Spineless Lying Bastards


For those who do not know the story already it concerns MP for Orkney and Shetlands, Alistair Carmichael, former Secretary of State, apologising to Scotland’s First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, for releasing an internal memo, a private memo, an action against all standards of protocol. He did it because he knew its contents were substantially incorrect consequently misleading, ergo, he saw an opportunity to smear his opponent’s good reputation with an invention at a critical time during the election campaign.

(See sister essay:  Cook in a Half-Nelson.)

A number of politicians have come to his aid including that bastion of liberal values, the Guardian newspaper. They cite the extraordinary case for the defence as follows: He took a gun to assassinate a hated opponent, it misfired, no one got hurt. What’s the problem?

The truth and nothing but the truth

As unjust bloody wars and phony economic theories accumulate to dash peace, prosperity and happiness we have come to understand politicians are pathologically economical with truth. The compunction to lie arises from personal inadequacies of character, election promises compromised or junked, allegiance to big business that bought them hook, line and sinker, and a political culture of secrecy over decisions taken, and of plans that run counter to the common good.

Once they attain power they learn the art of dissembling first-hand assuming they did not attend classes on the way up. An honest politician – and there are a few – is a national treasure. The rest are predominately holders of this essay’s title.

Yellow teeth

Carmichael lied through his teeth in a series of interviews about having no knowledge of the memo. “The first I became aware of this, and this is already on the public record, was when I received a phone call on Friday afternoon from a journalist making me aware of it.” This was a flat-out lie. He knew it as did his sidekick in crime, adviser Euan Rodin.

He used a contrived falsehood to undermine the democratic process during a general election; he used it to fool his own voters in his constituency.

As he says himself, that would be a resigning matter had he still been Secretary of State. I have news for him. It is still a resigning matter when an ordinary member of Westminster’s parliament as he is now. No longer can you be addressed as, the Honourable member for so-and-so. The SNP’s deputy leader, Stewart Hosie, turns up the pressure by calling for Carmichael to step down in the face of a full investigation by the parliamentary commissioner for standards, Kathryn Hudson.

The announcement of his guilt was made on the Friday of a Bank Holiday, a tactic to have it lost amongst the splurge of entertainment programmes, Eurovision Song Contest, and couldn’t-care-less mentalities. Nevertheless, no amount of skilful side-lining of the scandal by the mainstream media can protect him from public revulsion. Ultimately he is answerable to his constituents.  As a Liberal-Democrat he is almost extinct.

If I was him I wouldn’t think about propagating his species any time soon. The glass case in the museum next to the Dodo is already marked ‘reserved’.

Nicola Sturgeon accepted his apology but justifiably points out he only owned up when identified as the main culprit, his associate, Euan Rodin, the other villain in crime.

A better society? What better society?

The march toward greater democracy in Scotland is part of a world-wide trend, exemplified in the Occupy movement, a resurgence of direct but pacifist action last seen in the 1960s and 1970s against nuclear weapons and union rights, both movements ridiculed, resisted, and then ferociously dispersed by local and national authorities. (Note Boris Johnson’s request for water cannon against London’s next riots.)

An open society

The mass of people in Scotland, whether for independence regained or more powers short of independence, seek a better, more transparent, more accountable society than we have now. By vigorous nationalist politicians, the internet, and word of mouth, we have learned and experienced first-hand how our liberties are eroded and restricted, or removed altogether. In retaliation and impatience – we have only one life! – the nation that shook the western world with the Enlightenment has risen again in an attempt to wrestle back rights and liberties lost in public life to the power brokers of corporate globalisation.

Usually, in similar pronouncement of values, those who call themselves ‘political realists’ pop up to tell us we are all astonishingly naïve and stupid for daring to think a better society is there for the fashioning if only we are given the prospect to grasp it. They misrepresent aims and objectives as recklessly optimistic, Panglossian.

The world is a hard place, they aver, and we should brace ourselves for the worst and build against adversity. That doctrine is patently cynical and fatalistic, an excuse for more and more authoritarian powers.

