The Tyranny of Westminster



Nicola Sturgeon – one person can make the difference

Westminster’s rich and privileged tell us austerity endured another five years means the poor and the disadvantaged will prosper. They tell us our lives will transform for the better. They have told us that for over 300 years.

Westminster is  alarmed. Scotland’s core grievance that it can never take its place in the modern world while under the thumb of the British state gathers adherents and speed.

Westminster’s answer to an unstoppable democratic grass-roots movement is to denounce it on behalf of ‘Greater England.’ It must be crushed.

When will colonials acknowledge Scots can be proud and independent? Only when we are free of Westminster slop. Is the solvent for being born a ‘Brit’ forever to be our blood for English wars, our wealth for English profligacy and corruption, and our silence for a pitiful pouch of bawbees?

What sane person claims Scotland cannot survive unless the vassal of another nation?

The Tory Party now Britain’s Tea Party is intent on producing a diminution of the Welfare state, completing the unfinished work of Thatcher, until we are left with the vestiges of democracy, an unwilling enemy of Europe, basic rights but no more than that, free not to get beaten up in the street, but not the equal of companies and corporations.

Westminster ignores the voice of Scotland. It is so confident these days it doesn’t trouble to hide its disdain. The long standing moral tradition no longer exists wherein an elected politician represents all voters not only those of his own persuasion. We are back to the proto-fascism of Thatcher and Bush when they asked, “Is he one of us?”

How harder and harder it becomes to masters the modern-day equivalent of Australian bolters and bushrangers. They are the metastasis of democracy.

Consumed by power

What is it that so propels those men that they have no empathy for Scotland, a visceral hatred unless it does as its told? I am being asked to vote ill-formed, staunchly anti-democratic, intellectually stunted dullards. I should respect them because they claim they too are passionate about their racist views? Which of us is deluded?

Labour has so few ideological differences with the Tory Party, it’s now the Tory’s natural partner and ally. Both ignore Scotland. The old Liberal party keeps a liar and a cheat in place in Orkney. His English constituency are pleased they protect the corrupt.

We saw the ‘affection’ when Westminster won the Referendum and David Cameron strode over to the microphone outside Downing Street to tell us England not Scotland was his priority. He made fools of two-and-a-half million No voters, not all of us Scots.

We are patronised and we are loathed. We are welcomed only if we do as we are told and vote for the British way of life, whatever that is. But we are not welcomed as leaders of the United Kingdom, “lead us don’t leave us” a leaden joke.

Win by England alone

Right-wing ideologues try their best to revive the old myth of the Englishman’s hereditary right to govern. It is not, they aver, in a Scotsman’s genes, not his disposition, ya know. A Scotsman is born to follow. Scots can mingle with their English overlords, they  are just not allowed to assume power. Imperialist Westminster is familiar with the meaning of servitude, Scotland knows it out of bitter experience.

That was yesterday. Today Scotland has its own voice.

You can see the colonialism in even the most open of English newspapers. “Britain needs a new direction” proclaimed the shaky liberalism of the Guardian editorial. The Guardian welcomes the SNP and Scotland’s intellectual revolution now that it is virtually irresistible, unstoppable, the newspaper just cannot bring itself to support anything that acknowledges Scotland is a separate country that should have equal rights and status as England. As far as the Guardian is concerned democracy is strictly a two-party system and a monolithic state.

Loving your kidnapper

Aspiration and resistance. What is the cure for the excruciating grip of Westminster’s power? To Westminster there is only one ‘cure’. Assimilation. Scotland must be cuffed and licked into mirror image.

It does not take long for a Scotsman to love his colonial partner when he makes his career in London or the shires. He fears exclusion from England’s establishment and loss of praise from its minions, so he kowtows, nods in consent when listening to Scotland derided. There are a dozen Scots-born novelists, comedians and actors one could name in an instant who fill that category, who succumb to Westminster’s bribes and authority because that is the side their bread is buttered. They made themselves known during the Referendum debate. They’re hostage to the lore wealth and adulation bring happiness.

