive cars.

When the young Tiger Woods won his first major tournament, the 1997 Masters, an established elder golfer offered an impromptu opinion of his achievement to a passing camera crew. He thought Woods should “go celebrate” with some “fried chicken legs”. “Isn’t that what those folks do?” he added, an allusion to stereotypical eating habits of African-Americans as seen by supremacist whites. The negative comments that followed Mhairi Black’s speech recall that attitude – unadulterated racism.

Lecturer without dignity

One insult that stands out from the others came from an emeritus professor, a pillar of the establishment, a remark laden with all the hallmarks of the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. “She’s a slut” was the good academic’s prognosis. Challenged by the press she refused to apologise. “Look up the meaning of slut” she said, as if its literal meaning somehow justified unspeakable abuse.

But there is a deeper, unconscious state of mind behind the sad professor’s detestation of Mhairi Black’s success. And it is implacably anti-democratic. There is blind acceptance only the educated, well-spoken elite can participate in politics and have real influence.

Mhairi Black is about to discover she is faced with bears trained to root out insurgents, and they don’t like their porridge eaten. They adopt a basterdised version of democracy. Actually, it’s standard neo-liberal doctrine. According to this version of democracy, the public are ignorant and troublesome outsiders. They have to be pacified, made to conform,  put in their place. Insurgency bears believe decisions must be in the hands of an intelligent minority of responsible men, and a few women.

The electorate as herd

We do have a function, of sorts. We are expected to lend our weight and support to a choice placed before us, the responsible men themselves chosen by their peers, not us. We are allowed to make this choice only every five years, or when a referendum is called. Apart from that, our function is to be spectators, not participants in action. This severely restricted democracy is for our own good.

We’re in the hands of the financial elite, the City and Wall Street, and the IMF,  each the harbinger of ferocious austerity, lacerating welfare cuts, privatisation, income inequality, and the marketisation of everything, from people to intelligence. Above all, it casts us as human capital who must tend to our own present and future value. Just ask the embattled leaders of Greece.

From a colonial perspective

We are told ‘Scotland governed by the Scots’ is anathema, an abomination, a really stupid idea. And a lot us us believe that. Being proletarian and therefore untutored and unreliable, we are not to be trusted with important decisions. Instead we are given a highly selected minimum of choices. Neo-liberalism reduces us to market choices.

In the current case of a new Labour party leader, the choice is one of four, three so right-wing they might as well be members of the Tory party. The one on the left, Jeremy Corbyn, is so far Left he is talking to us from down a sinkhole somewhere in Outer Mongolia, never a threat. He is included among the choices for us to laugh at, a token gesture to the last remnants of the disenfranchised poor. He is the obvious no-hoper. You know how far to the Right the Labour party has moved when it plots to remove a colleague on the Left.

Mhairi has a lot in common with Corbyn. They are both traditional socialists. And like Mhairi, Corbyn offers hope and optimism to English voters, though none to Scots. he upholds the corrupted principles of the Union

Elections don’t matter much because, “thanks to globalization . . . the world is governed by market forces, not elected representatives.” Alan Greenspan, economist, former chairman US Federal Reserve.

Conformity, all is conformity

Insurgency bears expect conformity. They like uncritical acceptance. That means it is necessary to regiment minds by keeping control of the press and the media. Television companies must be in the hands of the feeders of the bears. Our information has to be sifted and edited. Mhairi should keep an eye on the press. They praise the enemies of the state only so they have further to fall when push comes to shove.

It’s also necessary to discipline the institutions responsible for the indoctrination of youth. That means controlling the finances of universities, and their curricula, in addition to intake of students and student types. Bears write the prospectus if universities know what is good for them – their grants increased.

In the hands of the elite

Our country is governed with the cooperation of a relatively small number of City of London bankers and high-profile lawyers, the ardent supporters of free market economics who benefit from it to a great extent. They are the masters of our universe. Insurgency bears are their security dogs. They don’t do it in the woods. They do it on us.

This is what we are presented with as the best theory of liberal thinking. Labour, Lib-Dem, Tory, all say the same thing: Only figures from the British Establishment are fit to govern. Scotland and the Scots, but especially Mhairi Black, know thy place!


Mhairi Black’s maiden speech:

How the BBC covered Mhairi’s speech:



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11 Responses to Goldilocks and the Insurgency Bears

  1. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Always good to see a prominent Winger in action.


    And, even as we speak, Cameron is ramping-up the old Blairite ‘New Evil In Our World Today’ spiel…couldn’t possibly have anything to do with the impending SNP emergency question on unauthorised UK military action in Syria, eh?

  2. hektorsmum says:

    Well GB, you did not miss with this one, funnily enough we were just saying this morning that we seemed to have lived with the Tories forever, regardless of Party, but we both remember Wilson’s Government and it was a wee bitty Labour, just enough to upset the right wing who spent it’s entire time rubbishing it and have continued since hence Labour has become as right wing as the rest.

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  4. donald says:

    It was a cracker of a speech . I did not see it as left wing speech . I saw it as a plea for basic decency and compassion . A speech with wings yes , that flew from the heart to the heart.
    If that’s what Socialism is supposed to be I would be one . But how many titles are stolen or burned , reinvented and turned ? The labour party ruined my faith in political labels but this young lady was superlative . I hope she does not get tainted . Bless her fiesty heart .