The common good

Concern for the common good should compel us to find and institute ways that reward the best in human nature, not continually protect ourselves from the worst by constraining liberty, or allow the worst in us free expression because man’s inhumanity to man and his greed are supposedly inevitable, over-riding, all-consuming, so keep taking the pills.

Adam Smith, one of Scotland’s greatest and most influential Enlightenment thinkers felt that it shouldn’t be too difficult to institute humane policies. In his “Theory of Moral Sentiments” he observed that, “How selfish soever man may be supposed, there are evidently some principles in his nature which interest him in the fortune of others, and render their happiness necessary to him, though he derives nothing from it except the pleasure of seeing it.”

Taming the worst and encouraging the best

We here in Scotland, a small nation of generally good education, see that more benign “original passions of human nature” might compensate for the pathology of greed and self-interest. We do not want our humanist and liberal tendencies to be crushed by the rocks of extreme capitalism.Have you checked with British Immigration in case you are a burden on the state?

Listening to a great deal of political discourse, and to fellow Scots in the public eye who foresee a new society is attainable, able to articulate it, can be edifying if not inspiring. (Our politicians tend to keep ideals to rhetoric or platitudes.) They seem to be saying the same thing. They reject the fatalism of the old maxim ‘if the bullet has your name on it there’s nothing you can do.’

No one in the Referendum debate called for a rigid, fixed, self-enclosed social system with a definite answer to all the multifarious questions and problems of human life, what malicious opponents were wont to term, a fool’s paradise. They prefer we encourage a trend in human development that strives to attain Enlightenment ideals.

What we heard was, we can do better, life can be better. The share of food, and wealth can be more equitable. Greed can be controlled. Governments can be made accountable. Mass death from foreign conflicts is not an inevitability. Those are sound, universal ideals. That is why the No campaign during the Referendum was rejected by so many. It asked that we accept what we have, what we are given, even though we know it adds not a thing to the sum of human happiness.

John Stuart Mill

Socialists in the Referendum argument discussed the loss of union rights, the one democratic system created to dispense wealth horizontally. Another great thinker, son of the Scottish historian and economist, John Mill, was John Stuart Mill. He wrote, “The form of association, however, which if mankind continue to improve, must be expected to predominate, is the association of labourers themselves on terms of equality, collectively owning the capital with which they carry on their operations, and working under managers electable and removable by themselves.”

That statement is pretty close to the thinking of Karl Marx, and anathema to any right-wing capitalist intent on ensuring wealth ‘trickles’ upwards to him and no further. But is that not part of the current struggle – to offer labour a share in their toils, to regulate the banks properly to see that process is not hindered, their earnings stolen, to demand corporations pay their full taxes to invest in our cities and towns and social systems, and to stop wholesale exploitation of our land and its resources?

Then  again, we remember the guardians of labour, the Labour party, junked Clause 4.

Only journalists had no clue

During the Referendum I heard a few journalists ask of our politicians, ‘what do you mean by ‘a better society?’ You keep repeating the phrase but never define it.’

It is my understanding ‘New Scotland’ – for want of a better definition – seeks to identify structures of hierarchy, authority, and domination that do not constrain human development, and then subject them to a very reasonable challenge: Justify yourself.

I think what I am saying is, if structures in society cannot meet that challenge then we should dismantle them and refashion them to greater effect for society’s good.

Guilty as charged

Those who fear and distrust the people, and wish to draw all powers from them into the hands of the higher classes, should be removed from power.

Unsurprisingly, that brings me full circle to Alistair Carmichael, a man who tried to quash a popular uprising to defend the power he and his cohorts hold fast. He appears to be aware of right and wrong even if he seems unable to practice it. However, by his behaviour he has told us he is not the man to fashion a better society.

We are all involved in a popular struggle. That struggle includes conducting ourselves in an honest, ethical, considerate manner. Alistair Carmichael gave in to the worst in human nature.  I shall leave the last words to him, penned by himself, published on the 24 of May.

“The right to freedom of speech is a fundamental one but it does bring a responsibility with it to tell the truth. The right to smear an opponent is not one we should be defending”.

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30 Responses to Spineless Lying Bastards

  1. Calgacus says:

    Thanks for telling us about John Stuart Mill, a great man unlike that excrescence from the Lib-Dems.

