It Was Voters Wot Did It



I thought it fitting to use a discredited tabloid term as title for this celebratory essay.

Who would have thought the people of Scotland had the nous to teach disreputable, unreliable, anti-Scotland politicians the lesson of their lives, and to let Westminster know Scotland won’t be cheated? Did we think our kith and kin had it in them? What a result.

For hours afterwards it was if time had stopped.

Of the fifty-nine Westminster eligible MPs allotted to Scotland the people voted in fifty-six SNP MPs, and very nearly two more had a few hundred voters not wavered at the last minute. Some swings were an unheard of thirty-five per cent and more.

Warning bells of inevitable independence from Westminster rule rang out in every grey room of Thames House, MI5 headquarters in London. Labour politicians tore their clothes, fell down in despair, and prayed the toxic spirit of Tony Blair might reinvigorate their party once more.

She’s no slouch

Nicola Sturgeon got her agenda in first. The photograph at the head of the essay was taken one day after the victorious election, the mass meeting held on Queensferry’s promenade, outside Edinburgh. Gordon Brown lives not too far away. Ouch!

The electorate had given her party a unanimous mandate. “Scotland will not be ignored,” she said, and she meant it. Surrounded by her new recruits she rallied her troops against a backdrop of one of Scotland’s great engineering triumphs and dramatic symbols. Then I remembered the image in my avatar is also backed by the Forth Rail Bridge, and I smiled.

The day after the map of Scotland turned cadmium yellow you could not fail to be amazed by the way press and media treating Scotland with tip-toe respect. Only the day before election night it was business as usual – fear the coming of the nationalists! Had we sent back only a dozen MPs to Westminster the headlines would have intensified the slur today.

That shock will not last for long. It will take the British Establishment a few days to recover before regaining its wits to plan new propaganda offensives and compose more ugly smears and insults. It is a dangerous tactic. Hacks will be allocated to scour the private lives of new SNP politicians for dirt. Bored British surveillance operatives will open another set of files dedicated to Scottish insurgents. “We need a bigger vault, Mr Bond.”

Elected to protect Scotland’s interests

Scotland’s collective political common sense dropped the guillotine blade. The head of the British state was under it. After decades of being told what to think and what is good for us, our MPs are now expected, told, sworn as oath, to put Scotland’s welfare first, not London’s, and most definitely not their own.

If you turn you head forty-five degrees to the left you will observe the door. Use it.

Justice got dispensed indirectly. One man who had humiliated Scots by placing a whopping bet on Yes losing the Referendum, won a ton of money from it and then chanced it all on a hung parliament in the general election, lost the lot. Betting shops had their odds on Tories winning, proving those who bet are mathematically challenged.

Hopeless BBC Scotland, seeing the polls and sensing impending doom for their very existence as a state broadcaster, set up a studio election night special in Glasgow staffed entirely by all-Scottish journalists. No one was going to accuse the BBC of colonial arrogance, patronising an entire nation by side-lining local staff, hence no reporter was shipped from the metropolis to cover the event, a first for BBC Scotland. All went well, our boys rising to the occasion with professional ease when, reeling from the result, BBC committed a classic error of judgment.

They sent a roving reporter with a lollipop microphone to confront unsuspecting members of the public arriving at a railway station with the objective of obtaining one-sentence vox pop interviews. A long out-of-date method of achieving shallow misleading balance, this jolly jaunt might have had no significance except on this occasion it was totally superfluous.

Scotland voted unanimously for Scotland

The only acceptable interviews to illustrate ‘balance’ in this historic instance was three Scots celebrating a miraculous political shift of power. Instead, the BBC gave us one individual from Labour, (dejected) one from SNP, (happy) and one from a stunned Englishman of indeterminate political alliance.

BBC’s propaganda machine was still running in automatic mode. Nobody back at HQ control had thought to switch it off. The Englishman was straight out of a Monty Python sketch. He was broadcast first. His remark symbolised the opposite of what he intended.

I have just come from Stirling, and the atmosphere there is not one of jubilation but heavy, leaden. I do not want to live in a one party state, and therefore I must consider my position as to whether I want to live here!”

In full view of the world’s  jury he demonstrated chauvinism with uncontrolled abandon. In his opinion Scotland run by the people for Scotland is an affront to mankind.

Some men let their prejudices buzz around their head likes flies on a summer’s day.