In their most sanguine moments our imperial masters hope that throwing us a few sprats of local power will quench our demand for justice.

We like to think we are Jean-Jacque Rousseau’s moral man walking free, exercising free will. In reality we are a people coerced, belittled, deracinated.

Mother of all Parliaments

Defence of the national interest is self-evidently defence of England’s interests. The British state boasts that it defends us from the stain of European cooperation, from the evil of invisible terrorists, from ordinary hard-working eastern Europeans.

The Scottish National Party is on that list, the new criminal cast. Criminally racist Ukip, a phony party falling apart, need hardly attempt to get candidates elected, there are already plenty of closet sympathisers in the House of Commons and the Lords.

We have reached an era when the British state protects itself from a large section of its own population, Scotland. They give up any pretence of democracy. They think we have too much of it.

Last breath of Westminster

Who has not had enough of Westminster’s adoration for inhumane and cruel neo-liberalism, weapons of mass death, illegal wars killing and dispossessing thousands of innocents, its racism, its endemic corruption, worship of royalty, its despicable class system, fat cat expenses and fatter heads, the violence of the rich over the poor, rotten to the core English imperialism, above all, exploitation of Scotland?

Only a masochist welcomes control by hostile authority.


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38 Responses to The Tyranny of Westminster

  1. Calgacus says:

    Excellent rant Grousebeater, anyone who doubts the poison at the dark heart of Labour only has to look at the electon leaflet they have published in Scotland to terrify pensioners in round 2 of Project Fear.

  2. Grouse Beater says:

    But all is well, another Royal baby on the way, the Scots will go home to their hovels to celebrate and forget their protest. Conceived a few days before the Referendum, born a few days before the General Election. Wonderful timing. The Royal couple doing their duty for the British state. Three hurrahs!

  3. Bill McLean says:

    I hear the princess what’s her name is “In labour” – does that mean the Tories are stuffed? I hope so but couldn’t care less about their corrupt politics. The UK is a foreign country to me now as they have made is plain Scots are not wanted in any capacity except as bag carriers! Unfortunately, we still have too many who are happy to fill that role!

  4. Grouse Beater says:

    The UK is a foreign country to me…
    Aye, many must share than feeling these days.

  5. Connor Mcewen says:

    Caw Canny man.Farmer Cameron is building his Noah’s Ark on the Farm for his own party.

  6. Bill McLean says:

    Thanks for response Grouse Beater. I forgot to say how much I enjoyed and agreed with your post.
    Why am I getting such negative vibes from people on the sites I read. The polls are fantastically in our favour as it would appear are the Bookies odds. What has happened in the last 24 hours to cause what appears to be almost despondency. Surely it can’t be the rubbish that Murphy is putting out? Any ideas?

  7. Grouse Beater says:

    “Why am I getting such negative vibes from people on the sites I read.”

    You can’t mean you personally? You’re honesty shines through on your Wings posts.

    I think there is a natural reluctance to cheering too early borne out of the crushing anti-climax we experienced immediately after the Referendum, a feeling if it happened then it might happen again, and anyway, who can believe we came back from defeat to this?

    I’m very pleased you respond well to my scribbling efforts – cheers me up laid low as I am with a severe chest infection, got from recirculated air in a plane, or hot air from Unionist politicians! But I am happiest when folk tell me they have forwarded my essays to others.

    Warm regards

  8. Bill McLean says:

    Thanks again Grouse Beater. Like you I am low with a chest infection/cold – probably caught on a plane returning from Malta last month. Wife had it first for 3 weeks then I caught it. Feeling low but must try to be positive. Hope to God we have these swine on the run!

  9. Robert, (Auld Bob), Peffers says:

    Best article for some time, Grousebeater. As I lay, still abed, this very morning, clutching my first mug of coffee and reading the on-line news on an ancient net-book, a few thoughts were running through my head.

    The first was how yesterday Miliband loudly stated to the public that his sect of the Establishment would not, under any conditions, have anything to do with a party that wanted to tear, “HIS COUNTRY”, apart. Yet here he was this fine morning being quoted as saying this election was, “Not a clash of two nations but a clash of two visions” (Sigh!), Yesterday Scotland was part of his country but today a different nation to his nation. Aye! Richt!