  2. Wuffing Dug says:

    Thanks Grouse Beater.
    Another great read.
    Must learn more about Adam Smith and John Stuart Mill.

  3. YESGUY says:

    Another education GB.

    I love this blog. When your in full flow it is magic to read.

    How can we fail with folk like you and the many others in country keep hammering out the facts.

    Since Sept 19th the whole union thingy has fallen apart. Everyday we hear proof of more of the lies and it’s blogs like this that remind us we are not alone. We can and will be independent, I just hope it’s sooner rather than later.

    Another 5 years of Tory cuts are going to cause so much harm. You mentioned the water cannon GB. England has a history of rioting. We have some protection with the Scottish Govt but down south they have nothing but the UKIPs.

    I feel anger and sympathy at what the poor and disabled will suffer thanks to English voters allowing what in truth is the worst Tory govt ever.

    They don’t care GB….. But we do up here right??

  4. That is why they hate us so much; they know we see right through them now and they really cannot cope with it. They may even try to destroy us now but they will only make us stronger.

  5. Grouse Beater says:

    “When your in full flow it is magic to read.”
    Sometimes when rereading for flow and sense I wonder where in hell it all came from in such a rush! I then spend an hour later in the night removing the rubbish, refining and fine tuning the essay. Early readers get a dividend if they return in a day to read the final version. 🙂

  6. Connor Mcewen says:

    Cameron ? A Scottish oxymoron.
    Revels in divisive racism in hunger for careerist power.
    Southern Britain blinded in shallow narrow minded racism.
    mibees aye, mibbes naw.

  7. Robert, (Auld Bob), Peffers says:

    Another great man, Grousebeater, said much the same thing a long time ago. John Donne, (It’s pronounced Dunn), wrote this – not bad for an Englishman : –

    No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main. If a clod be washed away by the sea, Europe is the less, as well as if a promontory were, as well as if a manor of thy friend’s or of thine own were: any man’s death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind, and therefore never send to know for whom the bells tolls; it tolls for thee.

    by John Donne – Born: January 22, 1572
    Died: March 31, 1631
    Occupation: Poet

  8. Grouse Beater says:

    Great quotation, Bob.

  9. donald says:

    Dunne has always been my favorite poet. I remember the first time I read The Flea out loud to the eng lit class , I could not stop laughing. By the last verse I was in Stitches.
    Poetry is the righteous man’s Rap . People forget that .
    Fantastic word craft GB . Straight from the heart were the flow comes easy and words are planted in good fertile soil . The soil of integrity . Its almost like there is a hidden code in honest word craft that not even the most cynical spin merchant can crack .I think the great poets knew that instinctively and harnessed something greater than themselves . Something universal we all need . Especially in these dark times where abusers use words to enslave instead of inspire.
    Food for the soul GB, keep it coming. And thank you.

  10. Graham Macqueen says:

    Evening! Been a while since last commented!

    Recent post from Yanis Varoufakis (http://yanisvaroufakis.eu/) who is also dealing with the one-sidedness of the MSM across all Europe.

    Thought you might be interested.

  11. Grouse Beater says:

    Thanks, Graham. I’ve been storing developments in preparation for another essay. I’ll have a read.

  12. Toad says:

    Typical nationalism, proclaiming that Scottish people are fairer/better/more progressive than the rest of the UK. Well, I hate to break it to you, but we’re all humans you know.

  13. Graham Macqueen says:

    The situation is intensifying somewhat with the Brussels Group. Troika seem to have a different idea to everyone else when it comes to economic growth.

    Syriza MP’s have unanimously voted in favour of non payment of debt to IMF next week in order to ensure pensions and wages are paid. The ECB are refusing to release funds to the Greek govn who want the money released earlier so as to fulfill their commitments to their lenders. Troika purposely dragging their heels in an attempt to force Greek govn to commit to further austerity!

    High possibility of Grexit happening, due to the inability of the EU to accept change and allow anti austerity supporters into their club!

  14. Grouse Beater says:

    I make the exact opposite point – that we are all human.

    The proposal is to create and sustain a different political and moral orthodoxy to that embraced by the Westminster parliament.

