What We Did On Our Holiday



Good heavens! SNP MPs on a plane!

Has any journalist or pundit spotted the irony of David Cameron, the Prime Minister who throughout the Referendum refused point-blank to debate with Alex Salmond, Scotland’s First Minister, now has the unedifying duty of five years trying to avoid debating with Salmond across the benches at Westminster, and all the SNP shadow team?

“Stay with us, Scotland. Lead us, don’t leave us!” cried politicians and celebrities in hypocritical unison. So we did. Exactly that. And they howled in pain. Are you still laughing uncontrollably?

Now Cameron and his neo-con cronies and the remnants of a Labour party share the ‘mother of all parliaments’ – one hellish abusive parent on the record of interminable wars alone – with ‘foreigners’, the insult thrown at Scots for daring to demand equal rights. We await the derogatory term ‘economic migrants’.

The recumbent lions of London’s Trafalgar Square ought to be painted yellow. Scotland’s fifty-six person party has arrived in Westminster in force. They come from all walks of life and all professions. Let no one paint them as rookies.

One supposes it is a limited sojourn, a trip ‘abroad’, there until Scotland decides half-measures never work, full autonomy leading to formal independence the only solution to the self-injury of lingering political and social inequality. All that is left is to negotiate a new treaty on trade and wars, and probably a share of the pound sterling until Scotland sets up its own currency.

Their attitude to the stuffy rules of the old boys club is refreshingly  anarchic.  They had the cheek to take a few selfies to keep their constituents back home informed: smiling on the terrace having coffee and buns, on the opposition benches while given their tour, and leaning on the dispatch box – something the right-wing British press are keen to tell us is ‘frowned upon,’ a dig in the ribs to remind us we are hicks from the sticks.

Tarzan swings again

Unlike Tory MP Michael ‘Tarzan’ Heseltine, no SNP member grabbed the Mace and held it aloft over their head screaming “Singing the Red Flag is a threat to democracy!” Nor did they beat up a fellow member. Back in 1920 the unfortunate Irish nationalist MP Joseph MP, against a wall of jeers, continued to try to put his question only to be assaulted by Conservative MP John Elsdale Molson who pulled him over a bench and punched him repeatedly. One government MP was heard shouting “Kill him!” When it comes to House etiquette only Tories can show the rest actions ‘frowned upon’.

Either the best of situations or the worst exists depending on your political outlook. Scotland has moved almost unanimously SNP, a left-wing party, while England puts an extremist right-wing Tory party in government. The union leader castigated by Murphy, Len McCluskey, claims most of his membership in Scotland vote SNP. Salt in the wound!

The Tories plan to destroy all they profess they hold dear, making the protection of Scotland all the more paramount. The SNP demonstrate and take advantage of the truism that whatever Scotland votes for they get the Tory party ruling the United Kingdom.

I don’t want to dwell on Labour’s humiliation at the ballot box; they continue to lie their way out of failure telling voters the SNP ‘stole their policies’. If that were true why oppose the SNP so violently during the election, and refuse to acknowledge they exist if  faced with a hung parliament? The cadaverous expenses-addicted Jim Murphy must feel a weight off his shoulders, never ever again having to utter the horrible phrase working class. In the later stage of the election Milband and his insufferable mob used the term working people to let us know they no longer cared about the unemployed. 

So far, only one Labour hopeful for leadership, Andy Burnham, feels able to voice the heresy that perhaps Labour in Scotland should be a completely separate party.

Labour remain in deep denial. Stunned. Shock has taken its toll. They are not there when it really matters to protect the British people from the ravages of neo-con ideologues. In any event, some Labourites were as far-right as any Cameronian, so who knows what calumny they would have subjected the poor and the disenfranchised to suffer. And the ‘wets’ of the Tory party who might have exhibited dissent against the worst of policies are silenced. We shall have to rely on more riots in the streets of London against the violent elite, and the Tories demanding the SNP condemn street protest

As for our team – the battle begins to open the Treasury account books and see exactly what Westminster spends our taxes on, why they take from Scotland and never give back, how much bloody wars are costing us, and how much tax corporations cosy with politicians do not pay. Then let them tell us we must accept more cuts in social services.

Soon, the SNP will discover what separates the rich from the rest of us – they have more credit. Remember, crooked banks and tax avoiding corporations are too big to fail. Individual can go to the dogs.