    Miliband also says, “public services face, “disintegration due to Tory cuts”. Now didn’t the Labour Party not only say they would support Tory cuts but outdo them?

    Cameron says he, “Wants to close the, ‘Growth gap’, between the South & North. Then continues, “Plans include upgrades to the M62 between Leeds & Manchester and the A1 in Yorkshire and 1 million English apprenticeships”. But! But! But! Hoy! Dave! Up here!, (waves from the north), “Ah yon growth gap is afu muckle doon Sooth o this bit o whit ye ca’d yer country yesterday”.

    The Nigel gadgie he talks aboot shovelling English funds ower Hadrians wa’ (intil anitter bit o England), and claims it is subsidising the greedy jocks. Seems no one has told him the English are funded by UK funding and the greedy Jocks pay UK taxes and north o yon wa is jist mair bits o England.

    Then there are the … (noo whit div they ca yon ither lot again)? … Labradors or sumthin’ ? I forget whit thir ca’d – nae maiter but, – so has everyain else forgot thaim.

    Don’t they teach geography in England? Aiblins it’s jist Inglis pairty leaderswha ir afu confeesed aboot a’thin.

  10. Grouse Beater says:

    Unsure if God is on Scotland’s side, Will.

    I believe Englishman claim His exclusive loyalty.

    But yes, heres to a resounding punch in the solar plexus of British politics! (A speedy return to good health.)

  11. Robert, (Auld Bob), Peffers says:

    Oops! Meant to type Tory but typed Toy. Ach! Aiblin Ah wis richt first time.

  12. Grouse Beater says:

    “Don’t they teach geography in England?”

    If this bloody chest infection wasn’t making my laugh so wheezy you’d hear it where you are.

    And I read ‘Greek Jock’ for greedy Jocks, so brainwashed am I by scorn from Westminster thugs at Scotland’s chances of surviving intact after independence. Anyhow, I appreciate the handshake of praise. Good to learn folk actually read what I write.

  13. Grouse Beater says:

    Fixed! 🙂

  14. Grouse Beater says:

    “Not a clash of two nations but a clash of two visions”

    Miliband should sell that to 20×20 Vision as a slogan.

  15. says:

    Reblogged this on Bampots Utd and commented:
    Vote SNP and give scotland a stronger voice in westminster good luck to Nicola and all the people out helping her and her party no matter what happens next week 1 thing we can be sure of and that’s we now have a political party that we can have faith in and trust to do well for Scotland and the rest of the UK one thing the media has not mentioned

  16. Bill McLean says:

    Once again Grouse Beater – great stuff. Will be passing it on to my wee group of 16 who will no doubt pass it on further. Would be out doing more here in Newmills, Fife, if I felt better. Hope you are well by Friday and able to celebrate what we all hope will be an historic result. I’m hoping for mid-40 seats but am beginning to wonder why there is so much negativity today – your explanation earlier could be spot-on. Hope so. Good luck.

  17. Grouse Beater says:

    I lost £300 on the Referendum at Hills, (gift for wife and two daughters at 7 to 1) though intuition told me we’d lose by a few per cent, consequently twice shy of a bet on the election, so here goes nothing:

    I’ll wager 42 seats…

  18. Grouse Beater says:

    A friend has just e-mailed:
    “If you write at this standard please get ill again soon.”
    Very nice. 🙂
    He continues:
    “All too often in the past the Scots have been offered titbits of gratitude from the Westminster crowd whilst the feed lavishly to the Southerners. Of course Scotland is going to be better off not having a Tory or Labour majority in Scotland, they have to all ways vote with the party line.
    With a SNP majority we can go down there and influence our agenda. It is rather ironic that a number of strategic Scottish military bases are being removed or cut back, do they see us as a military threat now!! What they forget is if Scotland did vote for independence we would still have MPs standing for the traditional parties, not just a single SNP party.
    Not sure what they are afraid of. We seem to be doing rather well with the limited freedom on controlling our own economy.