    We reject the notion one nation can impose its thinking, culture and habits upon another, in other words, your version of ‘nationalism’.

  15. Wee Jonny says:

    Another belter GB. As per’.

    A lady approached me on Friday and asked if I was Grousebeater. She’d saw my car with my pro Indy signs (with Grousebeater sign too nach) all over it. But it was as I picked my bucket up she’d saw the Saltire on both ends and the Yes sticker on it (I’m a windee cleenir) and thought I must be you.

    I paused for a second thinking it’d be funny to say yes but thought better of it.

  16. Grouse Beater says:

    You have my permission! 🙂

  17. donald says:

    Toad, here’s the thing.

    Parliament does not give a bugger about anyone except the establishment. Its just a brokerage house where crooked deals are done by crooked men having hijacked representation. Then they bleed the people from every region for higher and higher taxes under the banner of ‘national unity’. Its all bollocks.

    The union Jack is a corporate flag flying under colour of law. It does not represent the UK ,England Scotland or Wales as fair and equal partners. Your just ‘Stock’ to them. Trade able, expendable stock. They Farm you under the banner of patriotism.

    Take your birth certificate out and look for the numbers on it. That number is a Bond traded on the stock exchange. Your Queen holds you as a ‘subject’, subject to her rule and whim! How d’ya like them apples?

    Love of your country is not patriotism. Its where you were born. But a berth certificate comes under maritime law, not common law of the land. You are being fraudulently traded under a false flag using a corporate fiction. That’s why they invented ‘patriotism’ to unify you under their flag, their control. That’s why you are referred to as a ‘jumping jack’ by those in the know. A pawn, a vassal, a SLAVE.

    Tear up the contract and the deal is off. The contract was never signed by the other party so its null and void anyway. That’s what they don’t want you to know.

  18. donald says:

    Brief Postscript . Definition of Patriot. A Patriot is someone who voluntarily submits to and receives patronage from a Patron (father) By allowing yourself to be ‘adopted’ by a patron you are surrendering your freewill and make yourself subject to the Godfather.They make you an offer they say you cant refuse !
    The patron is the God of Greed . The lord that the City of London pays homage and swears loyalty to .
    William Wallace broke faith with the Mafia of his time and gave the Scots their freedom back from the barons. That’s why he was a great man .Barons are just rent collectors for the crown.

  19. donald says:

    Nowadays of course we don’t call them Barons , we call them MP’s . They say they represent you at a national level . You as corporate asset that is , not a living breathing human being.

  20. Mary Vasey says:

    Smashing post GB and, spot on. We seem to have a gey few wordsmiths still, thank heavens for your words give the rest of us hope, hope for a more enlightened, fairer and just future for all of us, not just the ‘elite’

  21. Grouse Beater says:

    That’s one fulsome compliment. Thank you. I assume I’m one of many.

  22. Wee Jonny says:

    You may regret that 😀.

  23. Grouse Beater says:

    Treat me as your very own Cyrano De Bergerac; I write the words, you speak them and get the girl. 😉
    (I’m often asked to write letters for folks not blessed with literary skill – just like in ’em darn cowboy movies.)

  24. Mary Vasey says:

    Aye GB indeed you are.

  25. Kennedy says:

    “Jumping Jack”. I’m having that. Thanks.

  26. donald says:

    Your welcome. I don’t mind admitting that I wept when I found this stuff out. Then I got angry……..which is unhealthy .So now I heave reached the acceptance stage and I figure pass it on wherever and whenever you can. Its important to understand the Legal meaning of words and their roots ,rather than common usage of the words .
    If you define yourself for e.g. as suffering that does not mean pain or hurt . It means you accept the condition you are in ! Do not suffer . Do not accept the lie . Confront it.
    Implied consent is suffering the consequences in the absence of reservation of your common law right as a FREE man. Only a free man is the master of his house(body/vessel) and is legally considered fit to command that said vessel.
    If you ,by implied submission to a proposition , surrender your vessel for salvage , they get to dock your vessel and do with the vessel and its goods as they see fit .