I like the bankrupt movie starlet who said to her debtors, “I borrowed the money to pay for my new boobs. If you want to repossess them you know where to find them”.

Anyhow, to our SNP MPs – come home soon … with our independence secured. Don’t believe a thing you hear or see. Those lions in Trafalgar Square are a bit iffy. The sculptor modelled the nose and mouth on a Labrador. He got the lion’s nose all wrong.

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7 Responses to What We Did On Our Holiday

  1. johnmoss2014 says:

    Has any journalist or pundit spotted the irony of David Cameron, the Prime Minister who throughout the Referendum refused point-blank to debate with Alex Salmond, Scotland’s First Minister, now has the unedifying duty of five years trying to avoid debating with Salmond across the benches at Westminster, and all the SNP shadow team?

    That first paragraph is classic.

    Real life is often stranger than fiction…56 SNP MPs in Westminster, Wee Eck amongst them and David Cameron will have to face them. I still pinch myself just to make sure that I’m not dreaming all of this.

    I’ve given up on Manga videos, real life looks like it’s going to be much more fun from now on.

  2. Robert, (Auld Bob), Peffers says:

    I cannot see the first question asked of the PM at question time being, “When will the Prime Minister next meet with Scotland’s First Minister?” Can you?

  3. Grouse Beater says:


  4. YESGUY says:

    Brilliant GB.

    Another good article. I hope the SNP get right up WM’s noses. They cannot keep the racist shit down long enough.

    Scotland votes and England chooses the govt.

    What’s the point of elections ?? People must see this now. We can wipe out the rest of the rabid LIEbour party in SE2016 and push for indi soon after. Strike now while the union parties are all over the place. We have been recognised by some tory’s as already independent because of the SNP majority.

    Sept next year would be fine with me. Gives us long summer nights to party away.

    Wishfull thinking GB ?

    😉 you never know.

  5. Grouse Beater says:

    I feel it will take Labour a decade and all-new faces and radical policies to regain a modicum of trust from voters in Scotland. But I got the impression those in England saw them as spendthrifts, and Miliband as a weak geek.

  6. donald says:

    I will give full faith and credit to the SNP When they push for a Scottish national currency to complement the referendum they should demand on the back of the people’s victory over the spin merchants . A currency that is owned ,backed by and accountable to the people of Scotland along with its elected representatives. A currency free of interest , where value is determined by work and commodity , not the casino of the stock exchange.
    The bank of England is a private corporation that practices predatory lending using birth certificates as collateral. THAT IS THE VERY DEFINITION OF SLAVERY IN PRACTICE.
    Parliament is a place of ‘parley’ where liars sell empty promises to the bearer , the currency of deceit . Buy the lie and you live with the consequences. Expose it and it dies ,withering in the sun .

    This is not just Scotland’s Victory .It is a shot across the bows of every lying cheating corporate poodle who serve’s greed instead of the People. Obama, Abbot ,Cameron ,Milliband , the whole damn lot of them. Iceland was the first to defy these parasites and win , now Scotland must follow through with the same hard nosed fervor. The MSM wont tell you the people of Iceland physically dragged their pollies out of the government building but that’s what happened .

    The tower of Babel is crumbling because it was built on lies , not a foundation of truth . No other sword can cut the cords that enslave people. We can do this . We are doing it . Let the fools have their gongs and titles. The only label I will gladly accept is Free man. No bond ,no indenture ,no mortgage, no registration ( which means ‘ I volunteer allegiance to the king for a paltry ration of his bounty’ ) No more bowing ,curtsying and grovelling to over dressed narcissists. A free man or woman answers only to their conscience . Because we all know what the right thing to do is .
    The royal circus is an illusion propped up by sycophants . An empty promise to pay to the vain and ambitious. Sell your soul and you to can enjoy the fruits .

    I know this . I have been propositioned by these people numerous times . They steal from our own pockets then try to buy us with our own sweat !

  7. donald says:

    Slight correction , its the Liebradour party. A dog with no healthy suspicion of strangers . A poodle without the noodle . A blond crotch nudging, servile, hair shedding pretender.
    That ‘dog’ sold out the people long ago and hides in the back of range rovers ,dutifully servile ,pretending to be useful .

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