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What a Night

  What a night, and what a challenging five years ahead for Scotland. A profound democratic revolution has taken place at the British ballot box. The auld enemies face each other across the border once more. But the Tories have … Continue reading

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The Jockalypse Election

  English politicians kept referring to ‘Jockalypse’ as if John Hurt’s stomach. What a truly gruesome general election campaign. Most of its tenor was predictable: ‘The Scots are coming! Hide your women! Bury your money!’ Look hard at coverage and … Continue reading

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The Tyranny of Westminster

  Westminster’s rich and privileged tell us austerity endured another five years means the poor and the disadvantaged will prosper. They tell us our lives will transform for the better. They have told us that for over 300 years. Westminster is  alarmed. Scotland’s … Continue reading

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