  5. donald says:

    I know it may appear on the surface sometimes GB that my opinions differ . But only because some of the words we use have different perspectives for us.
    If you ask most people what Scotland means to them they will say Haggis , kilts, whiskey , tartan, shortbread , and that most musical ,dynamic and irresistible of voices ,the Scottish accent.
    Okay , its naive in a way because they don’t know Scotland like the scots . But you need to know that much like the Canadians ,they are widely loved and respected.They are respected for their courage ,culture , passion and downright Scottishness . They dont see you as left wing , or stupid, or poor . Its only the bloody media that pumps that rubbish.
    There are plenty of English that cop just as much crap and nobody knows better than the average working Englishman how much the class system sucks. i have been on the receiving end plenty of times. And that’s even though I have ‘pedigree’ . No equals among the elite .Thieves with out honor ,yes.

    My accent is shot to hell , my national identity ? gave up on it . I used to say to my Jewish GF , I dont care about your faith or nationality , I care about you . Same with all my friends . Its very hard to avoid the consequences once you adopt the labels of religion and politics. Loyalties are polarized , friends become enemies . I used to ask my Greek friend where he stood on all those things . He had a face like a greek god, you know . People would always stare at him . He commanded your attention without having anything you could attach to him.

    His answer was to smile as if to say ‘ I just don’t give a flying F***’. That was his Freedom. No wonder the women loved him. Canny old Zorba ! His wife was a stunner . Class act , not class victim. Had a black friend who was the same . Skin color ? what skin color ? Result ? total chick magnet . True class is classless . Okay maybe the carribean accent worked for him a bit but maybe, just maybe, he was happy in his own skin. Everytin’s Ireeeee . French GF , royal princess ultra babe central. I had some good mentors in my youth .

  6. YESGUY says:

    Nice one GB.

    You were blogging about hero’s and we have one in this lass. Really makes me proud when the young get involved. Not for them the old habits and loyalty . No , they look into the subjects and know their stuff. They feel their vote counts. Until Sept past i never believed my vote mattered. Now it’s so different.

    We can’t fix the world GB. But we can fix our own country. And with representatives like Mhairi we cannot lose. She’s tough enough and smart enough for the job at hand. They all are. Kinda weird when you know more Scottish mp’s than footballers these days. But 11 million folk have watched the speech. So someone’s listening and there are only around 6 million of us here in Scotland.

    Nice wee reminder that we count GB. The britnat fest on the MSM these days is so fake and plastic. Everything coming our way only strengthens my belief that it’s time for the off.

    Hope – every time i here the SNP speak.

  7. Grouse Beater says:

    11 million admiring fans. Big responsibility.

  8. donald says:

    Cometh the hour cometh the man AND woman . When the people have had everything stolen and they have nothing left to loose , righteous indignation bubbles up .Bankers beware , your credit history is raising red flags . Its your debt , not ours .
    The Heart is a border less Kingdom . No flags , no blind loyalty or enslaving oaths . Just the truth .

    If Scotland stands alone they will not do nearly as well as having a whole planet willing them on to victory . They may not be able to save the world but they can be an example to those who until now felt hopeless . They have penetrated the seat of power ,or at least its symbol. If they can remain true and free of the bears, no matter how fluffy and cuddly they appear, they will achieve something great . That’s the first heart felt speech heard in the commons for a long long LONG time . Churchill ? not even close . Ive heard better from a wet cigar wrapped in dog turd.
    Cameron ,Millionband, and all those other whore mongering cronies have been routed in one fair speech . Nice .

  9. Back of the net, GB!
    I suspect Mhairi is pretty streetwise and no doubt some of the SNP’s more experienced WM hands will be giving her some useful anti-bear precaution guidance too. As others have said, her maiden speech was one full of humanity and hope; a far cry from the computer-generated autocue jumble of soulless soundbites uttered by any of the Low priests of neoliberal dogma who ceaselessly bombard us with their meaningless TINA drivel via their tame media. No wonder the imbeciles at Pathetic Quay tried to hide it.

  10. donald says:

    A Very Brave Scotsman , a writer by the name of Walter Scott , was one of the few people in his time to openly name and expose the banking clan in his Book , The life of Napoleon , volume 2 . Then as now ,the banks financed both sides of the conflict for maximum profit.
    He payed a great price for that courage. His publishing house was bankrupted and he died flat broke. But being a canny lawyer by training and a die hard , he went on and his Estate’s debts were payed off by his work shortly after his death .
    There are no doubt cynics who say he sold out Scotland to the King but what he succeeded in doing was dragging Scotland out of the gutter and giving Scots back their national pride . He enshrined Scotland’s stories and saved them for posterity. He did all he could to help poets such as Burns , though discreetly .
    So commenters should know and acknowledge that GB himself is putting it all on the line for his country . Its extremely dangerous going head on against the bankers . They are not bears ,when the gloves come off. They are rabid wolves, vampires and Reptilia of the court.

    When a man has the courage to face an enemy that big ,the least we can do is back him up.

    In modern times there are film makers who allude to these parasites but they are very careful not to be to blatant unless , like Kubrick they are ready and prepared to pay the ultimate price. Which of course he did.

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