    Keep on writing these interesting articles, more power to your pen, GB.”

  19. diabloandco says:

    Dear Lord ! There are so many sick folk around just now and most are favourites of mine
    get well soon all and in time to vote for a better Scotland with a great,big voice!

    I have to say the Guardian , that bastion of liberalism , has surprised me with its constant anti Scottish drivel and utterly unthinking , ignorant comment.
    But then I think in this time of austerity , by not buying it I have saved money – same applies to every other newspaper!

  20. patricknelson750 says:

    “A Scotsman is born to follow. Scots can mingle with their English overlords, they are just not allowed to assume power.”

    The following must all have been Welshmen pretending to be Scotsmen then?

    Prime Minister George Hamilton-Gordon,
    Prime Minister Arthur Balfour,
    Prime Minister Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman,
    Prime Minister Andrew Bonar Law,
    Prime Minister Ramsay MacDonald,
    Prime Minister Harold Macmillan (Scottish on his father’s side)
    Prime Minister Tony Blair (Scottish mother, born and grew up in Scotland despite his accent)
    Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

  21. chicmac says:

    Good stuff Grouse Beater

    I am also recovering from a cold probably caught on a plane coming back from NZ.
    Maybe its that pesky indy virus again. Johann might have been right.

    Bet she’s glad she resigned.

  22. Grouse Beater says:

    Too clever by half.

    Most were elected from English seats and had assimilate ‘Britishness.” The Scots with Scottish constituencies did not see two countries, only the United Kingdom ruled in all key policies from Westminster.

    The essay points up the current racism – always at the heart of colonialism – that lies at the basis of England my England where no Scots must rule ‘our country.’ That is why we have the ludicrous sight of Miliband getting cheered for boasting he will exclude Scottish MPs from Westminster.

    ‘Stay in the UK and lead us,’ cried our English friends. Aye, right.

  23. Andrew Brown says:

    Quite simply excellent. My thoughts and feelings exactly.

  24. Grouse Beater says:

    Thank you. And welcome. 🙂

  25. Grouse Beater says:

    Seems we could all form a club for plane virus sufferers! Herded like cattle, get cattle disease.
    Anyhow, the newspapers and media are agog over the new Royal baby. The brain dead faithful will worship from afar, and the British Establishment has its secret weapon activated once more that energises the British patriotic spirit. That’ll zap the SNP, what?

  26. Grouse Beater says:


  27. Davy says:

    Thank you for this article, it really hits the spot, I believe the pronouncement by Ed Miliband that Scotland was not worthy of partaking in the governing of UK even through a democratic vote, may be the most significant thing to come out of the whole election campaign.

    He has announced to all, that Scotland is in his view and the view of the labour party, a second class country within the UK. And their is nothing he can say now to change that, and if that destroys the red tory party in Scotland I will cheer til the rafters fall in.

    Voting SNP, is a vote for our country.

  28. Grouse Beater says:

    I think Miliband dishonest as well as dim. He has no choice but to rely on the SNP.
    He finds Scotland an annoyance, not the wisest line for a politician to take seeking election from a ‘united’ Britain. But after watching his reactions some time I can for further.

    He is an egotist.

  29. Votefor Poodles says:

    Uncle Tams to a man.

  30. YESGUY says:

    I really enjoy this blog GB.

    You and all the commenters get better soon and prepare for a wee party.

    Anything above half the seats is a win and like you i think it would fair to guess about 40 plus seats . I doubt we will win them all but there is a real change these days. The referendum has left an ichy scab and we will not stop picking. No voters are shocked at the way things are going and the whole of Scotland has finally seen LIEbour for what it is. Millband has reunited the Scots and given us a focus we never had before.

    My old Labour buddies, and thats most of us , believed a teeny wee bit that Scotland was ok in Labour hands. Now they see the party as extension of WM elite. There is real anger out there. A complete wipe out ??? surely not ?