Shamed and soon to be shunned branch manager of Labour’s tool shed in Scotland, Jim Murphy, gave a valedictory speech, the only resignation in a night of mass suicides that didn’t mention resignation. He blamed Labour’s catastrophic demise on the SNP for promising if you “vote SNP you get Labour.” The SNP made no such claim other than if you voted SNP you got SNP.

Business as usual

Westminster announced the first to be affected by the new set of draconian cuts in Welfare is to be disability allowance. The wheelchair-bound and other non-ambulant who work with a salary will get their benefits cut or withdrawn.

Second is the reinstatement of fox-hunting in England. Blood sports are not confined to contempt for Scotland. While no one in Scotland is suggesting English are hunted down for entertainment, upper crust English want their national sport reinstated. A dog fox in Epping Forest was heard to say it could no longer abide living in a one party state, and was considering moving to Scotland.

Black propaganda

Voting in Scotland is by proportional representation. That is the only way Tories and Labour candidates still get access to Holyrood’s Parliament so paltry are their votes.

Sending a full contingent of SNP MPs to Westminster is another matter entirely. It does not constitute a one-party state. Nor is it Mao Tse-tung’s Red Guard. Yet many a dullard hack fell into the same trap warning of all sorts of  crevasses SNP MPs were sure to fall into, and without crampons to get out again. Or perhaps it was tampons to break the fall.

Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, announced his ‘simple to understand economic policy’ for another five years of extreme neo-liberal Tory rule. Here it is:

“Imagine,” he said, “My economic policy is an apple pie the Conservative party has baked for you. You take a knife and you cut that pie in half. The top half of the pie is what we will use to renew Trident, and buy weapons and armaments to defend this great country of ours. The bottom half of the pie is what we will use to invest in business and the City of London finance houses to bring more prosperity to our green and pleasant land…..and….. the other half of the pie is what we will use to protect Welfare!”

England’s democracy is a shiny apple with a rotten core.

The Human Rights Act will be the next for a kicking.

On the same day Nicola Sturgeon saw Scotland’s constitutional destiny clearly, severely disgruntled citizens of Osborne’s green and pleasant land rioted in the streets of London against Welfare cuts. The first indication of English rebellion was showing. If Cameron thinks he will have only some rowdy back benchers to worry about with his slim majority, he had better get his tin helmet on now.

Somewhere in a British newspaper a sub-editor was  typing the headline: It Was The Voters What Didn’t Like It.


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23 Responses to It Was Voters Wot Did It

  1. Calgacus says:

    Thanks for the wee rerun of the best night of our political lives Grousebeater.Still can’t believe what happened but seeing Andrew Marr’s face is helping.😀

    What kind of car is it in your avatar?

  2. Grouse Beater says:

    The car in the avatar is a Jaguar SS100 – its timeless elegance penned in 1936.

  3. Alex Waugh says:

    You were right, the shock didn’t last long at all.

    Just read on WoS that some pratt on the telly was saying, “Salmond ‘slapped Sturgeon down'” and David Torrance has been on the BBC claiming there is a rift between the two; thus a schism in the party.

    Meanwhile the good folks in London and elsewhere in England have woken up to what England just did (sheeesh! NOW they wake up?!)and are ‘rioting’ but, of course, this has only just been added to the BBC’s ‘news’ service – hours after it was put out there by citizen journalists on-line.

    I reckon this is a personal best for the Tories: only one day in power before protest erupts. Well done the 38% who voted for Teflon Dave and five more years of bloodletting by Osborne – no really, well done (sarc – in case I’m accused of English-hating). You’ve not only made the dissolution of the Union more probable, you’ve condemned the old, the sick, the poor and the weak in your own, precious England to misery, poverty and the kind of government that only Orwell could have foreseen.

    You’ve made it much less likely that files on child rapists in the establishment, including Westminster, will never be made public. You’ve agreed that Lord Janner, who is too supposedly mentally feeble to stand trial for appalling alleged crimes against children while, at the same time, being apparently compos mentis enough to retain his 300 quid-a-day seat in the HoL, and have a say in the legislature of this green and pleasant land. You’ve agreed to the selling off of Housing Association houses – that don’t actually belong to the government.

    We already know you hate us, you’ve made that painfully clear, but tell me: why do you hate yourselves so much?

  4. Grouse Beater says:

    Sadly, you are right about Westminster closing the books shut on their corruption. In Edinburgh, the SNP opened the books on spending and the like for all to see, made accessible information previously kept ‘secret’ by Labour and Tory administrations.
    The more I read of Torrance – I do my best to avoid him – the more I’m certain he’s moonlighting for MI5.

