Dumbing the Dumb



Members of the Smith Commission – chief carpetbagger is on the far left

Take a long look at the photograph above of the Commission established by Cameron to agree upon new political powers for Scotland in the wake of the Referendum vote.

What do you see?

Only two of those serving on it genuinely want new powers for Scotland. The others are there for other reasons, mainly because they argued against new powers throughout the recent Referendum for Scotland’s future. Who on it is a specialist in constitutional law?

I find it near impossible to make a positive point in favour of the gaggle of geese. Readers, then, might wish to accept a brace of negative points in compensation

If self-governance is about nothing else it’s about raising standards, standards in all we do, in everything we touch, politics, society’s values, moral values, tolerance, business ethics, the arts, respect for the land, for the flora and fauna that inhabit it, respect for other people and cultures.

Higher standards mean freedom to mature, to become a true nation within nations again.

How can anybody have respect for a committee of mediocrity?

These are people without sect, ideals, or understanding of human nature.

Hand on heart, can anybody claim there are statesmen of the highest order serving on it? There’s only one person we can honestly point to as of a high reputation. One person of intellect, having a brain or sorts. For most, that will be John Swinney. One member.

They are paid-up emissaries of the British Establishment. The scene painted is one of the victors holding parly to divide the spoils, the vanquished there to learn of their fate.

Where is Cameron, Clegg and Miliband, the men who duped half a nation to vote against its best interests and the future of its people? Where are the architects of Scotland’s poverty, Brown and Darling, the men who told us we were, after all, inferior, incapable of running our own affairs? They are nowhere to be seen. Their effort is put into attaining the highest fees for lecturing and consultancy for themselves or their trust funds. (Gordon Brown has garnered almost half-a-million pounds since joining the back benches.) Serving the nation that gave them birth is far from their integrity and life’s ambition. They have a few scores to settle, and a fat bank balance inflates self-esteem and confidence.

The chairman is tainted, Lord Smith of Kelvin, formerly chairman of the Weir Group, a company that demanded Scotland’s supplication not once but twice, fined millions of pounds in court for lining Saddam Hussein’s pockets and, one supposes, their own in preferment orders. We are asked to place our trust in him. Standards are rock bottom.

They might all be sincere in intention to do their best, but for whom? Scotland? No. They’ve already sold it to the lowest bidder. They didn’t even place a reserve value on it. The people? No again. They betrayed their countrymen. Those on the Labour party all fought hard against any extra powers. What are they doing sitting there, other than marvelling at the view to Edinburgh’s stately Castle?

No, they are there to ensure they hold down powers to the absolute minimum that will pass muster to a gullible nation.

Already tied to Cameron’s ‘English votes for English laws,’ a sleight of hand he pulled within hours of making his tripartite ‘Vow’ to give Scotland more governance over its affairs, the committee has concocted its own limitations, imposed them upon itself, craven, spineless,  subservient, genuflection to the might of the British Establishment.

They do not want any proposal they make to cause any embarrassment, loss, or inequality ‘to the UK or its constituents parts.’ They are charged with giving the people of Scotland a greater say in the democratic running of their country but should not cause disquiet to the English nation. Not a penny lost, not a penny wasted.

How can they manage that? They are expected, no less, to remove key powers and controls already in the hands of the UK Parliament and its Treasury, places of absolute power determined not to part with fart or farthing.

The UK Treasury has already demonstrated how it has no legal standards at all when, before the Royal Bank of Scotland made its decision, it released a press statement to the media at large stating the RBS would move its brass plaque to London in the event of independence.

How can the Commission achieve a modicum of new powers when it already places severe constraints on what it can recommend by its own connivance?

In the same way a bartender refuses an RBS pound note, the bank owned 80% by the British people, the Commission is an insult to Scotland, a bijou parliament of failures and dunces, children left to play in a supermarket pen of balls, darting and diving, an apparent upheaval that alters nothing at all, while their parents get on with more important things.

The Commission’s members go where they have not been invited, not by Scotland.

Whatever they ask for must be taken cap in hand to Westminster for ultimate approval.

There the fearsome Mr. Bumble, beadle to the orphanage, shocked at their temerity, will exclaim, “MORE?!!!” and Scotland will be sent packing, kicked up the bony rump, back to its cold, hard refectory bench, and its lower bunk in the dormitory of the British estate.

That cackling you can hear – that’s Cameron and Miliband laughing their heads off.

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4 Responses to Dumbing the Dumb

  1. hektorsmum says:

    Nothing I can disagree with and having read about your good lady and that pound I said to my other half that the problem with us is we have taken it for too long and now it is expected.
    I have only one hope that the SNP representatives scrutinise every offer carefully and sign up to nothing. They are out to cripple us and they will do so if allowed. So hopefully John and Lynda will not be stupid and too Governmental. I remember getting angry and Lesley Riddoch a while ago when she said that the SNP think they are the Government, well Lesley I now know exactly what you mean, we really are not, we are in fact an administration who has the right to administer the money. To be a Government you make all of the decisions, as in how you collect it and even with any changes I am sure it will be very limited. I am not sure if I am making myself clear, but I hope so.

  2. Grouse Beater says:

    Thsat’s clear enough to me, Hecktor’s Mum.

  3. jimnarlene says:

    It will be a stitch up, leaving the people of Scotland; poorer and trussed up like the proverbial chicken.
    Hopefully it will put fire in the bellies of those that voted no, on the promise of devomax or home rule. Giving Labour (northern branch), a thrashing at Scottish and Westminster elections, ding ding round two.

  4. Grouse Beater says:

    There seems hope in Salmond striding back across the marble floor of Westminster to a seat in the Commons, and telling the second-raters there they’re toast. Scotland WILL be the equal denied it three hundred years.

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