Pool and Share, Suckers!


The front cover on the right is from April 2014.

The front cover on the left is from December 2014.

What am I supposed to say?

Thank you Gordon Brown for lying? Thank you No voters for believing him?

Truth has been replaced by believability as the test of a statement.

In the last days of the Referendum campaign Labour politicians telephoned pensioners to warn them they would lose their pensions if they voted Yes. Scotland would become a foreign country. Boy, did all those English ex-pats in Spain, almost a million according to a recent census, quake in their socks and sandals. In reality they knew it didn’t matter where you live, Timbuctu if you like. Your pension will arrive in your bank account on time. Guaranteed, mate. ‘No problemo. Hey, Juan! Two more San Miguels, por favor!’

For over two years two-faced politicians told us Scotland is a poverty-stricken, small, nasty little nation of no appreciable talent, and, by the way, they really, really love us, so please stay with England and share in its disasterous political and economic doctrines.

Pretty please, with sugar on top.

To much sugar rots your teeth, screwing up your diet and health.

What was the insidious phrase coined by Gordon Brown to hoodwink a nation into misplaced patriotism? ‘A fool laid bare?’ No?

Oh, yes. “Pool and share.”  Did he mean Fool and Scare?

As Americans would say, we were suckered.

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7 Responses to Pool and Share, Suckers!

  1. jimnarlene says:

    The sad thing is, it worked.

  2. hektorsmum says:

    I can only echo what Jimnarlene says that it worked, I will add that I am still trying to work out how people who claim to not believe a word uttered by Politicians believed Gordon Brown. A man who had done so much damage to the economy, he destroyed the private pension scheme, which will never be allowed to recover, he was so stupid he telegraphed the selling of the gold reserves, then he bought Euro’s. Euro’s when you do not intend joining the organisation and spend your time talking it down. The man is and was an erse.
    One thing I would say that if Osborne wakes up the middle classes, it will work for us.

  3. jimnarlene says:

    It worked in ’79 too but, I believe next time and there will be a next time, it won’t. Sites like this and wings, Munguin metal and an energised young electorate, give me hope for our future.

  4. yesguy says:

    I spoke to a couple of pensioners who voted No and they were terrified of a YES. The constant fears pumped out in the ref was aimed at them. Nothing i said would convince them otherwise so i left them alone to their choice. Bad move .. i know 😦

    The younger more internet savvy off this county have no fear of the pension scares. they have no loyalty to a labour party that has kept Scotland “in it’s place” . Slowly but surely things will change.

    It’s up to us to speak to the pensioners. They are our parents and grandparents for goodness sake. We need to help them understand the fears were a political tool to get their votes. This way they can become involved and building hope for their families futures . The MSM made the referendum out to be about them, when in truth it was about our kids and grand kids. Once this is made clear they often become more vocal and vociferous in their support for independence as witnessed by the many pensioners canvassing for the YES vote.

    I take great heart in the bloggers and campaigners who see through the lies and spin and even more heart at the fact that we over looked the pensioners and will not be caught out again. You and the rest of the bloggers do a cracking job Grouse. Sharing info and discussing new ways to fight the fight.

    Like the YES movement. Built on hope not fear.

    Change is coming

  5. Grouse Beater says:

    Change is coming

    By the very act of making that statement, Yes Guy, you prove change is underway. There was a time ‘independence’ was a word we dare not speak.

  6. hektorsmum says:

    Actually YESGUY is wasn’t only the pensioners, and by the way I am one, perhaps a more politically aware one but a pensioner indeed. We heard from a couple we met on holiday that their kids, nice middle class kids with families were all voting NO, the parents, the pensioners, were voting YES. Trouble was that some of them listened to the rubbish about mortgages and jobs and were discouraged, We could not say that these people were short of information or at least they should not have been. They are all over the internet, unless they never get beyond their FaceBook pages. They wander about with Phones in hand, surely they could have found out, or perhaps they chose not to.
    We have a wheen to do before we go for another Referendum.

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