  5. Calgacus says:

    Yes it is beautiful.

  6. Grouse Beater says:

    Poetic. 🙂

  7. Robert, (Auld Bob), Peffers says:

    As from now, “The Toast Tae the Lassies”, means quite something else again.

  8. TheItalianJob says:

    Yes my very thoughts on Torrance. Odious man and just saw him quoted in the Washington Post (I’m currently in the U.S.) so couldn’t avoid him even here.

    Biggest shock (but a pleasant one) of the night to me was the town of my birth (Kirkcaldy) voting SNP in, and by a large swing and majority.

    Good summary as always. Keep the blogs going as we need support over the coming months as to what WM and the Tories will conjure up.

  9. Grouse Beater says:

    Enjoy your US trip!

  10. Connor Mcewen says:

    The Sunday Herald and the Huffington Post doing good stuff along with Grousebeater and Wings.
    Slipknot P. Harrington videos fairly Whips himself into a frenzy about neo liberals and of course the Artist Taxi driver.Worth a look

  11. I noticed that the “one party state” claim was used quite a bit by the BBC.
    Funny how not an eyelid was batted when Labour held the majority of MPs and the government in Holyrood (albeit a minority) at the same time from 1999 to 2007.

  12. Grouse Beater says:

    Welcome. 🙂
    Yes. We should be prepared to be ruthless with people who are ready to parade their ignorance as if informed opinion.

  13. Janet says:

    Strictly speaking, James Bond works for MI6. Security of the “home countries” rests with MI5. Some years ago they had a spat over Ireland, in the end deciding that it was a home, not foreign, country. We should take time to learn the difference. Just saying.

  14. Grouse Beater says:

    As ‘separatists’ I thought Scots are now classed as ‘foreigners’?

  15. donald says:

    Home . As if that was ever held sacred by the intelligence community. Try waking up with a drone hovering over your head and ask yourself who’s spying on who . Nothing certain behind the curtain . The chess board may be black and white but the rules don’t apply to the grey men. Loyalty and nationality are two very different things. The former is often bought at the point of a gun , the later born of earth and sky . Big difference between spilling blood on stolen ground and being born from the earth of your homeland. The former is violation ,the later confirmation.

    Evil men muddy the waters , good men seek a pure source.

  16. YESGUY says:

    Grand read GB.

    Loved the picture of the newbies with Nicola. Most folk cannot read past the first few lines so this picture tells a story on it’s own.

    Once again GB, Scotland is foisted with a tory govt we did not vote for. All the voters in Scotland must now accept England gets the govt IT votes for . So why bother with a vote in any GE. we are too small to make the difference.

    In my eyes the size of the wins and reversal of some huge swings speaks volumes. Scotland is a different country and the union does not serve us.

    Forget ffa or whatever they choose to give us. It’s will always have caveats. ( England will not suffer or lose out because of Scotlands gains for one )

    Independence now. As a member of the SNP i will push for another referendum mandate in the SE 2016. I will vote for ANY party that has this in their mandate. Another 5 years of the tory’s . AYE RIGHT.

    The fears and scares won’t work now and it’s pretty clear if we want fair representaion then first we need our own country . We are nothing more than a region of Greater England in the eyes of WM

    Tick tock union

  17. Grouse Beater says:

    As I said in answer to another contributor’s post, we’re experiencing a form of independence now, only moving towards the official seal step-by-step.

  18. donald says:

    Democracy is dead in the UK.It has been for a long long time now. There is not a single govt on the planet that is not bought and paid for by the usual suspects. The agenda they are driving is transnational. so they dont give a damn about Scotland ,England ,America ,Europe .
    The last time I went back to the mother land it did break my heart . Tory and labour have been complicit in raping both sides of the border . Ably abetted by a BBC that has corroded down to a naked propaganda machine . The spin doctors corrupted its corridors long ago . Saviile was just the tip of the iceberg and a dead scapegoat to misdirect the full ire of the public . Sexual guilt and shame keeps the puppets in line and the real power pulls strings from the shadows and curtains above them. Technology amplifies the power of those in the shadows. Cloaking technology ,holographic technology far more sophisticated than most people can grasp. The human eye is easily fooled , trust me on that . The real enemy is invisible ,literally, but always there ,always watching . The eye that never sleeps . Only true hearts that love freedom can hope to bring this beast to heel. I am heartened to notice that many of the SNP MP’s are women and less easily corrupted . But that wont deter the black hats from doing their damnedest. The grace period will be a short honeymoon to lull them ,then the smear will start , slow in the approach but lightening fast in the killing strokes . The smiling assassin they call it in OZ.