    GB , I talk to folk all the time and i have barely seen a Labour voter anywhere. The pensioners who voted no during the ref are right behind the SNP now. The young have no loyalty to the party of their fathers and have instant info at thier finger tips. They drive the message of hope everywhere.

    My worry was with my age group. 45 -60y/o’s . We were the stubborn loyal core voters and so many of them are now onside it would be a shock if SNP didn’t win a landslide. This is Scotland against WM(England) now.

    Who would have thought we’d be in this postion after the pain of the REF.

    I have faith in my fellow Scots . We take forever to get going but when we do we are unstoppable .

    GWS – GB . off to share this .

  31. Grouse Beater says:

    “Who would have thought we’d be in this postion after the pain of the REF?”

    I think it bolsters the argument we made that, of the two-and-half million who voted No, a great many wanted some form of ‘home rule’ as far as it will go without full independence. It makes me wonder if a better presented argument about the currency question, and stating how we’d share army and foreign policy – more co-operation from a position of mutual strength – might have helped shift the balance to a Yes win.

  32. YESGUY says:

    Ah Hindsight GB.

    I know how you felt on the 19th having chatted here and Wings at the time. I hoped you and everyone else involved would keep hammering away.And you did. We learned some hard lessons, tempered our impatience and got ourselves a new leader in Nicola Sturgeon.

    We never do things the easy way GB. My whole life (52years) has seen Scotland as plucky runners up. Something always held us back. We’re a contradiction at times and that’s because we never really think “just Scotland” … until now.

    So maybe we needed to lose this to expose the hypocracy and lies used against us during the ref and we have learned. Look at the numbers now in the polls. Crazy percentages we never dreamed off.

    Yes voters are confident now. They have been proven right. No voters are the ones in crisis and many are switching to SNP.

    I honestly believe the referendum came 2 years too early. i believe we are almost there now. We all see the union is bust . Everyone knows now.

    I give it 2 to 3 years and we will be voting again with a guaranteed 60% YES minimum.

    The anti-Scots rhetoric hasn’t started yet . Wait and see. They canny help themselves now. We just need to let them get on with it.


  33. Grouse Beater says:

    I see good sense in what you have had to say, but without the Referendum we would not have been able to gauge the mood of the people. And it is one of collective rebellion.

  34. YESGUY says:

    Very True. No stopping us now tho 🙂

  35. donald says:

    I cannot tell a lie and say I am ALL Scottish.

    Walter Scott was one of my ancestors amongst many Scots forbears. BUT I will never forget watching Braveheart all those years ago and getting so fired up when the Scots were victorious. I was pumping my fist and shouting in the theatre (in the US of all places ). That film was a catalyst all those years ago, I knew it then and I know it even more now.

    Freedom, that’s what it means to me no matter where anyone lives. Freedom from tyranny, nepotism and abuse of power. I am cheering on Scotland not just because I want its people to finally be free but because they are a Beacon for all those oppressed by corrupt politicians, corporate lap dogs and the banking system. I cheered mightily when Iceland kicked out the crooks and defied the banks. I cheer now for Scotland.

    Your words Grouse Beater are an inspiration.

    Thank you. Keep up the great work.

  36. Grouse Beater says:

    I am grateful for all that you have had to say.

    On ‘Braveheart‘ may I direct you to my essay on that subject, here on my blog,”Braveheart Shmaveheart”:

  37. donald says:

    Great minds eh?

    Hysterical accuracy is always the self righteous catch cry when passion threatens the tyranny of orthodox propaganda . I am so tired of watching the establishments standard cut out ‘Scotsmen’ calling for unity from their cozily ensconced celebrity ‘status’.

    Message being ‘you have to emulate to graduate’. Sell your soul for a second bowl . Bend your arse and I’ll fill your glass . Freedom does not have a price tag , its a birth right .

    Still enjoy the film . Still enjoy the music score . The spirit of freedom was captured , the heroism was needed rather than invented . Hope was the message . Integrity the substance . A free mind does not tolerate lies because it sees the consequences of buying in to them.

    The people of Scotland have found their own authentic voice. I salute the courage it takes to do that.

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