    Never ,therefore accept salvation(slavage) from the church or state . You have surrendered control to a pirate . The word slave is a derivative anagram of salvage . Your decks and hold are washed clean and the new owner takes the helm.
    All certificates are trade able proof of goods and ownership of the same . Who keeps the original redeemable copy of your Bert certificate ? You or the crown ?

    That’s right, your parents unwittingly sold you in to slavery/bondage. A mortgage is a bond . Thirty years of compliance to pay off the principal and interest of a loan . The money created to secure that loan is backed by…….Your birth cert. They are literally selling your net worth back to you for a massive profit.
    That’s the real reason why suicide is illegal . They don’t want their asset defaulting on its obligation ! Bastards.

  27. donald says:

    In the absence of proper exchange of contracts by BOTH parties, the contract is a verbal agreement based on supposition/proposal. Try finding one person with a mortgage ‘contract’ where the bank has countersigned and their signature witnessed by an independent party.

    Trust your bank? For every pound you have on deposit they are lending at least ten . If you or I were to try that we would be up on fraud charges for loan sharking, yet the banks do it every day. Your children’s future is already in hock to these parasites. National debt is an illusion that enslaves everyone but the .01%.

    If we are to stop the corps from stealing everything including our govt we must understand the mechanism whereby they do it. Its fraudulent abuse of law . All fraudulent contracts are null and void.

    The EU is a corporate entity too (proctor and gamble was the main backer). That’s why it has its own currency . If you have a monopoly on exchange of goods for value you have POWER . What happens when people create their own currency exchange mechanism? You give power BACK to the People. That’s why they work hard to divide communities with class distinctions. They appeal to fear, vanity and greed. You buy the lie, you get the result.

    Once you step off their keyboard, your a jack that no longer dances to their tune . You are no longer Hijacked , or jackknifed or jack of all trades. Your free Jack. The Celts have always been punished for free trading and refusing to submit to Roman/Cannon Law.

  28. Toad says:

    You really think that Scottish people are so different to welsh, English or Irish? Nationalism is the politics of division – it seeks to hype up differences and drive wedges between people who have no reason to go their separate ways. Throughout history nationalism has been a force for evil, and now it is sold to us under the guise of social justice. Well, real social justice comes from breaking down barriers, not putting more barriers up.

  29. donald says:

    Dear Toad.

    There is a certain logic to your argument and there are elements of it that I can agree with up to a point. Be that as it may, in practice, geography does create regional and cultural identity that makes countries beautiful because they are unique to that area. If some ass hat put a McDonalds franchise in the middle of a Lake district Village and said ‘deal with it’.

    How would you, as a villager feel about that? Knowing it would destroy the character and beauty of the village forever?

    You have to respect and honor regional and cultural differences, not homogenize them in to a ‘Global village’ of corporate clones. Because that’s what they mean by ‘unity’. Their definition of unity is in fact conformity.

    If you want to embrace that crap then go to an American mall and hang out there for a few weeks absorbing the ‘cultural heritage’. The novelty will wear off real quick, trust me. Sure, you will get mugged, witness a couple of drive by shootings and get propositioned by cops posing as Hookers. But as long as your credit card does not max out you can eat all the junk food you want. Wonderful.

    Been there, done that.

    Scotland has a right to claim and hold sacred its own unique cultural identity and they have a right to proclaim it and protect it from mind numbing corporate conformity. They have a right to the land that raised them, nurtured them and made them Scottish. The world would be a poorer place for destroying all that makes a people unique instead of the same.

    If I walked in to your house uninvited, bust open your piggy bank, raided the beer from your fridge and started a rage party, how would you take that? What makes you you? Don’t you want to hold your home sacred and private to you and yours? Or are you open house? No, I don’t think so. The Scots have their own ways, just as you have boundaries that define your private space where you are free to express yourself without being dictated to.

    When I visit Tuscany I want to drink up its fantastic cultural heritage, not super size my big mac and fries at fucking Mickey D’s in Florence. So Toad, if you want to ridicule National identity and chow down on McCulture that’s your choice but me, I love diversity and I cherish it.

    Vive La difference!

    Apologies to the Scots for presuming to speak for them.

  30. Grouse Beater says:

    Toad – Pitch your monomanic ‘nationalism’ at London. You keep confusing small country pride with big country imperialism.

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