    Cameron sickens me to my stomach . The one beacon of decency left in public ownership,the NHS ,is now on the butchers block . Truly heart breaking . Dont judge to harshly your cousins south of the border , their fate will be yours . They have been used and abused nearly as much .
    The city of London is the real devil ,an independent city/ state in the heart of England that has no loyalty to Englishman or Scot . We are all expendable pawns in their eye’s.
    My scots ancestors ,like so many ,left long ago ,driven by the enclosures and a desire for greater freedom elsewhere . But the heart always longs to return to its home , to hold its mother in a last loving embrace .

  19. Grouse Beater says:

    An enjoyable post.

  20. donald says:

    I feel i should be apologizing to you GB ,this is your blog . But if true hearts voices dont unite how will we know we are not alone in this fight ?
    I was taken under the wing of one of the cambridge Bards a long time ago. He has passed on now , but he was a good man ,a brave man . So much that he shared in the early days I could not grasp , could not get my head around. He was a mountain man too . His heart belonged there as does mine .

  21. Grouse Beater says:

    You are welcome here. And others will appreciate that you share your thoughts. 🙂

  22. donald says:

    Thank you GB , I am honored . And i have a debt to repay to an old friend who taught me the true meaning of justice ,loyalty and devotion. Hard to put in to words but I think you understand .

  23. donald says:

    Another comment I feel compelled to make is this .The enemy of freedom cannot be defeated unless you know its strategy , its tactics and less obvious but just as important , the weapons/ technology it has at its disposal. I have witnessed this technology first hand and god help us, members of my family have long familiarity with its development and deployment . In and of itself the tech is not evil , indeed it has the capacity to give us all far greater freedom used wisely .
    Harnessed by the greedy ,this technology is lethal and George Orwell had only a vague grasp of it. Scottish Genius is no accident .It takes a free untrammeled mind to explore and innovate .

    Its also important to read the subtext in the productions of the film industry. All that stuff you think is sci fi is sci fact . Its already being used . The greedy love to boast about the real deal , indeed gloating over their subjects and rubbing the truth in front of their noses gives these people a thrill and maintains ‘loyalty’ in their ranks . Nothing excites a thief more than boasting over his triumphs.

    People need to understand the psychology of these psychopaths.
    In their deliberations they fear one thing above all .Those who listen to their heart and cannot be swayed or bought by greed and ego. They also know the true power of the human mind when it is free from fear . This also concerns them greatly. So they create ‘loveable’ sock puppets to pacify you .They give you ‘hero’s’ with an acceptable face , a beautiful face .
    Look in to these people’s eye’s though and you will see not love but fear and loathing.
    Routinely raping and humiliating the innocent is part of their control mechanism . But now the truth about these pedophile networks is coming to light ,they are loosing their fear based foundations . That’s a good thing . The exposure must continue and it must be thorough.
    Centralized power must have a centralized communications system so that the few can look down through the whole pyramid structure . Its a lens they have to maintain . If they are blind in any area they can be easily be blindsided and they know it.

    They are also finding out something else . Centralized comm’s make them easier to hack and undermine. The foundation of their empire is built entirely on lies. In order to maintain the program , they need a ministry of ‘truth’ to patch up the old lies ,with a new version , just like Windows . Their empire is a house of cards built on shifting sand surrounded by drugged zombies . If you want to control people you keep them fearful , in debt ,ignorant of the facts and addicted.
    The truth will erode the foundations. The truth is the ultimate virus that no programing can stop. Words from the heart transcend time ,race ,prejudice and fear . The greatness of Poets Such as Robbie Burns was that he spoke to every heart , no matter their race, color, creed. Because deep down we all know and long for the peace and surety of love.
    The Highland spirit runs free .Always has ,always will . The heart is brave that knows love cannot be separated by death or distance . That was the message in the film of the same name . That’s why it rekindled the flame .
    When you take from a good man the only things that gives him meaning , love peace and freedom to enjoy it , he will fight, because if he does not act there will be no hope for his children ,his clan , his countrymen.

    Warrior poets are men and women who hear the call and answer no matter the distance between us .

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