Rowling! Gie Us Yer Money!



A postman delivers a letter to JK Rowling’s house

As a general rule, nobody has money who ought to have it.” Benjamin Disraeli.

J. K. Rowling is the children’s fiction writer who advocated voting No in the Referendum on independence. She implied that to do so we, the people of Scotland, would achieve unaccountable happiness we could not achieve as a nation-state, so long as we rejected freedoms and stayed shackled to Westminster’s corrupt rule.

She didn’t use the word ‘corrupt,’ but the alert among us know ‘Westminster’ and ‘corrupt’ are as rotten eggs are to acrid odour, or Scottish Labour MSPs are to intelligent thought. She feels over three hundred years of association between Scotland and England too complicated to unravel. To her mind Scotland’s democracy is like a large tapestry, fixed in imagery, ruined if deconstructed, each stitch impossible to hand pick and unravel, or rewind the wool back into separate colour skeins.

To the poor life is a shit sandwich. But if you have enough ‘bread’ you don’t taste the shit. In their hearts those who make millions would really trade it … for a little more. I think it was a successful football manager just fired who said it is better to weep in a Rolls-Royce than in a bus. And it was definitely the cockney movie star, and friend to the Tory party, Michael Caine, who said he’d been poor and he’d been rich, and he knew which one he preferred. “Ol tha’ poor inherit is six feet ov earf,” he argued, pointing his index finger at the floor in case we looked up for guidance, unwittingly quoting a Christian edict though he is Jewish.

We live in an age where integrity and honesty and sacrifice receive little respect compared to the status awarded to those with oodles of cash to burn, either inherited or earned by selling things to others, such as a whole repository of untouchable sexual allure of no practical worth to humankind.

What is more relevant here is, Rowling is a friend to Gordon Brown, former UK prime minister and pal to banksters, the alleged architect of the infamous last-minute ‘Vow’ that promised nothing if Scotland, like the Labour party, abandoned its principles. Brown earns huge fees giving lectures over and above his MP salary and expenses. Rowling earns massive wealth from a single book, its sales worldwide, film rights, box office receipts, scripting, and all the many attendant spin-offs from the Harry Potter series, toys, colouring books, games, magic wands, and so on, and so never-ending.

Gordon Brown is the former boss and a friend of Jim Murphy.

Prospective leader of Scotland’s Labour group, and Houdini escape artist adept at avoiding direct questions, Jim Murphy, MP, advocates that should he ever achieve power, and by that one must assume get elected to lead an administration in the Scottish Parliament, he will implement a 50p in the pound tax level on anybody who earns over £150,000 a year.

Half your earnings taken by the tax man.

How do you like them apples, Rowling?!!!

Enjoy the barb but fear not. Rowling’s earnings and interest from them are sure to be well protected by a bevy of finance experts. Or should that be a cell of tax avoiding experts? In any event, a 50% tax rate won’t happen. The Labour party, its nasal blockage afflicted leader, Ed Miliband, and Goliath Gordon Brown are all against it.

Alistair Darling thinks full tax powers will result in ‘floods of tears’ because it runs counter to the doctrine, (unspoken until now) of sharing risk across the nations.

Whatever is offered will be hyped as ‘full powers’ but on closer inspection hold caveats, concessions, and traps that retain power in Whitehall and decision-making in Westminster. The Smith Commission’s recommendations are doodles in a homework jotter. Anything written on it has to be approved by England’s reactionary establishment. You can bet your bottom dollar or English pound the backlash will be vicious.

To give Scotland comprehensive tax raising powers is another step nearer to Scotland’s independence, and that must be avoided at all costs!


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7 Responses to Rowling! Gie Us Yer Money!

  1. jimnarlene says:

    In the unlikely event, that Spud will ever control of any future Slab government, Rowling and her ilks money will never be touched. It will still be the poor and the huddled masses, that will pay for the rich ( not forgetting Spuds expenses).
    I’m not opting for the “six feet ov earf”, once I’m finished with this bone machine meat bag, I’m going leave it to science. They can see what years of bloody hard work and drinking and eating a less than healthy (but massively enjoyable) diet really does to a body but, at least I’ve enjoyed my time on this mortal coil, apart from our shit ruling classes that is.

  2. Yes. “Cell” does it for me, since those who Lord over us today are no more than economic terrorists. Or perhaps I’m lending too much gravitas to common criminals.

  3. Grouse Beater says:

    We still await a single interest manipulating UK banker or financier to be named let alone charged with fraud. And when recently the EU – that terrible bureacracy interfering with British laws and values – debated a Bill to limit banker’s bonuses the only member state to argue against it was … the UK and Osborne. Thankfully, he lost.

  4. These days, it’s always good when the UK loses.

  5. jimnarlene says:

    If ever a light was shone, on the true nature of our governance. Writ large was, UK banks and insider dealers, don’t pay. It is still the wee folk that pay, whether through the pocket or health.

  6. donald says:

    Yes Rowling . Still have not figured her out completely . What’s all that stuff about the Peveril family mean ? How does it relate to Peveril of the peak ? Hogwort’s appears to be set in the Scottish highlands .One thing I do know is that the establishment hides its true intentions behind a well crafted mask of ‘Decency’ . You , know . The wholesome kind that bubbles up like carbonated water from the well spring of Home counties matrons with generous breasts thumped hard enough to exude a frothy Mothers milk of right wing indignation ! That kind.
    Squeeze me ,please me Nanny ! I don’t need parents if I can get my dose of dysfunctional love at a magical boarding school . Smoke and mirrors on the hogwart’s express to the abattoir of harvest-able suckling pigs.

    There is this narrative where decent types remove innocent children to remote locations for ‘enlightened education’ . Somewhere no doubt that the screams will be soaked up by dark forests in hidden glades and pine needles brush quickly over the trail . Hardly Robbie Burns vision but there’s not many an honest poet who’s imagery has not been stolen for marketing purposes .

    Empty promises and rohypnol laced carrots dangling on well healed fly lines . The bastards really did steal everything . The brooks and glades ,the heather and grouse , and worst of all a decent single malt. The least deserving getting an extra serving while Scotland’s sons and daughters are dispossessed from the very ground under their feet.

    When do we get a review of Fly fishing in the Yemen , GB ? Please I beg you , hit us up with a full glass of the auld authentic.

    Cheers .

  7. Grouse Beater says:

    Believe it or not, ‘Fly Fishing’ with Ewan McGregor, is one film I have yet to see. Will catch it when next on television.

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