Ten Fallacies Scotched



The Scotch Egg – not invented by the Scots, but by Fortnum and Mason, London

Now is not the right time for independence.

People and politicians have said that for decades. It’s never the right time. Therefore, logically any time is the right time. When we witness the braying and mock desputes, when we look at the slop that is Westminster politics, now has to be the right time.

I don’t like Salmond/Sturgeon/SNP MPs et al

That is not an argument against Scotland gaining genuine democratic structures and powers. Regarding Salmond, he is the first politician to give the Scottish nation a vote on who runs our country, the first in over 300 years. For 300 years almost all politicians in power in Scotland resisted self-determination in any form. If it’s a politician’s oratory style you dislike put it to one side and concentrate on our material and spiritual needs, on civic rights, or a written Constitution, and restoring social democracy.

Labour gave us a devolved parliament

True, but with its powers hobbled; devolved powers given in a niggardly, mean-spirited manner, with severe limitations on what our Parliament can do for us, and a rigged electorial system designed to favour the main parties at the Scottish National Party’s loss.

Salesman Tony Blair, praised as devolution’s architect, admits in his memoirs that he did not favour the move. In any event, the constituent elements of devolution are easily reduced or withdrawn if Westminster politicians feel so inclined. Only independence and the sovereignty that accompanies it can protect what we hold most precious.

Scotland can protect its own NHS

A common remark heard in my youth was, when England sneezes Scotland catches a cold. No one questioned the passivity inherent in that statement. The phrase remains apt when attached to our national health service, equally applicable. England’s NHS is faltering under a sustained attack on it’s very principles – privatisation is in with the bricks.

Every privatisation is a loss of democratic control. Westminster need only reduce the Barnett Formula, a portion of the money taken from our taxes they give back to us annually. They will do it to balance their books and to tame Scotland’s aspirations.

Independence puts pensions at risk

That’s what you are being inculcated to believe. Have you not noticed retired English living in Marbella, Costa Brava, Portugal or anywhere are not worried in the least? They know their pension will arrive in their bank each month because they paid their dues and they can live where they want and still receive it.

If Scotland is to be categorised as a ‘foreign’ country your pension will still arrive on time. The subsidiary argument now in circulation, that by 2050 senior citizens will outweigh oil revenues, is another blatant lie. No one can predict that far ahead, and pensions have never been reliant on North Sea oil revenue. Surely the date of the final barrel of oil with the day every person in Scotland turns 100 and gets a card from the Queen is one hellova an implausible coincidence?

All politicians are untrustworthy

The futility of decision making taken elsewhere. This is a creeping, cynical attitude that is helping to undermine democracy, but it comes as no surprise: years of politicians ditching manifesto pledges on assuming power, rampant corruption in high office, illegal, never-ending wars, sexual perversions exposed, people in high office in the pay of big business pushing their agendas, fraudulent, venal banksters, tax evaders on a massive scale, conspire to give us a sense of impotence, a distaste for ‘the system.’

No matter what we say or do politicians we feel will always let us down. That they treat us with contempt is one reason psuedo political parties such as Ukip are on the rise.

Scotland’s party devoted to Scotland’s interests, the SNP, is empowering us. It asks us for a mandate to negotiate what is best for Scotland – real democracy at work, the will of the people in motion. So long as the electorate control the administration, make it accountable, so long will we control the excesses of over-ambitious politicians.

Sharing a currency means the Bank of England controls interest rates

Yes, exactly as it does now. So, what’s the worry? The difference under an independent Scotland is, we raise our own taxes and we control spending. Politicians opposing greater democratic powers call our attempt at progress ‘separatism.’

They are proven liars by that very claim because a shared currency means some sovereignty relinquished for England. It works both ways.

We have no borders, we keep trading links, we remain prepared to participate jointly in security if the British Isles is attacked – that is certainly not separatism. Can anybody name a single country on the planet that does not need the support of at least one other for its existence? England needs ours, but not us captive.

The ‘arc of prosperity’ was a bad joke.

That’s as nothing to the belittling of every country meted out by unionist politicians determined to keep Scotland cowed. Every time a country is held up for praise unionists tell us it is a basket case, Panama the latest, actually a country prospering. Vast reserves of oil have been discovered under a place called … Darien – yes, the very same. Fulsome apologies are owed to a long list of small countries insulted by unionist politicians.

Iceland gave its people a plebiscite and they rejected the debts run up by their self-serving, greedy banksters in tandem with ours, put them on trial, and jailed a few. (For that some British politicians called Iceland a Nazi state.) We have yet to jail any. Ireland has paid back its debts in double quick time, its economy recovering, and Norway never batted an eyelid.

The UK chancellor gave ours fifteen years to get their house in order, voluntarily. Ireland paid off its debt and is recovering. It remains stubbornly independent. There’s no hue and cry to return to England’s colonial bosom. In fact, none of the many small countries that gained independence last century are screaming to be re-united with their former masters. None. That tells us a lot.

Scotland will become a foreign country.

I do not feel a foreigner when in Ireland. I don’t feel a foreigner when visiting England. For that matter, I don’t feel in a foreign land when among the Gaels in the Highlands or Skye. Yes, I perceive and acknowledge the great and small difference in cultures though we share a common humanity.

What I do feel is envy. I envy the English and the Irish their right and ability to govern their own land. When the Irish shook off English rule they legislated their country would not be categorised as a foreign country. Anyhow, what is wrong with being a foreigner? Are we to be swayed by those who think non-English a sect less equal?

Independence means risk

Getting out of bed in the morning involves an element of risk as does lying in bed until the ceiling falls in. Being poor or unemployed involves considerable risk to happiness and health. A doctor working among the sick involves risk, or a construction worker on a high-rise building, or a pilot in bad weather. Eating too much sugar laden food has its risks. Watching too much BBC Television risks us assuming Scotland is the northern-most region of England.

Conquer fear, be courageous, adventurous, find the hero in ourselves. The greater risk is in voting No, offering a mandate to Westminster, asking it and Whitehall to do their worst in revenge at Scotland’s audacity to seek social progress. What risk is there in taking our own future in our own hands but staying friends with our nearest neighbour state? Are we to remain docile, subservient, perpetual subalterns, mere second-class citizens forever?

The prospect of shaping our own country to our own values is exhilarating. It rouses the senses. It gets the heart beating faster. It is the beginning of a wonderful journey.

Who would choose a half-life in the shadows, unlived? Carpe diem!





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3 Responses to Ten Fallacies Scotched

  1. Grouse Beater says:

    Many thanks, Max (Stafford) for your continued support. And welcome, Elaine Morrison.

  2. mary vasey says:

    Thanks GB for excellent post. I have already voted YES to start REAL democracy in Scotland

  3. Grouse Beater says:

    Am pleased it measures up to what you expect, Mary. Here’s to the day Scotland lifts democracy off Westminster back into the hands of the people.

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